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12-Jun-2015Detailed analysis of sequence requirements within 2A translational recoding peptidesYan, Fu
3-Jul-2015Fluorescence and active site engineering studies of copper-containing oxidoreductasesKostrz, Dorota Natalia
25-Jun-2015Consequences to health :gastro-oesophageal reflux in the cystic fibrosis populationZeybel, Gemma Louise
21-Apr-2015Slc36 amino acid transporters :molecular and cellular studiesEdwards, Noel
19-Mar-2015DNA-based conducting polymer nanowires for biosensor applicationsHedley, Joseph Henry
26-Feb-2015Regulation of peptidoglycan synthesis during cell division in Escherichia coliEgan, Alexander John Frederick
12-Feb-2015Thermostable DNA polymerases in replication, repair and biotechnologyGilroy, Louise
9-Feb-2015Regulation of the DNA licensing protein Cdt1 in Xenopus laevis embryosWoodhouse, Laura
19-Feb-2015Modulation of fat digestion using bioactive alginatesHoughton, David
17-Apr-2015Processivity and thermostability of archaeal DNA polymerases :application in PCRKinsman, Thomas Stephen
20-Nov-2014Molecular characterization of the cell division protein SepFCelik, Ilkay Nazli
20-Nov-2014Investigations of the innate immune defences in the urogenital tractLanz, Marcelo
16-Jan-2015Bayesian hierarchical modelling for inferring genetic interactions in yeastHeydari, Jonathan
16-Jan-2015Bioactive alginates and macronutrient digestionChater, Peter
9-Feb-2015Extracellular DNA in head and neck biofilmsShields, Robert Colquhoun.
9-Oct-2014Characterisation of a cyanobacterial nickel sensor and a thermodynamic model of metal sensingFoster, Andrew William
16-May-2014The effects of genetics, age and rearing environment on AvBD gene expression and gut anti-microbial activities in three chicken linesButler, Vanessa Leanne
18-Aug-2014Novel glycan-targeted extracellular proteases from divergent mucosal microbesNdeh, Didier Akara.
9-Sep-2014Investigating thermostable DNA polymerases for PCR-based applicationsKeith, Brian
14-Feb-2014Structural and functional studies of Ly49B, a key immune receptor in myeloid cellsMickiewicz, Katarzyna Maria

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