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410.pdf.jpg2015Examining the Health Care Experiences of Women Living with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Perceived HIV-Related StigmaIon, Allyson; Elston, Dawn
403.pdf.jpg2015Building Capacity to Address Women's Health Issues in the Mixtec and Zapotec CommunityMaxwell, Annette E; Young, Sandra; Rabelo Vega, Roena; Cayetano, Reggie T; Crespi, Catherine M; Bastani, Roshan
396.pdf.jpg2015Women's Use and Self-Prescription of Herbal Medicine during Pregnancy: An Examination of 1,835 Pregnant WomenFrawley, Jane; Adams, Jon; Steel, Amie; Broom, Alex; Gallois, Cindy; Sibbritt, David
390.pdf.jpg2015Association of Restraint and Disinhibition to Gestational Weight Gain among Pregnant Former SmokersSlane, Jennifer D; Levine, Michele D
382.pdf.jpg2015Examining Life-Course Socioeconomic Position, Contextualized Stress, and Depression among Well-Educated African-American Pregnant WomenCurry Owens, Tracy; Jackson, Fleda Mask
377.pdf.jpg2015Prenatal Care for Women Veterans Who Use Department of Veterans Affairs Health CareKaton, Jodie G; Washington, Donna L; Cordasco, Kristina M; Reiber, Gayle E; Yano, Elizabeth M; Zephyrin, Laurie C
366.pdf.jpg2015Female Condoms=Missed Opportunities: Lessons Learned from Promotion-centered InterventionsMaksut, Jessica L; Eaton, Lisa A
359.pdf.jpg2015Do Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Intrauterine Devices Predict Interest in Their Use?Gomez, Anu Manchikanti; Hartofelis, E Cameron; Finlayson, Sara; Clark, Jennifer B
355.pdf.jpg2015Barriers to Immediate Post-placental Intrauterine Devices among Attending Level EducatorsHolland, Erica; Michelis, L Daniela; Sonalkar, Sarita; Curry, Christine L
349.pdf.jpg2015"Choosing Life": Birth Mothers on Abortion and Reproductive ChoiceSisson, Gretchen
341.pdf.jpg2015Breast Cancer Risk in Sexual Minority Women during Routine Screening at an Urban LGBT Health CenterClavelle, Kasey; King, Dana; Bazzi, Angela R; Fein-Zachary, Valerie; Potter, Jennifer
331.pdf.jpg2015Non-normal Screening Mammography Results, Lumpectomies, and Breast Cancer Reported by California Women, 2001-2009Irvin, Veronica L; Breen, Nancy; Meissner, Helen I; Liu, Benmei; Kaplan, Robert M
322.pdf.jpg2015Screening Mammography in a Public Hospital Serving Predominantly African-American Women: A Stage-Survival-Cost ModelFarley, Clara; Friedman, Danielle; Habtes, Imnett; Raskind-Hood, Cheryl; Adams, E Kathleen; Becker, Edmund R; D'Orsi, Carl; Gundry, Kathleen; Birdsong, George; Gabram-Mendola, Sheryl
318.pdf.jpg2015Covering Controversy: What Are the Implications for Women's Health?Nagler, Rebekah H; Fowler, Erika Franklin; Gollust, Sarah E
314.pdf.jpg2015Making a Case to Reduce Legal Impediments to Midwifery Practice in the United StatesYang, Y Tony; Kozhimannil, Katy B
313.pdf.jpg2015Announcement Gibbs Leadership Prize Announcement: Best Manuscript of 2014-
42.pdf.jpg2015Correlates of Sex Trading among Drug-Involved Women in Committed Intimate Relationships: A Risk ProfileJiwatram-Negrón, Tina; El-Bassel, Nabila
303.pdf.jpg2015Gestational weight gain and perinatal outcomes of subgroups of Asian-American women, Texas, 2009Cheng, Hsiu-Rong; Walker, Lorraine O; Brown, Adama; Lee, Ju-Young
294.pdf.jpg2015The Impact of Neighborhood Environment, Social Support, and Avoidance Coping on Depressive Symptoms of Pregnant African-American WomenGiurgescu, Carmen; Zenk, Shannon N; Templin, Thomas N; Engeland, Christopher G; Dancy, Barbara L; Park, Chang Gi; Kavanaugh, Karen; Dieber, William; Misra, Dawn P
289.pdf.jpg2015Effect of Gender on the Response to Hepatitis C Treatment in an Inner-City PopulationSimoes, Priya; Asaad, Adel; Abed, Jean; Engelson, Ellen S; Kotler, Donald P

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