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xvii.pdf.jpgAug-2015Simulation in Surgical Training and Practice. PrefaceBrown, Kimberly M; Paige, John T
xiii.pdf.jpgAug-2015Simulation in Surgical Training and Practice. ForewordMartin, Ronald F
893.pdf.jpgAug-2015Simulation for Maintenance of CertificationRoss, Brian K; Metzner, Julia
885.pdf.jpgAug-2015Using Simulation to Improve SystemsLundberg, Peter W; Korndorffer, James R
869.pdf.jpgAug-2015Advances in Teaching and Assessing Nontechnical SkillsHull, Louise; Sevdalis, Nick
855.pdf.jpgAug-2015Emotional Intelligence and SimulationMcKinley, Sophia K; Phitayakorn, Roy
839.pdf.jpgAug-2015Conducting Elite Performance TrainingSilverman, Elliott; Tucker, Scott A; Imsdahl, Solveig; Charles, Justin A; Stellato, Mallory A; Wagner, Mercy D; Brown, Kimberly M
827.pdf.jpgAug-2015Moving the Needle: Simulation's Impact on Patient OutcomesCox, Tiffany; Seymour, Neal; Stefanidis, Dimitrios
813.pdf.jpgAug-2015Advanced Engineering Technology for Measuring PerformanceRutherford, Drew N; D'Angelo, Anne-Lise D; Law, Katherine E; Pugh, Carla M
801.pdf.jpgAug-2015Surgical Simulation Centers as Educational Homes for Practicing SurgeonsDunkin, Brian J
791.pdf.jpgAug-2015Financing a Simulation CenterTsuda, Shawn; Mohsin, Adnan; Jones, Daniel
781.pdf.jpgAug-2015National Simulation-Based Training of Fellows: The Vascular Surgery ExampleSheahan, Malachi G; Duran, Cassidy; Bismuth, Jean
767.pdf.jpgAug-2015Current Status of Simulation-Based Training in Graduate Medical EducationWillis, Ross E; Van Sickle, Kent R
751.pdf.jpgAug-2015Using Simulation in Interprofessional EducationPaige, John T; Garbee, Deborah D; Brown, Kimberly M; Rojas, Jose D
739.pdf.jpgAug-2015The Evolving Role of Simulation in Teaching Surgery in Undergraduate Medical EducationActon, Robert D
729.pdf.jpgAug-2015Simulation and Faculty DevelopmentRogers, David A; Peterson, Dawn Taylor; Ponce, Brent A; White, Marjorie Lee; Porterfield, John R
717.pdf.jpgAug-2015Concepts for Developing Expert Surgical Teams Using SimulationGardner, Aimee K; Scott, Daniel J
695.pdf.jpgAug-2015Applying Educational Theory to Simulation-Based Training and Assessment in SurgeryChauvin, Sheila W
xv.pdf.jpgJun-2015Preface. Esophageal diseaseOleynikov, Dmitry
xii.pdf.jpgJun-2015Foreword. Esophageal diseaseMartin, Ronald F

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