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5-Mar-2013The role of endoglin in cell-mediated heart repairRedgrave, Rachael Elizabeth
18-Jun-2012Unravelling cylindromas : a molecular dissection of CYLD defective tumoursRajan, Neil
18-Jun-2012Neuronal potential of umbilical cord blood non-hematopoietic multipotent stem cellsAli, Hamad
30-Mar-2012Isolation and characterisation of muscle satellite cells from differentiating human embryonic stem cells.Parris, James Joseph
27-Jan-2012Regionalized gene expression during human neocorticogenesisIp, Bui Kar
2-Nov-2011A genetic investigation of the bone morphogenetic protein signalling pathway in congenital cardiovascular malformationTan, Huay Lin
16-Jan-2012Identification of novel transcripts involved in the haematopoietic differentiation of human embryonic stem cellsYung, Sun K.
2-Nov-2011An investigation into the interacting partners of the ubiquitin ligase, SIAH1, and the tumour suppressor protein, ASPP1MacLennan, Marie
7-Oct-2011The role of the EVC in developmentLiu, Yu-Ning
7-Oct-2011Investigation of the mechanisms mediating genetic susceptibility to cardiovascular disease on chromosomes 9p21 and 2q24Cunnington, Michael Sheridan
1-Sep-2011An association study of PITX2 polymorphism in a cohort of patients with primary open angle glaucoma and considerations on the genetics of glaucomaVaideanu-Collins, Daniela
1-Sep-2011Cord and cord blood stem cell tissue engineering for therapeutic intervention in liver diseaseHabibollah, Saba
5-Sep-2011Human TBX22 expression and protein-DNA interactionsLisgo, Steven Newton
11-Nov-2010Heart rate and blood pressure variability :association with white matter lesions and cognitive function following strokeMcLaren, Andrew
19-Jan-2010Investigation into the cohesin loading complex of Caenorhabditis elegansBanks, Andrew Peter
18-Dec-2009The optimisation of radiation dose in paediatric radiologyChapple, Claire Louise
29-May-2009Molecular genetics of Cornelia de Lange SyndromeWang, Tzu-Jou

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