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Title: Impairment of hepatic nuclear factor-4α binding to the Stim1 promoter contributes to high glucose-induced upregulation of STIM1 expression in glomerular mesangial cells
Authors: Wang, Yanxia;Chaudhari, Sarika;Ren, Yuezhong;Ma, Rong
Year: 15-May-2015
Abstract: The present study was carried out to investigate if hepatic nuclear factor (HNF)4α contributed to the high glucose-induced increase in stromal interacting molecule (STIM)1 protein abundance in glomerular mesangial cells (MCs). Western blot and immunofluorescence experiments showed HNF4α expression in MCs. Knockdown of HNF4α using a small interfering RNA approach significantly increased mRNA expression levels of both STIM1 and Orai1 and protein expression levels of STIM1 in cultured human MCs. Consistently, overexpression of HNF4α reduced expressed STIM1 protein expression in human embryonic kidney-293 cells. Furthermore, high glucose treatment did not significantly change the abundance of HNF4α protein in MCs but significantly attenuated HNF4α binding activity to the Stim1 promoter. Moreover, knockdown of HNF4α significantly augmented store-operated Ca(2+) entry, which is known to be gated by STIM1 and has recently been found to be antifibrotic in MCs. In agreement with those results, knockdown of HNF4α significantly attenuated the fibrotic response of high glucose. These results suggest that HNF4α negatively regulates STIM1 transcription in MCs. High glucose increases STIM1 expression levels by impairing HNF4α binding activity to the Stim1 promoter, which subsequently releases Stim1 transcription from HNF4α repression. Since the STIM1-gated store-operated Ca(2+) entry pathway in MCs has an antifibrotic effect, inhibition of HNF4α in MCs might be a potential therapeutic option for diabetic kidney disease.
ISSN: 10.1152/ajprenal.00563.2014
Appears in Collections:American journal of physiology renal physiology 2015

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