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Title: The Impact of Neighborhood Environment, Social Support, and Avoidance Coping on Depressive Symptoms of Pregnant African-American Women
Authors: Giurgescu, Carmen;Zenk, Shannon N;Templin, Thomas N;Engeland, Christopher G;Dancy, Barbara L;Park, Chang Gi;Kavanaugh, Karen;Dieber, William;Misra, Dawn P
Year: 2015
Abstract: Although depressive symptoms during pregnancy have been related to negative maternal and child health outcomes such as preterm birth, low birth weight infants, postpartum depression, and maladaptive mother-infant interactions, studies on the impact of neighborhood environment on depressive symptoms in pregnant women are limited. Pregnant women residing in disadvantaged neighborhoods reported higher levels of depressive symptoms and lower levels of social support. No researchers have examined the relationship between neighborhood environment and avoidance coping in pregnant women. Guided by the Ecological model and Lazarus and Folkman's transactional model of stress and coping, we examined whether social support and avoidance coping mediated associations between the neighborhood environment and depressive symptoms in pregnant African-American women.
ISSN: 10.1016/j.whi.2015.02.001
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