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294.pdf.jpg2015Progress in Early Childhood Caries and Opportunities in Research, Policy, and Clinical ManagementRaul Garcia; Belinda Borrelli; Vineet Dhar
288.pdf.jpg2015Business Barriers and Opportunities for Transforming to Preventive Care to Treat Early Childhood CariesRobert Compton
281.pdf.jpg2015Chronic Disease Management Strategies of Early Childhood Caries: Support from the Medical and Dental LiteratureBurton L. Edelstein; Man Wai Ng
275.pdf.jpg2015The Indian Health Service Early Childhood Caries Collaborative: A Five-year SummaryTimothy L. Ricks; Kathy R. Phipps; Bonnie Bruerd
266.pdf.jpg2015Integrating Oral Health Into Overall Health Care to Prevent Early Childhood Caries: Need, Evidence, and SolutionsJoanna M. Douglass; Melinda B. Clark
254.pdf.jpg2015Motivational Interviewing for Parent-child Health Interventions: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBelinda Borrelli; Erin M. Tooley; Lori A. J. Scott-Sheldon
246.pdf.jpg2015Evidence of Effectiveness of Current Therapies to Prevent and Treat Early Childhood CariesSvante Twetman; Vineet Dhar
226.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Antimicrobial Interventions on the Oral Microbiota Associated with Early Childhood CariesYihong Li; Anne Tanner
217.pdf.jpg2015The Clinical, Environmental, and Behavioral Factors That Foster Early Childhood Caries: Evidence for Caries Risk AssessmentMargherita Fontana
200.pdf.jpg2015Prevalence and Measurement of Dental Caries in Young ChildrenBruce A. Dye; Kuei-Ling C. Hsu; Joseph Afful
198.pdf.jpg2015Introduction to the Conference: Innovations in the Prevention and Management of Early Childhood CariesNorman Tinanoff
163.pdf.jpg2015Restoring Primary Anterior Teeth: Updated for 2014Waggoner, William F
147.pdf.jpg2015The Use of Stainless Steel Crowns: A Systematic Literature ReviewSue Seale, N; Randall, Ros
144.pdf.jpg2015Can wearing double glove in the operating room decrease contamination?-
136.pdf.jpg2015The Use of Resin-based Composite in Children: An UpdateDonly, Kevin J; García-Godoy, Franklin
133.pdf.jpg2015Dentin-Enamel Adhesives in Pediatric Dentistry: An UpdateGarcía-Godoy, Franklin; Donly, Kevin J
125.pdf.jpg2015The Use of Amalgam in Pediatric Dentistry: New Insights and Reappraising the TraditionFuks, Anna B
116.pdf.jpg2015Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement Systems: An UpdateBerg, Joel H; Croll, Theodore P
111.pdf.jpg2015Dental Sealants Guidelines Development: 2002-2014Crall, James J; Donly, Kevin J
106.pdf.jpg2015Clinical Decision-making for Caries Management in Children: An UpdateSlayton, Rebecca L

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