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E206.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Photoactivation Timing on the Mechanical Properties of Resin Cements and Bond Strength of Fiberglass Post to Root DentinPereira, R D; Valdívia, Adcm; Bicalho, A A; Franco, S D; Tantbirojn, D; Versluis, A; Soares, C J
E197.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of the Radiopacities of Bulk-fill Restoratives Using Two Digital Radiography SystemsYasa, E; Yasa, B; Aglarci, O S; Ertas, E T
E189.pdf.jpg2015Lesion Activity Assessment (LAA) in Conjunction With International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) for Occlusal Caries Diagnosis in Permanent TeethCotta, Fvmd; de Castilho, L S; Moreira, A N; Paiva, S M; Ferreira, E F; Ferreira, Lcn; Magalhães, C S
E180.pdf.jpg2015Microshear Bond Strength of Adhesives to Enamel Remineralized Using Casein Phosphopeptide AgentsMobarak, E H; Ali, N; Daifalla, L E
558.pdf.jpg2015Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty Position UCLA School of Dentistry-
548.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Desensitizing Agents on the Bond Strength of Mild and Strong Self-etching AdhesivesSabatini, C; Wu, Z
540.pdf.jpg2015One-year Adhesive Bond Durability to Coronal and Radicular Dentin Under Intrapulpal Pressure SimulationEl-Deeb, H A; Badran, O; Mobarak, E H
533.pdf.jpg2015Increased Durability of Resin-Dentin Bonds Following Cross-Linking TreatmentScheffel, Dls; Delgado, C C; Soares, D G; Basso, F G; de Souza Costa, C A; Pashley, D H; Hebling, J
524.pdf.jpg2015Microshear Bond Strength of Resin Cements to Lithium Disilicate Substrates as a Function of Surface PreparationLise, D P; Perdigão, J; Van Ende, A; Zidan, O; Lopes, G C
515.pdf.jpg2015Cuspal Flexure and Extent of Cure of a Bulk-fill Flowable Base CompositeFrancis, A V; Braxton, A D; Ahmad, W; Tantbirojn, D; Simon, J F; Versluis, A
503.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of Cytotoxicity of Dentin Desensitizing ProductsEyüboğlu, G B; Yeşilyurt, C; Ertürk, M
492.pdf.jpg2015In Vitro Effects of Resin Infiltration on Enamel Erosion InhibitionOliveira, G C; Boteon, A P; Ionta, F Q; Moretto, M J; Honório, H M; Wang, L; Rios, D
480.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Thermocycling, Degree of Conversion, and Cavity Configuration on the Bonding Effectiveness of All-in-One AdhesivesEl-Damanhoury, H M; Gaintantzopoulou, M
470.pdf.jpg2015The Effect of Hydrofluoric Acid Concentration on the Bond Strength and Morphology of the Surface and Interface of Glass Ceramics to a Resin CementSundfeld Neto, D; Naves, L Z; Costa, A R; Correr, A B; Consani, S; Borges, G A; Correr-Sobrinho, L
462.pdf.jpg2015Conservative Restoration of Worn Mandibular Anterior Teeth Combining Gingival Repositioning and a Template Matricing TechniqueSt Germain, H A; Jenkins, J F
458.pdf.jpg2015Use of a Copper Band to Make Resin Cores in Endodontically Treated Teeth Lacking Coronal Structurede la Peña, V Alonso; Darriba, I L; Valea, M Caserio; Santana-Mora, U
451.pdf.jpg2015Health Information Seeking and Implications for the Operative DentistWalker, K
E167.pdf.jpg2015Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials on Chemomechanical Caries RemovalHamama, Hhh; Yiu, Cky; Burrow, M F; King, N M
E158.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Base and Inlay Restorative Material on the Stress Distribution and Fracture Resistance of Weakened PremolarsSouza, Aco; Xavier, T A; Platt, J A; Borges, Als
E149.pdf.jpg2015Retention of Root Canal Posts: Effect of Cement Film Thickness, Luting Cement, and Post PretreatmentSahafi, A; Benetti, A R; Flury, S; Peutzfeldt, A

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