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Title: Long-term Remission in a Female With Multiple Relapsed Juvenile Granulosa Cell Tumor
Authors: Martin Benesch;Herwig Lackner;Alexander Pilhatsch;Barbara Gu¨rtl-Lackner;Wolfgang Schwinger;Christian Urban
subject: juvenile granulosa cell tumor, children, relapse, treatment, antiangiogenesis
Year: 2015
Abstract: A 4 ½-year-old female was diagnosed with ovarian juvenile granulosa cell tumor stage IA. After complete tumor resection she received 4 courses of chemotherapy due to unfavorable histopathologic features (high mitotic index, high microvessel density, blood vessel invasion). One year after diagnosis, she experienced paraaortic lymph node relapse treated with surgery, local radiotherapy, and conventional and high-dose chemotherapy. A second, paratracheal lymph node relapse 7 months later necessitated surgical removal and radiotherapy. Subsequently an adjuvant antiangiogenesis-based treatment including paclitaxel, bevacizumab, thalidomide, and pegylated interferon was initiated and continued for 2 years. The female is now in third complete remission 6 years after second relapse.
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