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Title: Pediatric Pharyngeal IgD-positive Monoclonal Plasmacytoid and Plasma Cell Neoplasm
Authors: Shanxiang Zhang;Catherine Long
subject: immunocompetent children, neoplasm, lymphoplasmacytoid lymphocytes, plasma cells, immunoglobulin D positive
Year: 2015
Abstract: Pediatric neoplasm with monoclonal proliferation of lymphoplasmacytoid lymphocytes and plasma cells is exceedingly rare and has essentially never been reported in immunocompetent children. Here, we report a previously healthy 13-year-old girl with a pharyngeal mass and enlarged cervical lymph nodes. The pharyngeal mass was composed of CD138+, CD79a+, MUM-1+, IgD+, CD20 , PAX-5 , CD43 , l-restricted monoclonal plasmacytoid, and plasma cells. Scattered CD20+, PAX-5+ B cells were present in the background. The patient was treated as localized non-Hodgkin lymphoma (stage II) with cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone and is in complete remission at 17 months from the last chemotherapy.
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