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29-Jun-2015Patient involvement in multidisciplinary team decision making in head and neck cancer :an ethnographic studyHamilton, David Winston
20-Mar-2015Systematic development of a behavioural intervention to promote sun-protection behaviours amongst holidaymakersRodrigues, Angela Margarete Martins
17-Apr-2015Using theoretical frameworks of behaviour to understand and improve health care deliveryHrisos, Susan
26-Feb-2015Exploring adolescent food choice; : a food environment perspectiveTyrell, Rachel Louise
16-Jan-2015A mixed-methods investigation of the extent to which routinely collected information can help evaluate the implementaion of screening and brief alcohol interventions in primary health careO'Donnell, Amy Jane
12-Feb-2015Type 2 diabetes prevention in high-risk individuals :how might effective, equitable and sustainable service provison be achieved?Penn, Linda Dorothy
10-Mar-2015The development of a new rating scale for the perceptual assessment of tracheoesophageal voice quality outcome following total laryngectomyHurren, Anne
16-Jan-2015Managing change :using organisational change theory to understand organisational responses to health policy : a case study in commissioningMcCafferty, Sara
28-Nov-2014Derivation and validation of a simple risk score for undiagnosed diabetes for Tanzania and other African populationsMayige, Mary
9-Oct-2014Intervention-generated inequalities in lung cancer careForrest, Lynne Fiona
1-Sep-2014The prevalence of neurological disorders in the 70 years and older population of the Hai district in northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Felicity
8-Aug-2014The epidemiology of epilepsy in rural Tanzania :prevalence, phenotype, risk factors and treatment gapHunter, Ewan Robert
31-Jul-2014Prevalence and risk factors of asthma among cleaners in the north east of England.Al-Fajjam, Shaikhah Mohammed
7-Mar-2014Voice tremor in Parkinson's disease (PD) :identification, characterisation and relationship with speech, voice and disease variablesGillivan-Murphy, Patricia
5-Jun-2014Lifecourse influences on osteoarthritis of the knees, hips and hands as defined by musculoskeletal ultrasoundAbraham, Ajay Matthew
13-Mar-2014Lead levels in teeth as a measure of life-time lead exposure in childrenManmee, Charuwan
31-Jul-2014The prevalence and clinical correlates of atrial fibrillation in those aged 70 and over in the Hai district of northern TanzaniaDewhurst, Matthew James
7-Mar-2014Routine sedation: towards a normative understanding of sedation in palliative careFrew, Katherine Elizabeth
7-Mar-2014"You've got to start messy" :an exploration of the process of involvement in a large scale educational collaborationLindsey, Laura Irene
7-Mar-2014Epidemiological modelling of type 2 diabetes in Saudi Arabia :predicted trends and public health implicationsAl Quwaidhi, Abdulkareem Jassem A

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