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2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2016Macronutrient composition and gestational weight gain : a systematicTielemans, Myrte J; Garcia, Audry H; Santos, Peralta; Bramer, Wichor M; Luksa, Nellija; Luvizotto, Mateus J; Moreira, Eduardo; Topi, Geriolda; Jonge, Ester A L De; Visser, Thirsa L; Voortman, Trudy; Felix, Janine F; Steegers, Eric A P; Jong, Jessica C Kiefte-de; Franco
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (29).pdf.jpg2016Including whey protein and whey permeate in ready-to-use supplementary food improves recovery rates in children with moderate acute malnutrition : a randomized , double-blind clinical trial 1 – 3Stobaugh, Heather C; Ryan, Kelsey N; Kennedy, Julie A; Grise, Jennifer B; Crocker, Audrey H; Thakwalakwa, Chrissie; Litkowski, Patricia E; Maleta, Kenneth M; Manary, Mark J; Trehan, Indi
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 4 April (6).pdf.jpg2016Intake of whole grains is associated with lower risk of myocardial infarction : the Danish Diet , Cancer and Health Cohort 1Helnæs, Anne; Kyrø, Cecilie; Andersen, Ingelise; Lacoppidan, Sandra; Overvad, Kim; Christensen, Jane; Tjønneland, Anne; Olsen, Anja
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (19).pdf.jpg2016Leucine partially protects muscle mass and function during bed rest inEnglish, Kirk L; Mettler, Joni A; Ellison, Jennifer B; Mamerow, Madonna M; Arentson-lantz, Emily; Pattarini, James M; Ploutz-snyder, Robert; Sheffield-moore, Melinda; Paddon-jones, Douglas
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2016Mortality in vegetarians and comparable nonvegetarians in theKingdom, United; Appleby, Paul N; Crowe, Francesca L; Bradbury, Kathryn E; Travis, Ruth C; Key, Timothy J
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (3).pdf.jpg2016Plasma trimethylamine N -oxide concentration is associated withObeid, Rima; Awwad, Hussain M; Rabagny, Yannick; Graeber, Stefan; Herrmann, Wolfgang; Geisel, Juergen
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 4 April (27).pdf.jpg2016Reply to G-C Chen et al . Guo-Chong Chen Zhong-Xiao Wan Li-Qiang Qin From the Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene , School of Public Health ( G-CC , Z-XW ; L-QQ , e-mail : qinliqiangTo, Letters; Editor, T H E
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 4 April (10).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin D deficiency in Europe : pandemic ? 1 , 2Cashman, Kevin D; Dowling, Kirsten G; Skrab, Zuzana; Gonzalez-gross, Marcela; Valtue, Jara; Grimnes, Guri; Moschonis, George; Mavrogianni, Christina; Manios, Yannis; Thamm, Michael; Mensink, Gert B M; Eiriksdottir, Gudny; Gudnason, Vilmundur; Cotch, Mary Frances; Koski
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2016Short children with a low midupper arm circumference respond to food supplementation : an observational study from Burkina Faso 1 , 2Fabiansen, Christian; Phelan, Kevin P Q; Cichon, Bernardette; Ritz, Christian; Briend, Andr; Michaelsen, Kim F; Friis, Henrik; Shepherd, Susan
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2016Phase angle and its determinants in healthy subjects : influence of body composition 1Gonzalez, Maria Cristina; Barbosa-silva, Thiago G; Bielemann, Renata M; Gallagher, Dympna; Heymsfield, Steven B
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2016The motilin receptor agonist erythromycin stimulates hunger and food intake through a cholinergic pathway 1Deloose, Eveline; Vos, Rita; Janssen, Pieter; Bergh, Omer Van Den; Oudenhove, Lukas Van; Depoortere, Inge; Tack, Jan
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (24).pdf.jpg2016Synthetic folic acid intakes and status in children living in Ireland exposed to voluntary fortification 1Vaish, Shashi; White, Martin; Daly, Leslie; Molloy, Anne M; Staines, Anthony; Sweeney, Mary Rose
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2016Reduced dietary intake of simple sugars alters perceived sweet taste intensity but not perceived pleasantness 1Wise, Paul M; Nattress, Laura; Flammer, Linda J; Beauchamp, Gary K
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 4 April (2).pdf.jpg2016Are behavioral practices for overcoming nature the hope for personalized medicine ?Fern, R
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (17).pdf.jpg2016Are strict vegetarians protected against prostate cancer ? 1Tantamango-bartley, Yessenia; Knutsen, Synnove F; Knutsen, Raymond; Jacobsen, Bjarne K; Fan, Jing; Beeson, W Lawrence; Sabate, Joan; Hadley, David; Jaceldo-siegl, Karen; Penniecook, Jason; Herring, Patti; Butler, Terry; Bennett, Hanni; Fraser, Gary
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (10).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin D activity of breast milk in women randomly assigned to vitamin D 3 supplementation during pregnancy 1 , 2Wall, Clare R; Stewart, Alistair W; Jr, Carlos A Camargo; Scragg, Robert; Mitchell, Edwin A; Ekeroma, Alec; Crane, Julian; Milne, Tania; Rowden, Judy; Horst, Ronald; Grant, Cameron C
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (1).pdf.jpg2016Statistical Commentary Best ( but oft-forgotten ) practices : expressing and interpreting associations and effect sizes in clinical outcome assessments 1Mcleod, Lori D; Cappelleri, Joseph C; Hays, Ron D
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 3 March (15).pdf.jpg2016Using growth velocity to predict child mortality 1 , 2Schwinger, Catherine; Fadnes, Lars T; Broeck, Jan Van Den
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 2 February (28).pdf.jpg2016Changes in plasma phosphate during in-patient treatment of children with severe acute malnutrition : an observational study in Uganda 1Namusoke, Hanifa; Hother, Anne-louise; Rytter, Maren J H; Kæstel, Pernille; Babirekere-iriso, Esther; Fabiansen, Christian; Girma, Tsinuel; Ritz, Christian; Michaelsen, Kim F; Briend, Andr; Friis, Henrik
2016 AJCN Volume 103 Issue 1 January (22).pdf.jpg2016Associations of red and processed meat with survival after colorectal cancer and differences according to timing of dietary assessment 1 , 2Carr, Prudence R; Jansen, Lina; Walter, Viola; Kloor, Matthias; Roth, Wilfried; Bla, Hendrik; Chang-claude, Jenny; Brenner, Hermann; Hoffmeister, Michael