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Title: Prognostic significance of active and modified forms of endothelin 1 in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction
Authors: Gottlieb, Stephen S;Harris, Kristie;Todd, John;Estis, Joel;Christenson, Robert H;Torres, Victoria;Whittaker, Kerry;Rebuck, Heather;Wawrzyniak, Andrew;Krantz, David S
Year: Mar-2015
Abstract: Concentrations of endothelin I (ET1) are elevated in CHF patients and, like other biomarkers that reflect hemodynamic status and cardiac pathophysiology, are prognostic. The Singulex assay (Sgx-ET1) measures the active form of ET1, with a short in vivo half-life and the Brahms assay measures C-terminal endothelin-1 (CT-ET1), a modified (degraded) product with longer half-life. We aimed to determine the prognostic importance of active and modified forms of endothelin 1 (Singulex and Brahms assays) in comparison with other commonly measured biomarkers of inflammation, hemodynamic status and cardiac physiology in CHF.
ISSN: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2014.12.012
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