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Title: Multistep microreactions with proteins using electrocapture technology
Authors: Astorga-Wells, Juan;Bergman, Tomas;Jörnvall, Hans
Year: 1-May-2004
Abstract: A method to perform multistep reactions by means of electroimmobilization of a target molecule in a microflow stream is presented. A target protein is captured by the opposing effects between the hydrodynamic and electric forces, after which another medium is injected into the system. The second medium carries enzymes or other reagents, which are brought into contact with the target protein and react. The immobilization is reversed by disconnecting the electric field, upon which products are collected at the outlet of the device for analysis. On-line reduction, alkylation, and trypsin digestion of proteins is demonstrated and was monitored by MALDI mass spectrometry.
ISSN: 10.1021/ac0354342
Appears in Collections:American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013

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