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96.pdf.jpgApr-2015Sex difference in response to varenicline for smoking cessationGorelick, David A
91.pdf.jpg2015Tailoring your heart failure project for success in rural areasVesterlund, Martha; Granger, Bradi; Thompson, Terry J; Coggin, Chuck; Oermann, Marilyn H
84.pdf.jpg2015Using quality improvement methods to change surgical practice: a case example of pediatric soft-tissue abscessesMahida, Justin B; Sulkowski, Jason P; Kurtovic, Kelli J; Cooper, Jennifer N; Kenney, Brian D; Brilli, Richard J; Deans, Katherine J; Minneci, Peter C
79.pdf.jpg2015Utility of an integrated electronic suicide alert system in a psychiatric hospitalMadan, Alok; Mahoney, Jane; Allen, Jon G; Ellis, Thomas; Hardesty, Susan; Oldham, John M; Fowler, J Christopher
74.pdf.jpg2015Pocket change: a simple educational intervention increases hospitalist documentation of comorbidities and improves hospital quality performance measuresSparks, Rachel; Salskov, Alex H; Chang, Anita S; Wentworth, Kelly L; Gupta, Pritha P; Staiger, Thomas O; Anawalt, Bradley D
69.pdf.jpgApr-2015Synaptic proteins in the hippocampus indicative of increased neuronal activity in CA3 in schizophreniaLi, Wei; Ghose, Subroto; Gleason, Kelly; Begovic, Anita; Perez, Jessica; Bartko, John; Russo, Scott; Wagner, Anthony D; Selemon, Lynn; Tamminga, Carol A
62.pdf.jpg2015A multidisciplinary three-phase approach to improve the clinical utility of patient safety indicatorsNajjar, Peter; Kachalia, Allen; Sutherland, Tori; Beloff, Jennifer; David-Kasdan, Jo Ann; Bates, David W; Urman, Richard D
61.pdf.jpg2015From the editorWhite, Kathleen Murphy
52.pdf.jpg2015Hospitals as Learning Organizations: Fostering Innovation Through Interactive LearningDias, Casimiro; Escoval, Ana
52.pdf.jpg2015Hospitals as Learning Organizations: Fostering Innovation Through Interactive LearningDias, Casimiro; Escoval, Ana
45.pdf.jpg2015A Multidisciplinary Care Pathway Significantly Increases the Number of Early Morning Discharges in a Large Academic Medical CenterDurvasula, Raghu; Kayihan, Arkan; Del Bene, Sherri
38.pdf.jpg2015Patient-Centered Care in Diagnostic Radiology: Lessons Learned From Patient Interviews Prior to Musculoskeletal Magnetic Resonance ImagingDavis, Derik L; Mulligan, Michael E; Moszkowicz, Arie
21.pdf.jpg2015Sustaining Improvement? The 20-Year Jo¨ nko¨ ping Quality Improvement Program RevisitedStaines, Anthony; Thor, Johan; Robert, Glenn
9.pdf.jpg2015Reducing Pharmacy Wait Time to Promote Customer Service: A Follow-up StudySlowiak, Julie M; Huitema, Bradley E
4.pdf.jpg2015Transformational Quality in Kaiser Permanente Northern California-
2.pdf.jpg2015Improving Trauma Care for Pregnant Patients at the LAC+USC Medical Center by Conducting Regular Multidisciplinary Drills-
1.pdf.jpg2015Jean Gayton Carroll-

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