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24-Apr-2015A prospective evaluation of the long-term clinical associations of neurocardiovascular instability in older peopleMcDonald, Claire
29-Jun-2015Exploring the potential of oxidative stress-related biomarkers of ageing in a population-based study of the very oldWiley, Laura
19-Mar-2015IVF based approaches towards the treatment and prevention of mitochondrial diseaseIrving, Laura
17-Mar-2015Interactions between mitochondria and inflammatory factors during cellular senescenceCorreia-Melo, Clara
17-Apr-2015The effect of interval training on clinical and physiological outcomes in patients with inclusion body myositis and mitochondrial disordersJones, Katherine Louise
17-Apr-2015Multimorbidity in the ageing human brain :associations between Alzheimer's disease pathology and white matter hyperintensitiesMcAleese, Kirsty Elizabeth
24-Apr-2015Investigating the role of AURKAIP1 in mitochondrial gene expressionThompson, Kyle
19-Feb-2015SFRP4 as an epigenetic biomarker of colorectal cancer riskStaley, Helen
12-Feb-2015Patterns of protein consumption throughout adulthood and physical capability in later lifeMunro, Clare Alexandra
19-Feb-2015Investigating the mechanism of clonal expansion of deleted mtDNA speciesCampbell, Georgia Elizabeth
19-Feb-2015Cardiac manifestations of mitochondrial diseaseBates, Matthew
27-Feb-2015The senescent cell induced bystander effectWordsworth, James William
18-Nov-2014Degradation and degeneration :synergistic impact of autophagy and mitochondrial dysfunction in Parkinson's diseaseSimcox, Eve Michelle
20-Nov-2014Neuronal changes in the hippocampus of post-stroke survivorsGemmell, Elizabeth
16-Oct-2014Profile, determinants and mechanisms of cerebral injury and cognitive impairment following strokeAkinyemi, Rufus Olusola
28-Nov-2014Development and discovery of treatments for mitochondrial diseaseRussel, Oliver Michael
28-Nov-2014A novel simulation framework for modelling extracellular recordings in cortical tissue : implementation, validation and application to gamma oscillations in mammalsTomsett, Richard John
31-Jul-2014Mechanisms of regeneration in post stroke dementiaBurke, Matthew Jordan
27-Aug-2014Exploring perspectives of ageing well :a mixed methods study of community dwelling adults aged 85 years and olderDavies, Karen
10-Oct-2014Statistical modelling of mitochondrial diseaseGrady, John Patrick

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