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947.pdf.jpg2015Physiology, biomechanics, and biomimetics of hagfish slimeFudge, Douglas S; Schorno, Sarah; Ferraro, Shannon
923.pdf.jpg2015Cellulose degradation by polysaccharide monooxygenasesBeeson, William T; Vu, Van V; Span, Elise A; Phillips, Christopher M; Marletta, Michael A
895.pdf.jpg2015A molecular description of cellulose biosynthesisMcNamara, Joshua T; Morgan, Jacob L W; Zimmer, Jochen
865.pdf.jpg2015Transport of sugarsChen, Li-Qing; Cheung, Lily S; Feng, Liang; Tanner, Widmar; Frommer, Wolf B
843.pdf.jpg2015The twin-arginine protein translocation pathwayBerks, Ben C
813.pdf.jpg2015Protein export into malaria parasite-infected erythrocytes: mechanisms and functional consequencesSpillman, Natalie J; Beck, Josh R; Goldberg, Daniel E
791.pdf.jpg2015Form follows function: the importance of endoplasmic reticulum shapeWestrate, L M; Lee, J E; Prinz, W A; Voeltz, G K
765.pdf.jpg2015Chemical approaches to discovery and study of sources and targets of hydrogen peroxide redox signaling through NADPH oxidase proteinsBrewer, Thomas F; Garcia, Francisco J; Onak, Carl S; Carroll, Kate S; Chang, Christopher J
739.pdf.jpg2015A structural perspective on the regulation of the epidermal growth factor receptorKovacs, Erika; Zorn, Julie Anne; Huang, Yongjian; Barros, Tiago; Kuriyan, John
711.pdf.jpg2015Mechanisms of ATM ActivationPaull, Tanya T
685.pdf.jpg2015Gating mechanisms of voltage-gated proton channelsOkamura, Yasushi; Fujiwara, Yuichiro; Sakata, Souhei
659.pdf.jpg2015Structure and energy transfer in photosystems of oxygenic photosynthesisNelson, Nathan; Junge, Wolfgang
631.pdf.jpg2015ATP synthaseJunge, Wolfgang; Nelson, Nathan
603.pdf.jpg2015Structural Biology of Bacterial Type IV Secretion SystemsChandran Darbari, Vidya; Waksman, Gabriel
577.pdf.jpg2015Mechanisms of Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureusPeacock, Sharon J; Paterson, Gavin K
551.pdf.jpg2015Structure, dynamics, assembly, and evolution of protein complexesMarsh, Joseph A; Teichmann, Sarah A
519.pdf.jpg2015Natural photoreceptors as a source of fluorescent proteins, biosensors, and optogenetic toolsShcherbakova, Daria M; Shemetov, Anton A; Kaberniuk, Andrii A; Verkhusha, Vladislav V
499.pdf.jpg2015Cryogenic electron microscopy and single-particle analysisElmlund, Dominika; Elmlund, Hans
465.pdf.jpg2015Magic angle spinning NMR of proteins: high-frequency dynamic nuclear polarization and (1)H detectionSu, Yongchao; Andreas, Loren; Griffin, Robert G
435.pdf.jpg2015The biology of proteostasis in aging and diseaseLabbadia, Johnathan; Morimoto, Richard I

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