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420.pdf.jpg2015Unilateral Fusion of a Supernumerary Tooth to a Maxillary Permanent Lateral Incisor: A Report of a Rare CaseRodrigo Sanches Cunha; Alanna Junaid; Isabel Mello
417.pdf.jpg2015Autotransplantation of an Impacted Premolar Using Collagen Sponge after Cyst EnucleationJae-Hyung Lim; Jong-Ki Huh; Kwang-Ho Park
412.pdf.jpg2015Influence of Apical Root Resection on the Biomechanical Response of a Single-rooted Tooth—Part 2: Apical Root Resection Combined with Periodontal Bone LossYoungjune Jang; Hyoung-Taek Hong; Heoung-Jae Chun
409.pdf.jpg2015Color Stabilities of Calcium Silicate–based Materials in Contact with Different Irrigation SolutionsCangul Keskin; Ebru Ozsezer Demiryurek; Taha Ozyurek
405.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of a New Protocol for Removing Metal Retainers from Multirooted TeethSamir Noronha Souza; Em ılio Carlos Sponchiado J unior; Andr e Augusto Franco Marques
400.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of Smear Layer Removal Using the Nd:YAG Laser, Ultrasound, ProTaper Universal System, and CanalBrush Methods: An In Vitro StudyGrasiele Assis da Costa Lima; Carlos Menezes Aguiar; Andr ea Cruz C^amara
389.pdf.jpg2015Healing after Root-end Microsurgery by Using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and a New Calcium Silicate–based Bioceramic Material as Root-end Filling Materials in DogsIan Chen; Bekir Karabucak; CongWang
385.pdf.jpg2015The Effect of Obturation Technique on the Push-out Bond Strength of Calcium Silicate SealersChristopher DeLong; Jianing He; Karl F. Woodmansey
380.pdf.jpg2015Comparison of Apical Extrusion of Sodium Hypochlorite Using 4 Different Root Canal Irrigation TechniquesEmre _Iriboz; Koral Bayraktar; Dilek T€urkaydın
376.pdf.jpg2015The Effect of Using RC Prep during Root Canal Preparation on the Incidence of Dentinal DefectsAlireza Adl; Mahdi Sedigh-Shams; Marjan Majd
369.pdf.jpg2015ST2 Deletion Increases Inflammatory Bone Destruction in Experimentally Induced Periapical Lesions in MiceMilena Velickovic; Nada Pejnovic; Slobodanka Mitrovic
363.pdf.jpg2015Influence of Root Canal Disinfectants on Growth Factor Release from DentinKerstin M. Galler; Wolfgang Buchalla; Karl-Anton Hiller
358.pdf.jpg2015Periapical Cytokine Expression in Sickle Cell DiseaseShirlene Barbosa Pimentel Ferreira; Luciana Carla Neves de Brito; Michelle Pimenta Oliveira
353.pdf.jpg2015Association between Chronic Apical Periodontitis and Low-birth-weight Preterm BirthsAlex Sandro Mendonc¸a Leal; Ana Em ılia Figueiredo de Oliveira; Luciane Maria Oliveira Brito
343.pdf.jpg2015The Cracked Tooth: Histopathologic and Histobacteriologic AspectsDomenico Ricucci; Jos e F. Siqueira; Louis H. Berman
338.pdf.jpg2015Prevalence of 3- and 4-rooted First and Second Mandibular Molars in the Israeli PopulationAvi Shemesh; Avi Levin; Vered Katzenell
333.pdf.jpg2015Radiographic Assessment of the Prevalence of Pulp Stones in MalaysiansSathya Kannan; Sham Kishor Kannepady; Kavitha Muthu
325.pdf.jpg2015A Survey for Endodontists in Today’s Economy: Exploring the Current State of Endodontics as a Profession and the Relationship between Endodontists and Their Referral BaseStan Lin; Wael Sabbah; Christine M. Sedgley
317.pdf.jpg20153-dimensional Analysis of Regenerative Endodontic Treatment OutcomeMostafa EzEldeen; Gertrude Van Gorp; Jeroen Van Dessel
309.pdf.jpg2015Do Metal Post–retained Restorations Result in More Root Fractures than Fiber Post–retained Restorations? A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisFabr ıcio Eneas Diniz Figueiredo; Paulo Ricardo Saquete Martins-Filho; Andr e Luis Faria-e-Silva

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