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-A Global Biomedical R&D Fund and Mechanism for Innovations of Public Health ImportanceBalasegaram, Manica; Bréchot, Christian; Farrar, Jeremy; Heymann, David; Ganguly, Nirmal; Khor, Martin; Lévy, Yves; Matsoso, Precious; Minghui, Ren; Pécoul, Bernard; Peilong, Liu; Tanner, Marcel; Røttingen, John-Arne
-Access to healthcare for the most vulnerable migrants: a humanitarian crisisPottie, Kevin; Martin, Jorge Pedro; Cornish, Stephen; Biorklund, Linn Maria; Gayton, Ivan; Doerner, Frank; Schneider, Fabien
-The Triple Crisis: Why Humanitarian Organisations (and Others) Need to Do More for the Central African RepublicLangenbach, Marcel; Bach Baouab, Tarak
-Health in the service of state-building in fragile and conflict affected contexts: an additional challenge in the medical-humanitarian environmentPhilips, Mit; Derderian, Katharine
-Teleradiology usage and user satisfaction with the telemedicine system operated by Médecins Sans FrontièresHalton, Jarred; Kosack, Cara; Spijker, Saskia; Joekes, Elizabeth; Andronikou, Savvas; Chetcuti, Karen; Brant, William E; Bonnardot, Laurent; Wootton, Richard
-Out of (West) Africa-Who Lost in the End?Olliaro, Piero; Lasry, Estrella; Tiffany, Amanda
-Legislation governing the US incentive scheme for neglected diseases needs to be amended, urges MSFReid, Jennifer; Potet, Julien; Athersuch, Katy; Grovestock, Maisy; Sanjuan, Judit Rius
-Extractive resources and the Ebola economyCalain, Philippe
-Pathway to affordable quality assured sources of pegylated interferon alpha for treating hepatitis CMilani, Barbara; Gaspani, Sara
-Strengthening the evidence base for health programming in humanitarian crises.Ager, A; Burnham, G; Checchi, F; Gayer, M; Grais, R F; Henkens, M; Massaquoi, M B F; Nandy, R; Navarro-Colorado, C; Spiegel, P
-Access to liposomal generic formulations: beyond AmBisome and Doxil/CaelyxGaspani, Sara
-Understanding Power Relationships: Commentary on Wurr C and Cooney L (2014) 'Ethical Dilemmas in Population-Level Treatment of Lead Poisoning in Zamfara State, Nigeria'Calain, P.
-Ebola: a failure of international collective actionPhilips, Mit; Markham, Áine
-Data Sharing in a Humanitarian Organization: The Experience of Médecins Sans FrontièresKarunakara, Unni
-The drug and vaccine landscape for neglected diseases (2000-11): a systematic assessment.Pedrique, Belen; Strub-Wourgaft, Nathalie; Some, Claudette; Olliaro, Piero; Trouiller, Patrice; Ford, Nathan; Pécoul, Bernard; Bradol, Jean-Hervé
-Nurses graduating in Fiji between 2001 and 2010: sufficient supply for Fiji's health service demands?Aiyub, S.; Linh, N. N.; Tayler-Smith, K.; Khogali, M.; Bissell, K.
-International health links manualZachariah, Rony
-Global health training and postgraduate medical education in Australia: the case for greater integrationMitchell, Rob D; Jamieson, Jennifer C; Parker, Jake; Hersch, Fred B; Wainer, Zoe; Moodie, A Rob
-Universal health coverage in a regional Nepali hospital: who is exempted from payment? [Short communication]Basnet, R.; Shrestha, B. R.; Nagaraja, S. B.; Basnet, B.; Satyanarayana, S.; Zachariah, R.
-A win-win solution?: A critical analysis of tiered pricing to improve access to medicines in developing countriesMoon, Suerie; Jambert, Elodie; Childs, Michelle; von Schoen-Angerer, Tido

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