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e37.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Should version concern us? Commentary on an article by Peter D. Fabricant, MD, MPH, et al.: "The effect of femoral and acetabular version on clinical outcomes after arthroscopic femoroacetabular impingement surgery"Baumgarten, Keith M
e36.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015The inadequacy of musculoskeletal knowledge in graduating medical students in the United KingdomAl-Nammari, Shafic Said; Pengas, Ioannis; Asopa, Vipin; Jawad, Ali; Rafferty, Michael; Ramachandran, Manoj
e35.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Demonstrating the value of orthopaedic surgery through multicenter trials: AOA critical issuesHilibrand, Alan S; Spindler, Kurt; O'Keefe, Regis J
604.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015A cadaver study revisiting the original methodology of Lauge-Hansen and a commentary on modern usageKwon, John Y; Gitajn, Ida Leah; Walton, Phillip; Miller, Timothy J; Appleton, Paul; Rodriguez, Edward K
597.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Unplanned excision of soft-tissue sarcomas: current concepts for management and prognosisPretell-Mazzini, Juan; Barton, Mark D; Conway, Sheila A; Temple, H Thomas
590.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Intermediate-term follow-up after ankle distraction for treatment of end-stage osteoarthritisNguyen, Mai P; Pedersen, Douglas R; Gao, Yubo; Saltzman, Charles L; Amendola, Annunziato
582.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Preliminary validation of the review of Musculoskeletal System (ROMS) questionnaireBershadsky, Boris; Kane, Robert L; Wuerz, Thomas; Jones, Morgan; Brighton, Brian; Stitzlein, Russell; Parker, Richard; Iannotti, Joseph P
574.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Osteocartilaginous transfer of the proximal part of the fibula for osseous overgrowth in children with congenital or acquired tibial amputation: surgical technique and resultsFedorak, Graham T; Watts, Hugh G; Cuomo, Anna V; Ballesteros, Julian P; Grant, Heather J; Bowen, Richard E; Scaduto, Anthony A
565.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Architectural and biochemical adaptations in skeletal muscle and bone following rotator cuff injury in a rat modelSato, Eugene J; Killian, Megan L; Choi, Anthony J; Lin, Evie; Choo, Alexander D; Rodriguez-Soto, Ana E; Lim, Chanteak T; Thomopoulos, Stavros; Galatz, Leesa M; Ward, Samuel R
558.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Risk factors for failure of a single surgical debridement in adults with acute septic arthritisHunter, Joshua G; Gross, Jonathan M; Dahl, Jason D; Amsdell, Simon L; Gorczyca, John T
551.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Baseline predictors of health-related quality of life after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a longitudinal analysis of a multicenter cohort at two and six yearsDunn, Warren R; Wolf, Brian R; Harrell, Frank E; Reinke, Emily K; Huston, Laura J; Spindler, Kurt P
544.full.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Does periacetabular osteotomy for hip dysplasia modulate cartilage biochemistry?Hingsammer, Andreas M; Kalish, Leslie A; Stelzeneder, David; Bixby, Sarah; Mamisch, Tallal Charles; Connell, Patricia; Millis, Michael B; Kim, Young-Jo
537.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015The effect of femoral and acetabular version on clinical outcomes after arthroscopic femoroacetabular impingement surgeryFabricant, Peter D; Fields, Kara G; Taylor, Samuel A; Magennis, Erin; Bedi, Asheesh; Kelly, Bryan T
529.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2015Tendon transfer surgery in upper-extremity cerebral palsy is more effective than botulinum toxin injections or regular, ongoing therapyVan Heest, Ann E; Bagley, Anita; Molitor, Fred; James, Michelle A
e34.full.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015Elbow fractures in children remain a challenge: commentary on an article by Noora Vallila, MD, et al.: "Pediatric distal humeral fractures and complications of treatment in Finland. A review of compensation claims from 1990 through 2010"Randsborg, Per-Henrik
e33.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015Knee trauma and posttraumatic osteoarthritis-more science needed: commentary on an article by Justin M. Haller, MD, et al.: "Inflammatory cytokine response following acute tibial plateau fracture"Harvey, Edward Joseph
e32.full.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015To culture or not to culture: commentary on an article by Jarren Section, MS, et al.: "Microbiological culture methods for pediatric musculoskeletal infection. a guideline for optimal use"Lee, Mark C
e31.full.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015Estimating the global incidence of femoral fracture from road traffic collisions: a literature reviewAgarwal-Harding, Kiran J; Meara, John G; Greenberg, Sarah L M; Hagander, Lars E; Zurakowski, David; Dyer, George S M
e30.full.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015Surgical treatment of cavus foot in Charcot-Marie-tooth disease: a review of twenty-four cases: AAOS exhibit selectionFaldini, Cesare; Traina, Francesco; Nanni, Matteo; Mazzotti, Antonio; Calamelli, Carlotta; Fabbri, Daniele; Pungetti, Camilla; Giannini, Sandro
520.pdf.jpg18-Mar-2015What's new in hand surgeryAmadio, Peter C

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