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6701.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Cherenkov radiation fluence estimates in tissue for molecular imaging and therapy applicationsGlaser, Adam K; Zhang, Rongxiao; Andreozzi, Jacqueline M; Gladstone, David J; Pogue, Brian W
6685.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Fast voxel-level dosimetry for (177)Lu labelled peptide treatmentsHippeläinen, E; Tenhunen, M; Sohlberg, A
6669.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Application of the Exradin W1 scintillator to determine Ediode 60017 and microDiamond 60019 correction factors for relative dosimetry within small MV and FFF fieldsUnderwood, T S A; Rowland, B C; Ferrand, R; Vieillevigne, L
6655.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Mechanical contrast in spectroscopic magnetomotive optical coherence elastographyAhmad, Adeel; Huang, Pin-Chieh; Sobh, Nahil A; Pande, Paritosh; Kim, Jongsik; Boppart, Stephen A
6639.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Reference dosimetry in the presence of magnetic fields: conditions to validate Monte Carlo simulationsBouchard, Hugo; de Pooter, Jacco; Bielajew, Alex; Duane, Simon
6613.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Time-resolved optically stimulated luminescence of Al2O3:C for ion beam therapy dosimetryYukihara, Eduardo G; Doull, Brandon A; Ahmed, Md; Brons, Stephan; Tessonnier, Thomas; Jäkel, Oliver; Greilich, Steffen
N311.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015GEANT4 for breast dosimetry: parameters optimization studyFedon, C; Longo, F; Mettivier, G; Longo, R
N301.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015On-line 3D motion estimation using low resolution MRIGlitzner, M; de Senneville, B Denis; Lagendijk, J J W; Raaymakers, B W; Crijns, S P M
6609.pdf.jpg2015Erratum: Monte Carlo modelling of daylight activated photodynamic therapy (2015 Phys. Med. Biol. 60 4059)C L Campbell; K Wood; R M Valentine
6585.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Understanding the lateral dose response functions of high-resolution photon detectors by reverse Monte Carlo and deconvolution analysisLooe, Hui Khee; Harder, Dietrich; Poppe, Björn
6563.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Transmission-less attenuation estimation from time-of-flight PET histo-images using consistency equationsLi, Yusheng; Defrise, Michel; Metzler, Scott D; Matej, Samuel
6547.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Automatic tissue segmentation of head and neck MR images for hyperthermia treatment planningFortunati, Valerio; Verhaart, René F; Niessen, Wiro J; Veenland, Jifke F; Paulides, Margarethus M; van Walsum, Theo
6531.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Comparison between Monte Carlo simulation and measurement with a 3D polymer gel dosimeter for dose distributions in biological samplesFuruta, T; Maeyama, T; Ishikawa, K L; Fukunishi, N; Fukasaku, K; Takagi, S; Noda, S; Himeno, R; Hayashi, S
6515.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015A multiscale filter for noise reduction of low-dose cone beam projectionsYao, Weiguang; Farr, Jonathan B
6495.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Depth-of-interaction measurement in a single-layer crystal array with a single-ended readout using digital silicon photomultiplierLee, Min Sun; Lee, Jae Sung
6479.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Comparison of the scanning linear estimator (SLE) and ROI methods for quantitative SPECT imagingKönik, Arda; Kupinski, Meredith; Pretorius, P Hendrik; King, Michael A; Barrett, Harrison H
6459.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Metastatic liver tumour segmentation from discriminant Grassmannian manifoldsKadoury, Samuel; Vorontsov, Eugene; Tang, An
6441.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Detecting and estimating head motion in brain PET acquisitions using raw time-of-flight PET dataSchleyer, P J; Dunn, J T; Reeves, S; Brownings, S; Marsden, P K; Thielemans, K
6423.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Quantification of mouse in vivo whole-body vibration amplitude from motion-blur using x-ray imagingHu, Zhengyi; Welch, Ian; Yuan, Xunhua; Pollmann, Steven I; Nikolov, Hristo N; Holdsworth, David W
6407.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2015Performance characterization of compressed sensing positron emission tomography detectors and data acquisition systemChang, Chen-Ming; Grant, Alexander M; Lee, Brian J; Kim, Ealgoo; Hong, KeyJo; Levin, Craig S

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