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1259.pdf.jpgMay-2015Transbronchial vs transesophageal needle aspiration using an ultrasound bronchoscope for the diagnosis of mediastinal lesions: a randomized studyOki, Masahide; Saka, Hideo; Ando, Masahiko; Tsuboi, Rie; Nakahata, Masashi; Oka, Saori; Kogure, Yoshihito; Kitagawa, Chiyoe
1010.pdf.jpg2015Salt deposition problems in supercritical water oxidationDonghai Xu; Chuanbao Huang; Shuzhong Wang
1004.pdf.jpg2015Modelling of succinic acid heterogeneous catalytic ozonation on metallic foamAude Audirac; Florence Pontlevoy; Nathalie Karpel Vel Leitner
994.pdf.jpg2015Preparation and characterization of TiO2-based nanosheets for photocatalytic degradation of acetylsalicylic acid: Influence of calcination temperatureDong Li; Xiuwen Cheng; Xiujuan Yu
983.pdf.jpg2015CuO/CeO2 based monoliths for CO preferential oxidation in H2-rich streamsPaola Sabrina Barbato; Almerinda Di Benedetto; Gianluca Landi
973.pdf.jpg2015A simple flow device for enhanced mass transfer in reduced dimensionsKoushik Guha Biswas; Subhabrata Ray; Gargi Das
964.pdf.jpg2015Simultaneous sorption of 4-nitrophenol and 2-nitrophenol on a hybrid geocomposite based on surfactant-modified pillared-clay and activated carbonSabiha Hamidouche; Omar Bouras; Faiza Zermane
948.pdf.jpg2015Hydrodynamics and residence time distribution of liquid flow in tubular reactors equipped with screen-type static mixersK. Abou Hweij; F. Azizi
939.pdf.jpg2015Hybridising nitrogen doped titania with kaolinite: A feasible catalyst for a semi-continuous photo-degradation reactor systemTze Haw Sia; Sheng Dai; Bo Jin
929.pdf.jpg2015Simultaneous photocatalytic elimination of gaseous NO and SO2 in a BiOI/Al2O3-padded trickling scrubber under visible lightDehua Xia; Lingling Hua; Chun He
921.pdf.jpg2015Hydro-liquefaction of sawdust and its three components in supercritical ethanol with [BMIM]Cl/NiCl2 catalystDong Liu; Qingyin Li; Azhen Zhao
921.pdf.jpg2015Hydro-liquefaction of sawdust and its three components in supercritical ethanol with [BMIM]Cl/NiCl2 catalystDong Liu; Qingyin Li; Azhen Zhao
912.pdf.jpg2015A novel strategy for accelerating the recovery of an anammox reactor inhibited by copper(II): EDTA washing combined with biostimulation via low-intensity ultrasoundZheng-Zhe Zhang; Ya-Fei Cheng; Yu-Huang Zhou
904.pdf.jpg2015Rejection and adsorption of trace pharmaceuticals by coating a forward osmosis membrane with TiO2Manhong Huang; Yongsheng Chen; Ching-Hua Huang
897.pdf.jpg2015Inherent rate constants and humidity impact factors of anatase TiO2 film in photocatalytic removal of formaldehyde from airXiaobing Zhu; Da-Lei Chang; Xiao-Song Li
885.pdf.jpg2015Static and dynamic adsorptive removal of selenite and selenate by alkoxide-free sol–gel-generated Mg–Al–CO3 layered double hydroxide: Effect of competing ionsNatalia Chubar; Małgorzata Szlachta
874.pdf.jpg2015Analysis of gas phase characteristics and mixing performance in an activated sludge bioreactor using electrical resistance tomographyRoghayyeh Babaei; Babak Bonakdarpour; Farhad Ein-Mozaffari
861.pdf.jpg2015Naproxen abatement by thermally activated persulfate in aqueous systemsAntoine Ghauch; Al Muthanna Tuqan; Nadine Kibbi
851.pdf.jpg2015Polymeric micelle-coated mesoporous silica nanoparticle for enhanced fluorescent imaging and pH-responsive drug deliveryXiubin Xu; Shaoyu Lü; Chunmei Gao
840.pdf.jpg2015Catalytic oxidation of styrene over Cu-doped hydrotalcitesNguyen Tien Thao; Le Thi Kim Huyen

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