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2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (34).pdf.jpg2016Can sepsis predict deep venous thrombosis in colorectal surgery ?Hatch, Quinton; Nelson, Daniel; O, D; Martin, Matthew; Maykel, Justin A; Johnson, Eric K; Champagne, Bradley J; Hyman, Neil H; Steele, Scott R
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (25).pdf.jpg2016Women in academic surgery : why is the playing field still not level ?Seemann, Natashia M; Webster, Fiona; Holden, Helen Alyx; Moulton, Carol-anne E; Baxter, Nancy; Desjardins, Christine; A, B; Cil, Tulin; Ed, M
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Working volume : validity evidence for a motion-based metric of surgical efficiencyAngelo, Anne-lise D D; Rutherford, Drew N; S, M; Ray, Rebecca D; Laufer, Shlomi; Mason, Andrea; Pugh, Carla M
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (3).pdf.jpg2016For a clearer comprehension of the lymphatic system in perihilar cholangiocarcinomaD, Antonio Manenti M; D, Erica Pavesi M; D, Alberto Farinetti M; D, Luca Roncati M
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (45).pdf.jpg2016High-volume surgeons vs high-volume hospitals : are best outcomes more due to who or where ?Toomey, Paul G; Teta, Anthony F; Patel, Krishen D; Ross, Sharona B; Rosemurgy, Alexander S
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Examining the barriers to meaningful assessment and feedback in medical trainingMcqueen, Sydney A; Sc, B; Petrisor, Bradley; Bhandari, Mohit; Fahim, Christine; Sc, H B H; Mckinnon, Victoria; Sonnadara, Ranil R
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2016Caution when interpreting anti-inflammatory drug effects in rat models of gastrointestinal anastomosis Horizontal tumor diameter as a prognostic factorSc, Chia Kong B; Glasbey, James; Sc, Mbbch B; Mohan, Midhun; A, Lisa Mcnamee B; Fitzgerald, J Edward F; Mrcs, B A Bmbch
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Catch me if you can . early simulation efforts affect fundamental surgical skill assessment scoresAbdelsattar, Jad M; Khatib, Moustafa M El; Ch, M B B; Mohan, Monali; Naik, Nimesh D; Farley, David R
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Case cohort study of risk factors for post-thyroidectomy hemorrhageSamona, Scott; Hagglund, Karen; Edhayan, Elango
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 4 April (8).pdf.jpg2016Factors associated with failure to complete adjuvant chemotherapy in pancreatic cancerTanaka, Toshihiro; Kinoshita, Shoichi; Nagai, Minako; Nishiwada, Satoshi; Nishiofuku, Hideyuki; Ohbayashi, Chiho; Kichikawa, Kimihiko; Nakajima, Yoshiyuki
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Force feedback vessel ligation simulator in knot-tying proficiency trainingBrown, Kimberly M; S, F A C
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Establishing the concurrent validity of general and technique-specific skills assessments in surgical educationSteigerwald, Sarah N; Park, Jason; Ed, M; Gillman, Lawrence; Ed, M M; Vergis, Ashley S; Ed, M M
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (12).pdf.jpg2016Horizontal tumor diameter as a prognostic factor Re : Long-term recurrence and chronic pain after repair for small umbilical or epigastric hernias : a regional cohort studyFitzgerald, J Edward F; Eng, Mrcs
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (20).pdf.jpg2016Contents continuedJones, Daniel B; Herrera-almario, Gabriel E; Kirk, Katherine; Guerrero, Veronica T; Jeong, Kwonho; Kim, Sara; Hamad, Giselle G; Gardner, Aimee K; Diesen, Diana L; Hogg, Deborah; Hernández-irizarry, Roberto; Zendejas, Benjamin; Ali, Shahzad M; Farley, David R; Evans, He
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (48).pdf.jpg2016Contents continuedCheesborough, Jennifer E; Liu, Jing; Hsu, Derek; Dumanian, Gregory A; Qin, Charles; Souza, Jason; Aggarwal, Apas; Kim, John Y S; Batabyal, Pikli; Haddad, Richard L; Samra, Jaswinder S; Wickins, Simon; Sweeney, Edmund; Hugh, Thomas J; Sheka, Adam C; Tevis, Sarah; Kennedy,
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2016Cervical spine clearance when unable to be cleared clinically : a pooled analysis of combined computed tomography and magnetic resonance imagingPlackett, Timothy P; Wright, Franklin; Baldea, Anthony J; Mosier, Michael J; Thomas, Casey; Luchette, Fred A; Ton-that, Hieu H; Esposito, Thomas J
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (33).pdf.jpg2016Complicated breast cancer – related lymphedema : evaluating health care resource utilization and associated costs of managementBasta, Marten N; Fox, Justin P; Kanchwala, Suhail K; Wu, Liza C; Serletti, Joseph M; Kovach, Stephen J; Fosnot, Joshua; Fischer, John P
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 2 February (7).pdf.jpg2016General surgery residency interviews : are we following best practices ?Kim, Roger H; Gilbert, Timothy; Ed, D; Suh, Sookyung; Miller, Janet Karen; A, M; Eggerstedt, Jane M
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (27).pdf.jpg2016Needs assessment for a focused radiology curriculum in surgical residency : a multicenter studyButler, Kathryn L; Chang, Yuchiao; Demoya, Marc; Feinstein, Ara; H, M P; Ferrada, Paula; Maduekwe, Ugwuji; Maung, Adrian A; Melo, Nicolas; Odom, Stephen; Olasky, Jaisa; Reinhorn, Michael; Smink, Douglas B; H, M P; Stas
2016 AJSVolume 211 Issue 1 January (31).pdf.jpg2016Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and gastroesophageal reflux disease : a systematic review and meta-analysisOor, Jelmer E; Roks, David J; Hazebroek, Eric J