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153.pdf.jpg2015Demystifying Research continued from page 145-
151.pdf.jpg2015Parenthood and Professional Boundaries: Negotiating our Roles as Parent/ PractitionersJessika Boles
146.pdf.jpg2015Gluten-Related Disorders: Celiac Disease, Gluten Allergy, Non-Celiac Gluten SensitivityPatricia Jackson Allen
145.pdf.jpg2015How Important Is a Conceptual Framework?Jean Ivey
141.pdf.jpg2015Diaper Need: A Change for Better HealthSallie Porter; Lorraine Steefel
135.pdf.jpg2015Anger in Adolescent Communities: How Angry Are They?Lisa Pullen; Mary Anne Modrcin; Sandra L. McGuire
132.pdf.jpg2015Zolpidem and Sleep in Pediatric Burn Patients with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderStephanie D. Cronin; Michele M. Gottschlich; Richard J. Kagan
126.pdf.jpg2015Correlates among Perceived Risk for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Physical Activity, And Dietary Intake in AdolescentsNatalie Fischetti
115.pdf.jpg2015Cyberbullying: A 21st Century Health Care PhenomenonJemica M. Carter; Feleta L. Wilson
113.pdf.jpg2015The Polio PioneersJudy A. Rollins
93.pdf.jpg2015The Pursuit of Happiness, Science, and Effective Staffing: The Leader’s ChallengeKarlene M. Kerfoot
92.pdf.jpg2015Hotelling and Gordon’s How to Become Mother-Friendly: Policies and Procedures for Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth ServicesJosephine M. DeVito
85.pdf.jpg2015Transitions from Pediatric to Adult Care: Programs and ResourcesJuliette Schlucter; Deborah Dokken; Elizabeth Ahmann
84.pdf.jpg2015Building TheoryJean Ivey
78.pdf.jpg2015Adolescent Psychological Birth Trauma Following Cesarean BirthCheryl Anderson; Christine Perez
72.pdf.jpg2015Evolution of Growth Hormone Devices: Matching Devices with PatientsDawn Raimer-Hall; Heidi Chamberlain Shea
65.pdf.jpg2015The Role and Impact of Animals with Pediatric PatientsMary Jo Gilmer; Anna Tielsch Goddard
59.pdf.jpg2015Indoor Tanning Legislation: Shaping Policy and Nursing PracticeDonna W. Driscoll; Jennifer Darcy
58.pdf.jpg2015You Bet: There’s an App for That!Judy A. Rollins
e705.full.pdf.jpgMar-2015Can accountable care organizations "disrupt" our fragmented child health system?Berman, Stephen

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