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402.pdf.jpg2015Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Patients Discharged From a Tertiary Hospital in Taiwan: Long-Term Survival and Prognostic FactorsChen, Hui-Chuan; Wu, Huey-Dong; Liu, Hsiang-Wen; Chang, Hong-Jer; Lee, Ming-Der; Huang, Pei-Yu; Kuo, Ping-Hung
391.pdf.jpg2015Primary Breast Cancer Decision-making Among Chinese American Women: Satisfaction, RegretKatie Lee, Shiu-Yu C; Knobf, M Tish
381.pdf.jpg2015Patient Education Process in Oncologic Context: What, Why, and by Whom?Vaartio-Rajalin, Heli; Huumonen, Tuula; Iire, Liisa; Jekunen, Antti; Leino-Kilpi, Helena; Minn, Heikki; Paloniemi, Jenni
372.pdf.jpg2015Sleep of Parents Living With a Child Receiving Hospital-Based Home Care: A Phenomenographical StudyAngelhoff, Charlotte; Edéll-Gustafsson, Ulla; Mörelius, Evalotte
361.pdf.jpg2015Nurse Continuity and Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers: A Comparative Analysis Using an Electronic Health Record "Big Data" SetStifter, Janet; Yao, Yingwei; Lodhi, Muhammad Kamran; Lopez, Karen Dunn; Khokhar, Ashfaq; Wilkie, Diana J; Keenan, Gail M
351.pdf.jpg2015A Novel Noninvasive Device to Assess Sympathetic Nervous System Function in Patients With Heart FailureParry, Monica; Nielson, Chantelle A; Muckle, Fiona; O'Keefe-McCarthy, Sheila; van Lien, Rene; Meijer, Jan H
342.pdf.jpg2015Biological and Sociocultural Differences in Perceived Barriers to Physical Activity Among Fifth- to Seventh-Grade Urban GirlsVermeesch, Amber L; Ling, Jiying; Voskuil, Vicki R; Bakhoya, Marion; Wesolek, Stacey M; Bourne, Kelly A; Pfeiffer, Karin A; Robbins, Lorraine B
331.pdf.jpg2015Duration of Maternal Stress and Depression: Predictors of Newborn Admission to Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Postpartum DepressionLatendresse, Gwen; Wong, Bob; Dyer, Jane; Wilson, Barbara; Baksh, Laurie; Hogue, Carol
329.pdf.jpg2015The Symptom Science Model: Challenges in Dissemination Across the Investigative SequenceHenly, Susan J
320.pdf.jpg2015Motion Sensor Use for Physical Activity Data: Methodological ConsiderationsMcCarthy, Margaret; Grey, Margaret
306.pdf.jpg2015Antenatal Microbiome: Potential Contributor to Fetal Programming and Establishment of the Microbiome in OffspringWright, Michelle L; Starkweather, Angela R
300.pdf.jpg2015Sacral Peak Pressure in Healthy Volunteers and Patients With Spinal Cord Injury: With and Without Liquid-Based PadDuetzmann, Stephan; Forsey, Lynn M; Senft, Christian; Seifert, Volker; Ratliff, John; Park, Jon
291.pdf.jpg2015Longitudinal Association of Registered Nurse National Nursing Specialty Certification and Patient Falls in Acute Care HospitalsBoyle, Diane K; Cramer, Emily; Potter, Catima; Staggs, Vincent S
282.pdf.jpg2015Potential for Self-Management in Chronic Care: Nurses' Assessments of PatientsBos-Touwen, Irene; Dijkkamp, Evelien; Kars, Marijke; Trappenburg, Jaap; De Wit, Niek; Schuurmans, Marieke
272.pdf.jpg2015Nursing Case Management and Glycemic Control Among Brazilians With Type 2 Diabetes: Pragmatic Clinical TrialMoreira, Ricardo Castanho; Mantovani, Maria de Fátima; Soriano, José Verdú
264.pdf.jpg2015Attitudes of Nurses and Physicians About Clinical Autopsy in Neonatal and Adult Hospital Care: A Survey in SwedenMjörnheim, Berit; Rosendahl, Anders; Eriksson, Lennart C; Takman, Christina
246.pdf.jpg2015Home-Based Exercise in Older Adults Recently Discharged From the Hospital for Cardiovascular Disease in China: Randomized Clinical TrialLi, Xueyu; Xu, Shunlin; Zhou, Lijuan; Li, Rongbin; Wang, Jianrong
235.pdf.jpg2015Mining Patterns Associated With Mobility Outcomes in Home HealthcareDey, Sanjoy; Cooner, Jacob; Delaney, Connie W; Fakhoury, Joanna; Kumar, Vipin; Simon, Gyorgy; Steinbach, Michael; Weed, Jeremy; Westra, Bonnie L
231.pdf.jpg2015New Scholars Writing for PublicationChyun, Deborah A; Henly, Susan J
226.pdf.jpg2015Electronic alerts for triage protocol compliance among emergency department triage nurses: a randomized controlled trialHolmes, James F; Freilich, Joshua; Taylor, Sandra L; Buettner, David

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