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e144.pdf.jpgNov-2015Author Response to Drs Paek and GassertJones, Rachel M; Dell, Linda; Torres, Craig; Simmons, Catherine E; Poole, James; Boelter, Fred W; Harper, Paul
e141.pdf.jpgNov-2015Fatally Flawed: Samsung's Environ ConsultantsPaek, Domyung; Gassert, Thomas H
e140.pdf.jpg2015Reply to Goldsmith– Medical Marijuana in the WorkforceJennan A. Phillips; Michael G. Holland; Debra D. Baldwin; Linda Gifford Meuleveld; Kathryn L. Mueller
e139.pdf.jpg2015Medical Marijuana in the WorkforceRobert S. Goldsmith; Natalie P. Hartenbaum; Douglas W. Martin
1250.pdf.jpg2015Occupational Interstitial Lung DiseasesFrancesca K. Litow; Edward Lee Petsonk; Bruce K. Bohnker; Carl A. Brodkin; Clayton T. Cowl
1244.pdf.jpg2015Health and Occupational Outcomes Among Injured, Nonstandard Shift WorkersImelda S. Wong; Peter M. Smith; Cameron A. Mustard; Monique A.M. Gignac
1236.pdf.jpg2015Understanding the Probability of a Disability Resulting From Work-Related InjuriesNan L. Maxwell; Nathan Wozny
1228.pdf.jpg2015The Approach Taken to Substance Abuse by Occupational Physicians A Qualitative Study on Influencing FactorsMarie-Claire Lambrechts; Fre´de´ric Ketterer; Linda Symons; Philippe Mairiaux; Lieve Peremans; Roy Remmen; Marc Vanmeerbeek
1222.pdf.jpg2015The Association Between Effort-Reward Imbalance and Depressive Symptoms Is Modified by Selection, Optimization, and Compensation StrategyLi Shang; Natalie Riedel; Adrian Loerbroks; Andreas Mu¨ller; Natalia Wege
1214.pdf.jpg2015Increased Physical Activity Leads to Improved Health-Related Quality of Life Among Employees Enrolled in a 12-Week Worksite Wellness ProgramStephanie Macaluso; Andrea Fleisch Marcus; Diane Rigassio-Radler; Laura D. Byham-Gray; Riva Touger-Decker
1207.pdf.jpg2015The Sustainability of an Occupational Skin Cancer Prevention ProgramBarbara J. Walkosz; David B. Buller; Peter A. Andersen; Michael D. Scott
1197.pdf.jpg2015Factors Associated With Availability of, and Employee Participation in, Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion in a Large and Diverse Australian Public Sector SettingMichelle Kilpatrick; Leigh Blizzard; Kristy Sanderson
1192.pdf.jpg2015Anatomical UV Exposure in French Outdoor WorkersDavid Vernez; Alice Koechlin; Antoine Milon; Magali Boniol; Faustine Valentini; Marie-Christine Chignol
1185.pdf.jpg2015Characteristics of Employees of Small Manufacturing Businesses by Occupation Informing Evidence-Based Intervention PlanningMary K. Hunt; Deborah Hennrikus; Lisa M. Brosseau; Peter J. Hannan; Marc Katz
1178.pdf.jpg2015Job Strain, Occupational Category, Systolic Blood Pressure, and Hypertension Prevalence The Multi-Ethnic Study of AtherosclerosisPaul A. Landsbergis; Ana V. Diez-Roux; Kaori Fujishiro; Sherry Baron; Joel D. Kaufman
1170.pdf.jpg2015Economic Evaluation of a New Organizational RTW Intervention to Improve Cooperation Between Sick-Listed Employees and Their Supervisors A Field StudyCindy Noben; Nicole Hoefsmit; Silvia Evers; Angelique de Rijk; Inge Houkes
1159.pdf.jpg2015Impacts of Workplace Health Promotion and Wellness Programs on Health Care Utilization and Costs Results From an Academic WorkplaceJohn M. Dement; Carol Epling; Julie Joyner; Kyle Cavanaugh
1154.pdf.jpg2015Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Atrial Fibrillation The REasons for Geographic And Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) StudyWesley T. O’Neal; Waqas T. Qureshi; Suzanne E. Judd; Leslie A. McClure; Mary Cushman
1147.pdf.jpg2015Employer-Based Screening for Diabetes and Prediabetes in an Integrated Health Care Delivery System A Natural Experiment for Translation in Diabetes (NEXT-D) StudySara R. Adams; Deanne M. Wiley; Andromache Fargeix
1141.pdf.jpg2015Does Group-Level Commitment Predict Employee Well-Being? A Prospective AnalysisThomas Clausen; Karl Bang Christensen; Karina Nielsen

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