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Title: Peirce and Biosemiotics
[electronic resource] :
A Guess at the Riddle of Life /
edited by Vinicius Romanini, Eliseo Fern??ndez.
Authors: Romanini, Vinicius;Fern ndez, Eliseo
subject: Life sciences;Metaphysics;Biology;Philosophy;Pragmatism;Humanities;Life Science;Life Sciences, general;Philosophy of Biology;Interdisciplinary Studies;Pragmatism;Metaphysics;Humanities, general;570 23;QH301-705
Year: 2014
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Imprint Springer,
Series/Report no.: Biosemiotics,
1875-4651 ;
1875-4651 ;
Abstract: This volume discusses the importance of Peirce?? philosophy and theory of signs to the development of Biosemiotics, the science that studies the deep interrelation between meaning and life. Peirce considered semeiotic as a general logic part of a complex
Description: Printed edition:
ISBN: 9789400777323
9789400777316 (print)
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