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20-Jul-2012Healthy under five kids data collection (GAA) program: NT annual report 2009 second release-
23-Aug-2012Demographic data quality assessment for Northern Territory public hospitals, 2011Foley, Margaret; Zhao, Yuejen; Condon, John
23-Aug-2012Injury trends, Northern TerritoryYou, Jiqiong; Guthridge, Steve
9-Dec-2011Northern Territory market basket survey 2011Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
3-May-2012Review of community paediatrics, the Central Australian Remote Health Service, Alice SpringsHenderson, Rex
29-Mar-2012Community can help eliminate dengue mosquitoes in Tennant Creek-
14-May-2012Mothers and babies 2007Thompson, Fintan; Zhang, Xiaohua; Dempsey, Karen
14-Mar-2012Hospital Admissions in the Northern Territory, 1976 - 2008Li, Shu Qin; Pircher, Sabine; Guthridge, Steve; Condon, John; Wright, Jo
16-Dec-2011Arsenic Poisoning Guidelines for Health Care Providers in the Northern TerritorySkov, Steven
19-Mar-2014The elective surgery story: waiting, going to hospital, coming home strong-
17-Nov-2011Mosquito borne disease in the NT: a historical overviewJacups, Susan P; Whelan, Peter I
18-Nov-2011NT Medical Entomologist Ipswich flood relief trip 20-26 January 2011Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan
17-Nov-2011What is driving Aedes vigilax peaks in the Karama weekly mosquito trap in Darwin: tides or rainfallJacups, Susan P; Carter, Jane M; Whelan, Peter I
17-Nov-2011What is driving salt marsh mosquito peaks in Darwin: tides or rainfall?Jacups, Susan P; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M
21-Nov-2011A confirmed case of Kunjin virus disease encephalitis acquired in rural Darwin NT - the mosquito storyKurucz, Nina; Gray, Timothy J; Burrow, Jim; Whelan, Peter I
23-Nov-2011Part 1. Looking from a new perspective to create a brighter future Part 2. Role reversal-
17-Nov-2011Arbovirus models to provide management tools for mosquito control and disease prevention in the Northern Territory, AustraliaJacups, Susan P; Whelan, Peter I; Harley, David
18-Nov-2011Another exotic mosquito interception at Frances Bay port facility, Darwin, January 2011Whelan, Peter I; Nguyen, Huy T; Finlay-Doney, Mary
6-Mar-2012Northern Territory Disease Control BulletinCentre for Disease Control
28-Oct-2011Annual report 2010-11Dept. of Health