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s16.pdf.jpg2015XII. Human Milk in Feeding Premature Infants: Consensus StatementGuido E. Moro; Sertac Arslanoglu; Enrico Bertino; Luigi Corvaglia; Rosario Montirosso; Jean-Charles Picaud; Staffan Polberger
s15.pdf.jpg2015XI. Relationship Between Feeding and Early Stress in Premature Infant: The Role of Epigenetic FactorsRosario Montirosso
s14.pdf.jpg2015X. Centralized Breast Milk Handling and Bar Code Scanning Improve Patient SafetyCaroline Steele
s12.pdf.jpg2015IX. Effect of A Human Milk Bank on Breast-feeding Rate in Very-Low-Birth- Weight InfantsEnrico Bertino
s10.pdf.jpg2015VIII. Human Milk Banks: How to Organize the Collection of Human Milk to Feed Preterm InfantsJean-Charles Picaud
s9.pdf.jpg2015VII. Fortification of Human Milk With Human Milk ComponentsRichard J. Schanler
s7.pdf.jpg2015VI. Bioengineering Human Milk: Why?Johannes van Goudoever
s6.pdf.jpg2015V. Processing of Donor Human MilkGuido E. Moro
s4.pdf.jpg2015IV. Individualized Fortification of Human Milk: Adjustable FortificationSertac Arslanoglu
s3.pdf.jpg2015II. Advantages of Human Milk in Feeding Premature InfantsEkhard.E. Ziegler
s1-2.pdf.jpg2015I. Nutritional Requirements of Extremely-Low-Birth-Weight Preterm InfantsLuigi Corvaglia
s1.pdf.jpg2015Human Milk in Feeding Premature Infants: From Tradition to Bioengineering Proceedings of a Consensus Development Conference–EXPO 2015, Milan, Italy, May 15–16Guido E. Moro; Sertac Arslanoglu; Enrico Bertino; Luigi Corvaglia; Rosario Montirosso; Jean-Charles Picaud; Staffan Polberger
e24.pdf.jpg2015Successful Eradication of Candida Central Venous Catheter Infection With Ambisome Line Lock in Factitious IllnessTimothy Guest; Ruth Ashbee; John Puntis
e22.pdf.jpg2015Successful Endoscopic Needle-Knife Catheter Membranotomy of a Congenital Duodenal WebNatasha Kamal; Christopher Hogan; Peter S. Midulla; Christopher J. DiMaio
e21.pdf.jpg2015Koebner Phenomenon: Psoriasis at a Gastrostomy Tube SiteGrace Felix; A. Yasmine Kirkorian; Bernard Cohen; Wikrom Karnsakul
596.pdf.jpg2015Adequacy of Infant Formula With Protein Content of 1.6 g/100 kcal for Infants Between 3 and 12 MonthsEkhard E. Ziegler; David A. Fields; Steven D. Chernausek; Philippe Steenhout; Dominik Grathwohl; Janice M. Jeter; Steven E. Nelson; Ferdinand Haschke
591.pdf.jpg2015Antecedent Predictors of Feeding Outcomes in Premature Infants With Protracted Mechanical VentilationManish B. Malkar; William Gardner; Stephen E. Welty; Sudarshan R. Jadcherla
583.pdf.jpg2015Human Milk Fortification Increases Bnip3 Expression Associated With Intestinal Cell Death In VitroWilliam Diehl-Jones; Alyssa Archibald; Joseph W. Gordon; Wajihah Mughal; Zakir Hossain; James K. Friel
577.pdf.jpg2015Breast-feeding Duration: Early Weaning—Do We Sufficiently Consider the Risk Factors?Daniela Karall; Jean-Pierre Ndayisaba; Angelika Heichlinger; Ursula Kiechl-Kohlendorfer; Sarah Stojakovic; Hermann Leitner; Sabine Scholl-Bu¨rgi
571.pdf.jpg2015Short Sleep Duration Is Related to Emerging Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Obese ChildrenMarı´a Navarro-Solera; Joaquı´n Carrasco-Luna; Gonzalo Pin-Arboledas; Rebeca Gonza´lez-Carrascosa; Jose´ M. Soriano

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