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2082.pdf.jpg2015ResponseBozkurt, B
2081.pdf.jpg2015ResponseFessart, Delphine
2078.pdf.jpg2015Re: Impact of Donor-to-Recipient Weight Ratio on Survival After Bilateral Lung TransplantationEberlein, Michael; Reed, Robert M
2077.pdf.jpg2015ResponseCzer, Lawrence S C; Patel, Jignesh
2075.pdf.jpgMar-2015Pathogenesis of infection with 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in isogenic guinea pigs after intranasal or intratracheal inoculationWiersma, Lidewij C M; Vogelzang-van Trierum, Stella E; van Amerongen, Geert; van Run, Peter; Nieuwkoop, Nella J; Ladwig, Mechtild; Banneke, Stefanie; Schaefer, Hubert; Kuiken, Thijs; Fouchier, Ron A M; Osterhaus, Albert D M E; Rimmelzwaan, Guus F
2074.pdf.jpg2015Re: Complete Clinical Remission of Psoriasis 6 Months After Renal TransplantationMansouri, Bobbak; Kivelevitch, Dario
2072.pdf.jpg2015RE: Anesthetic Management for Resection of Hepatic Paraganglioma Metastatic From the Donor Organ in an Orthotopic Liver Transplant Recipient: A Case ReportYang, Sung-Eun Stephanie; Kim, Christopher; Wang, Hanlin; Tatishchev, Sergei; Wray, Christopher; Nourmand, Hamid; Zarrinpar, Ali; Tischler, Arthur S
2067.pdf.jpg2015Distribution of Porcine Endogenous Retrovirus in Different Organs of the Hybrid of a Landrace and a Jeju Domestic Pig in KoreaYoon, J K; Choi, J; Lee, H J; Cho, Y; Gwon, Y D; Jang, Y; Kim, S; Choi, H; Lee, J H; Kim, Y B
2057.pdf.jpg20152-Methoxyestradiol: A Hormonal Metabolite Modulates Stimulated T-Cells Function and proliferationLuc, J G Y; Paulin, R; Zhao, J Y; Freed, D H; Michelakis, E D; Nagendran, J
2050.pdf.jpg2015Mesenchymal Stem Cell Modulates T Follicular Helper Cell to Induce Immunotolerance of Islet AllograftGuan, J; Zhang, Z Y; Zhou, Z Q; Li, H; Tong, D N; Zhou, G W
2041.pdf.jpg2015Nicotinamide Facilitates Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation Into Insulin-Producing Cells and Homing to Pancreas in Diabetic MiceYang, S-F; Xue, W-J; Duan, Y-F; Xie, L-Y; Lu, W-H; Zheng, J; Yin, A-P
2035.pdf.jpg2015Improved Proliferation and Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Into Vascular Endothelial Cells With Sphingosine 1-PhosphateLu, W; Xiu, X; Zhao, Y; Gui, M
2032.pdf.jpg2015Antiproteinuric Effects of Green Tea Extract on Tacrolimus-Induced Nephrotoxicity in MiceBack, J H; Ryu, H H; Hong, R; Han, S A; Yoon, Y M; Kim, D H; Hong, S J; Kim, H L; Chung, J H; Shin, B C; Kwon, Y E
2026.pdf.jpg2015Improved Cuff Technique for Establishing a Mouse-Rat Heterotopic Cardiac Xenotransplantation ModelLi, C; Qi, F; Liu, T; Wang, H; Wang, P-Z
2017.pdf.jpg2015Identification of Suitable Reference Genes for Normalization of Real-Time Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction in an Intestinal Graft-Versus-Host Disease Mouse ModelLi, X; Qiao, J; Yang, N; Mi, H; Chu, P; Xia, Y; Yao, H; Liu, Y; Qi, K; Yan, Z; Zeng, L; Xu, K
2010.pdf.jpg2015Effects of Monocyte Chemotactic Protein-1 and Nuclear Factor of Kappa B Pathway in Rejection of Cardiac Allograft in RatBai, X; Qi, Z; Song, G; Zhao, X; Zhao, H; Meng, X; Liu, C; Bing, W; Bi, Y
2003.pdf.jpg2015Galectin-9 in Combination With EX-527 Prolongs the Survival of Cardiac Allografts in Mice After Cardiac TransplantationTao, Y-F; Lin, F; Yan, X-Y; Gao, X-G; Teng, F; Fu, Z-R; Wang, Z-X
1993.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of the Potential Risk of Hepatitis B Virus Transmission in Skin AllograftingWang, D; Xie, W; Chen, T; Dong, C; Zhao, C; Tan, H; Tian, H; Xie, Q
1988.pdf.jpg2015Multicenter Evaluation of Current Knowledge of Intestinal Transplantation and Rehabilitation Among Trainee PhysiciansHussain, S; Mehta, A; Pettle, T; Niyazi, F; Prushani, A; Patel, R; Piper, M H; Jafri, S-M R
1983.pdf.jpg2015Transition of Decade in Short Bowel Syndrome in China: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowKong, W; Wang, J; Ni, X; Li, Y; Mao, Q; Yao, D; Fan, S; Chen, Y; Cai, Z; Li, J

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