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s273.pdf.jpg2015Investigating the Relationship Between Worker Demographics and Nature of Injury on Federal Department of Defense Workers’ Compensation Injury Rates and Costs From 2000 to 2008Timothy M. Mallon; Scott E. Cherry
s43.pdf.jpg2015A Brief Summary of Workers’ Compensation Performance Improvement Projects 2008 to 2012 in the Veterans Health AdministrationMichael J. Hodgson
s36.pdf.jpg2015Quality Management and Federal Workers’ Compensation The Veterans Health Administration Workers’ Compensation Program ModelMichael J. Hodgson; David C. Mohr; Jennifer Lipkowitz-Eaton
s31.pdf.jpg2015Impact of Clinical Quality on Employee Choice of Providers for Workers’ Compensation–Related Medical CareJennifer L. Eaton, MD, MPH, , PhD, MSc, and Michael J. Hodgson; David C. Mohr; Sheryl Gallarde
s20.pdf.jpg2015Analysis of New Workers’ Compensation Claims in the Department of Defense Civilian Workforce, 2000–2012Cameron J. L. Nelson; Daniel P. Bigley; Timothy M. Mallon
s12.pdf.jpg2015Managing Federal Workers’ Compensation Injuries and CostsTimothy M. Mallon; Tifani Grizzell; Leslie Holland
s4.pdf.jpg2015Federal Workers’ Compensation Program BasicsTimothy M. Mallon, MD, MPH, COL, MC, USA, MD, MPH,, MD, MPH, and Michael Hodgson, MD, MPH; Tifani L. Grizzell; Cameron L. Nelson
s1.pdf.jpg2015Federal Workers’ Compensation Programs Department of Defense and Veterans Health Administration ExperiencesTimothy M. Mallon; Tifani L. Grizzell; Michael J. Hodg
e26.pdf.jpg2015What Are Some of the Features of Worksite Wellness Interventions in the United States?-
e19.pdf.jpg2015Certified Medical Examiners and Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea-
e17.pdf.jpg2015Genetic Screening in the WorkplacePaul Brandt-Rauf; Jonathan Borak; David C. Deubner
344.pdf.jpg2015PEOPLE & EVENTSMarianne Dreger
334.pdf.jpg2015Guidance to Employers on Integrating E-Cigarettes/Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Into Tobacco Worksite PolicyLaurie P. Whitsel; Neal Benowitz; Aruni Bhatnagar
329.pdf.jpg2015Medicaid Use by Documented and Undocumented Farm WorkersYoon-Kyung Chung; J. Paul Leigh
321.pdf.jpg2015The Association Between Physical Activity, Sitting Time, Sleep Duration, and Sleep Quality as Correlates of PresenteeismDiana Guertler; Corneel Vandelanotte; Camille Short
315.pdf.jpg2015Occupational UV Exposure in French Outdoor WorkersMathieu Boniol; Alice Koechlin; Magali Boniol
300.pdf.jpg2015Contribution of Psychological, Social, and Mechanical Work Exposures to Low Work Ability A Prospective StudyJan S. Emberland; Stein Knardahl
292.pdf.jpg2015Work and Health Among Latina Mothers in Farmworker FamiliesThomas A. Arcury; Grisel Trejo; Cynthia K. Suerken
284.pdf.jpg2015Improving Employee Health Evaluation of a Worksite Lifestyle Change Program to Decrease Risk Factors for Diabetes and Cardiovascular DiseaseM. Kaye Kramer; Donald M. Molenaar; Vincent C. Arena
277.pdf.jpg2015Demographic Trends of Sick Leave Absenteeism Among Civil Service Employees at a Federal Agency From 2004 to 2012Kim Gajewski, MPH, , MPH,; Dara Burris; D. Ross Spears

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