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603.pdf.jpg2015Sink or swim: Near-peer teaching eases the transition into hospital-based medical education-
602.pdf.jpg2015Simulation is an adjunct to clinical training, not a replacement-
601.pdf.jpg2015Adapt surgical training to the European Working Time Directive-
600.pdf.jpg2015An uninformed methodology-
599.pdf.jpg2015The 3Rs: A student perspectiveCumberworth, Julian; Cumberworth, Alex
597.pdf.jpg2015"Do as I say, not as I do"Lovell, Ben
595.pdf.jpg2015Competing interests in medical education: Why are so few interests declared?Walsh, Kieran
589.pdf.jpg2015Understanding rural clinical learning spaces: Being and becoming a doctorVan Schalkwyk, Susan C; Bezuidenhout, Juanita; De Villiers, Marietjie R
585.pdf.jpg2015'Trochars no more': Teaching chest drain insertion to remote and rural practitioners using a mobile skills unitSkinner, J; Hardie, L; Beasant, B; Baker, A; Ker, J; O'neill, A; Morse, J
578.pdf.jpg2015Online lecture capturing system: Expected and actual effects of implementation in a problem-based learning medical curriculumKwon, Kyungbin; Saparova, Dinara; Hoffman, Kimberly
572.pdf.jpg2015Devising a consensus definition and framework for non-technical skills in healthcare to support educational design: A modified Delphi studyGordon, Morris; Baker, Paul; Catchpole, Ken; Darbyshire, Daniel; Schocken, Dawn
566.pdf.jpg2015Preserving third year medical students' empathy and enhancing self-reflection using small group "virtual hangout" technologyDuke, Pamela; Grosseman, Suely; Novack, Dennis H; Rosenzweig, Steven
558.pdf.jpg2015The effects of utilizing a near-patient e-learning tool on medical student learningSelzer, Rob; Tallentire, Victoria R; Foley, Fiona
551.pdf.jpg2015Deliberate practice as a framework for evaluating feedback in residency trainingGauthier, Stephen; Cavalcanti, Rodrigo; Goguen, Jeannette; Sibbald, Matthew
543.pdf.jpg2015Twelve tips for teaching evidence-based physical examinationMookherjee, Somnath; Hunt, Susan; Chou, Calvin L
538.pdf.jpg2015How we made professionalism relevant to twenty-first century residentsKhandelwal, Aditi; Nugus, Peter; Elkoushy, Mohamed A; Cruess, Richard L; Cruess, Sylvia R; Smilovitch, Mark; Andonian, Sero
533.pdf.jpg2015How we avoid patient shortage with an integrated analysis of learning objectives and clinical data during development of undergraduate medical curriculaBalzer, Felix; Bietenbeck, Andreas; Spies, Claudia; Dittmar, Martin; Lehmann, Lars; Sugiharto, Firman; Ahlers, Olaf
521.pdf.jpg2015Self-authorship theory and medical education: AMEE Guide No. 98Sandars, John; Jackson, Ben
510.pdf.jpg2015The capability approach for medical education: AMEE Guide No. 97Sandars, John; Sarojini Hart, Caroline
507.pdf.jpg2015"How we learn may not always be good for us" - Do new electronic teaching approaches always result in better learning outcomes?Hortsch, Michael

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