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2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (16).pdf.jpg2016Water-loss ( intracellular ) dehydration assessed using urinary tests : how well do they work ? Diagnostic accuracy in older people 1 – 3Hooper, Lee; Bunn, Diane K; Abdelhamid, Asmaa; Gillings, Rachel; Jennings, Amy; Maas, Katie; Millar, Sophie; Twomlow, Elizabeth; Hunter, Paul R; Shepstone, Lee; Potter, John F; Fairweather-tait, Susan J
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (25).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin D status of black and white Americans and changes in vitamin D metabolites after varied doses of vitamin D supplementation 1 , 2Alzaman, Naweed S; Dawson-hughes, Bess; Nelson, Jason; Alessio, David D; Pittas, Anastassios G
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (10).pdf.jpg2016Greater diet quality is associated with more optimal glycemic control in a longitudinal study of youth with type 1 diabetes 1 , 2Nansel, Tonja R; Lipsky, Leah M; Liu, Aiyi
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (12).pdf.jpg2016Acute effects of quercetin-3- O -glucoside on endothelial function and blood pressure : a randomized dose-response study 1 , 2Bondonno, Nicola P; Bondonno, Catherine P; Rich, Lisa; Mas, Emilie; Shinde, Sujata; Ward, Natalie C; Hodgson, Jonathan M; Croft, Kevin D
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (26).pdf.jpg2016Combined epigallocatechin-3-gallate and resveratrol supplementation for 12 wk increases mitochondrial capacity and fat oxidation , but not insulin sensitivity , in obese humans : a randomized controlled trial 1 , 2Most, Jasper; Timmers, Silvie; Warnke, Ines; Jocken, Johan W E; Boekschoten, Mark Van; Groot, Philip De; Bendik, Igor; Schrauwen, Patrick; Goossens, Gijs H; Blaak, Ellen E
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (15).pdf.jpg2016Ultra-long – term human salt balance studies reveal interrelations between sodium , potassium , and chloride intake and excretion 1 , 2Birukov, Anna; Rakova, Natalia; Lerchl, Kathrin; Hg, Rik; Engberink, Olde; Johannes, Bernd; Wabel, Peter; Moissl, Ulrich; Rauh, Manfred; Luft, Friedrich C; Titze, Jens
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (22).pdf.jpg2016The association of serum choline with linear growth failure in youngSemba, Richard D; Zhang, Pingbo; Gonzalez-freire, Marta; Moaddel, Ruin; Trehan, Indi; Maleta, Kenneth M; Ordiz, M Isabel; Ferrucci, Luigi; Manary, Mark J
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (20).pdf.jpg2016Dietary phosphatidylcholine and risk of all-cause and cardiovascular- specific mortality among US women and men 1 , 2Zheng, Yan; Li, Yanping; Rimm, Eric B; Hu, Frank B; Albert, Christine M; Rexrode, Kathryn M; Manson, Joann E; Qi, Lu
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (29).pdf.jpg2016Sherry A Tanumihardjo Bryan M Gannon Devika Suri Paul J van Jaarsveld From the Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Nutritional Sciences , University of Wisconsin-Madison , Madison , WI ( BMG , DS ; SAT , e-mail : sherryTo, Letters; Editor, T H E
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2016Irregular meal-pattern effects on energy expenditure , metabolism , and appetite regulation : a randomized controlled trial in healthyAlhussain, Maha H; Macdonald, Ian A; Taylor, Moira A
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (30).pdf.jpg2016Copyright of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is the property of American Society for-
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (25).pdf.jpg2016No differential effect of beverages sweetened with fructose , high-fructose corn syrup , or glucose on systemic or adipose tissue inflammation in normal-weight to obese adults : a randomized controlled trial 1Kuzma, Jessica N; Cromer, Gail; Hagman, Derek K; Breymeyer, Kara L; Roth, Christian L; Foster-schubert, Karen E; Holte, Sarah E; Weigle, David S; Kratz, Mario
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (32).pdf.jpg2016The vitamin D status of the US population from 1988 to 2010 using standardized serum concentrations of 25-hydroxyvitamin D shows recent modest increases 1 – 3Schleicher, Rosemary L; Sternberg, Maya R; Lacher, David A; Sempos, Christopher T; Looker, Anne C; Durazo-arvizu, Ramon A; Yetley, Elizabeth A; Chaudhary-webb, Madhulika; Maw, Khin L; Pfeiffer, Christine M; Johnson, Clifford L
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 3 September (4).pdf.jpg2016Assessing iodine intake , iodine status , and the effects of maternal iodine supplementation : introduction to articles arising from 3 workshops held by the NIH Office of Dietary Supplements 1 , 2Ershow, Abby G; Goodman, Gay; Coates, Paul M; Swanson, Christine A
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (18).pdf.jpg2016Energy expenditure and body composition changes after an isocaloric ketogenic diet in overweight and obese men 1 , 2Hall, Kevin D; Chen, Kong Y; Guo, Juen; Lam, Yan Y; Leibel, Rudolph L; Mayer, Laurel E S; Reitman, Marc L; Rosenbaum, Michael; Smith, Steven R; Walsh, B Timothy; Ravussin, Eric
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 1 July (9).pdf.jpg2016Empty calories and phantom fullness : a randomized trial studying the relative effects of energy density and viscosity on gastric emptying determined by MRI and satiety 1 , 2Camps, Guido; Mars, Monica; Graaf, Cees De; Smeets, Paul A M
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (1).pdf.jpg2016Statistical Commentary Best ( but oft-forgotten ) practices : propensity score methods in clinicalCommentary, Statistical
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (4).pdf.jpg2016Interaction of an S100A9 gene variant with saturated fat and carbohydrates to modulate insulin resistance in 3 populations ofBlanco-rojo, Ruth; Delgado-lista, Javier; Lee, Yu-chi; Lai, Chao-qiang; Perez-martinez, Pablo; Rangel-zu, Oriol; Smith, Caren E; Hidalgo, Bertha; Alcala-diaz, Juan F; Gomez-delgado, Francisco; Parnell, Laurence D; Arnett, Donna K; Tucker, Katherine L; Lopez-miranda, J
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (28).pdf.jpg2016Glycomacropeptide for nutritional management of phenylketonuria : a randomized , controlled , crossover trial 1 , 2Ney, Denise M; Stroup, Bridget M; Clayton, Murray K; Murali, Sangita G; Rice, Gregory M; Rohr, Frances; Levy, Harvey L
2016 AJCN Volume 104 Issue 2 August (20).pdf.jpg2016Effectiveness of a weight loss intervention in postpartum women : results from a randomized controlled trial in primary health care 1Huseinovic, Ena; Bertz, Fredrik; Agelii, Monica Leu; Hellebo, Else; Winkvist, Anna; Brekke, Hilde Kristin