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1-Jul-2015Investigating the brain mechanisms involved in learning abstract sensorimotor mappingsSchofield, Claire
17-Apr-2015A comparative analysis of the behavioural and cognitive effects of toxin-induced sickness in the rat (Rattus norvegicus) and the honeybee (Apis mellifera)Hurst, Victoria
12-Jun-2015Evaluation of the antinociceptive properties of Hyptis crenata Pohl (Brazilian mint)Rocha, Graciela Silva
9-Oct-2014Non-invasive electrophysiological assessment of the corticospinal tract in health and diseaseJaiser, Stephan Rudolf
16-Oct-2014Perceptual learning of contrast discrimination and its neural correlates in macaque V4 and V1Chen, Xing
8-Dec-2014Delta rhythms as a substrate for holographic processing in sleep and wakefulnessKjeldsen, Henrik Daniel
13-Oct-2014Investigating epileptiform activity associated with slow wave sleepCunnington, Leonie Gail
15-Jan-2015What's in a face? :exploring components of social perception and social cognition in Williams syndrome and autismCole-Fletcher, Rachel
10-Sep-2014Artificial grammar learning in primates :behaviour and neuroimagingWilson, Benjamin
17-Jul-2014The mechanism of trichloroethylene neurotoxicity and its relation to ParkinsonismKeane, Paul
27-Aug-2014Intercollicular modulation of auditory processing in the inferior colliculusOrton, Llwyd David
23-Jun-2014Neurocognition and emotional processing in bipolar offspringSharma, Aditya Narain
26-Mar-2014Clozapine-induced paroxysmal dischargesFisher, Michael
28-Mar-2014Development of a novel intracortical electrode for chronic neural recordingsSohal, Harbaljit
21-Mar-2014Generation and modulation of network oscillations on the rodent prefrontal cortex in vitroGlykos, Vasileios
8-Oct-2013Neuronal nicotinic receptors as targets for enhancing cognition in schizophreniaRushforth, Samantha Leigh
7-Mar-2014Developing a new generation of neuro-prosthetic interfaces: structure-function correlates of viable retina-CNT biohybridsEleftheriou, Cyril
5-Dec-2013Stimulus property effects on cue competition and temporal estimates during causal learningSpoor, Willemijn Magda Elly Maria
8-Oct-2013Quantifying activity in nascent neuronal networks derived from embryonic stem cellsAdams, Natalie
8-Oct-2013Allocentric memory and hippocampal functionNilsson, Jonna

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