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621.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Economic value of biological control in integrated pest management of managed plant systemsNaranjo, Steven E; Ellsworth, Peter C; Frisvold, George B
601.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Sirex woodwasp: a model for evolving management paradigms of invasive forest pestsSlippers, Bernard; Hurley, Brett P; Wingfield, Michael J
581.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Trail pheromones: an integrative view of their role in social insect colony organizationCzaczkes, Tomer J; Grüter, Christoph; Ratnieks, Francis L W
561.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Vector ecology of equine piroplasmosisScoles, Glen A; Ueti, Massaro W
537.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Insecticide resistance in mosquitoes: impact, mechanisms, and research directionsLiu, Nannan
517.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Root-feeding insects and their interactions with organisms in the rhizosphereJohnson, Scott N; Rasmann, Sergio
493.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Plant responses to insect egg depositionHilker, Monika; Fatouros, Nina E
473.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Physiology of environmental adaptations and resource acquisition in cockroachesMullins, Donald E
453.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Exaggerated trait growth in insectsLavine, Laura; Gotoh, Hiroki; Brent, Colin S; Dworkin, Ian; Emlen, Douglas J
435.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015DNA methylation in social insects: how epigenetics can control behavior and longevityYan, Hua; Bonasio, Roberto; Simola, Daniel F; Liebig, Jürgen; Berger, Shelley L; Reinberg, Danny
415.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Honey bee toxicologyJohnson, Reed M
393.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Mirid (hemiptera: heteroptera) specialists of sticky plants: adaptations, interactions, and ecological implicationsWheeler, Alfred G; Krimmel, Billy A
373.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Bionomics of temperate and tropical Culicoides midges: knowledge gaps and consequences for transmission of Culicoides-borne virusesPurse, B V; Carpenter, S; Venter, G J; Bellis, G; Mullens, B A
351.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Adenotrophic viviparity in tsetse flies: potential for population control and as an insect model for lactationBenoit, Joshua B; Attardo, Geoffrey M; Baumann, Aaron A; Michalkova, Veronika; Aksoy, Serap
335.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Anopheles punctulatus group: evolution, distribution, and controlBeebe, Nigel W; Russell, Tanya; Burkot, Thomas R; Cooper, Robert D
313.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Biology, ecology, and control of Elaterid beetles in agricultural landTraugott, Michael; Benefer, Carly M; Blackshaw, Rod P; van Herk, Willem G; Vernon, Robert S
293.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Recent advances in the integrative nutrition of arthropodsSimpson, Stephen J; Clissold, Fiona J; Lihoreau, Mathieu; Ponton, Fleur; Wilder, Shawn M; Raubenheimer, David
273.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Whitefly parasitoids: distribution, life history, bionomics, and utilizationLiu, Tong-Xian; Stansly, Philip A; Gerling, Dan
253.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Origin, development, and evolution of butterfly eyespotsMonteiro, Antónia
233.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Insect response to plant defensive protease inhibitorsZhu-Salzman, Keyan; Zeng, Rensen

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