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298.pdf.jpg2015Accuracy of electronic apex locators in primary teeth: a meta-analysisI. A. Ahmad; S. C. Pani
287.pdf.jpg2015Nitric oxide induces apoptosis in human gingival fibroblast through mitochondria-dependent pathway and JNK activationM.-W. Baek; K.-J. Seong; Y.-J. Jeong
283.pdf.jpg2015Apical extrusion of debris using ProTaper Universal and ProTaper Next rotary systemsM. M. Koc ak; E. C ic ek; S. Koc ak
277.pdf.jpg2015Catechins inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor production and cyclooxygenase-2 expression in human dental pulp cellsT. Nakanishi; K. Mukai; Y. Hosokawa
268.pdf.jpg2015Comparative cell attachment, cytotoxicity and antibacterial activity of radiopaque dicalcium silicate cement and white-coloured mineral trioxide aggregateB. C. Wu; C. K. Wei; N. S. Hsueh
261.pdf.jpg2015Polymerization kinetics of resin cements after light activation through fibre posts: an in vitro studyA. Khabeer; J. Whitworth; S. Rolland
252.pdf.jpg2015L-mimosine increases the production of vascular endothelial growth factor in human tooth slice organ culture modelK. Trimmel; B. Cvikl; H.-D. M€uller
246.pdf.jpg2015An in vitro comparison of irrigation using photon-initiated photoacoustic streaming, ultrasonic, sonic and needle techniques in removing calcium hydroxideH. Arslan; M. Akcay; I. D. Capar
236.pdf.jpg2015Role of the p38 pathway in mineral trioxide aggregate-induced cell viability and angiogenesisrelated proteins of dental pulp cell in vitroS.-C. Huang; B.-C. Wu; C.-T. Kao
229.pdf.jpg2015Scanning electron microscopy of superficial defects in Twisted files and Reciproc nickel–titanium files after use in extracted molarsH. Caballero; F. Rivera; H. Salas
220.pdf.jpg2015Anti-inflammatory effects of glutamine on LPS-stimulated human dental pulp cells correlate with activation of MKP-1 and attenuation of the MAPK and NF-jB pathwaysD.-S. Kim; M.-R. Shin; Y.-S. Kim
210.pdf.jpg2015Clonal diversity in biofilm formation by Enterococcus faecalis in response to environmental stress associated with endodontic irrigants and medicamentsC. E. Wilson; P. C. Cathro; A. H. Rogers
206.pdf.jpg2015Section 2: Preparation for delivery of endodontic treatmentClaire Curtin
199.pdf.jpg2015Deformation and fracture incidence of Reciproc instruments: a clinical evaluationG. Plotino; N. M. Grande; P. F. Porciani
193.pdf.jpg2015The correlation between fluid transport and push-out strength in root canals filled with a methacrylate-based filling materialA.-T. Moinzadeh; H. Mirmohammadi; I. A. M. Hensbergen
185.pdf.jpg2015EGR1 supports the osteogenic differentiation of dental stem cellsT. Press; S. Viale-Bouroncle; O. Felthaus
177.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Biodentine and Bioaggregate on odontoblastic differentiation via mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway in human dental pulp cellsJ.-Y. Jung; S.-M. Woo; B.-N. Lee
171.pdf.jpg2015Effect of several thermoplastic canal filling techniques on surface temperature rise on roots with simulated internal resorption cavities: an infrared thermographic analysisO¨ . _I. Ulusoy; M. Z. Yılmazog˘ lu; G. Go¨ rgu¨ l
162.pdf.jpg2015Effects of three nickel titanium instrument systems on root canal geometry assessed by micro-computed tomographyR. Gergi; N. Osta; G. Bourbouze
153.pdf.jpg2015Cytotoxicity, interaction with dentine and efficacy on multispecies biofilms of a modified salt solution intended for endodontic disinfection in a new in vitro biofilm modelS. V. van der Waal; N. Scheres; J. J. de Soet

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