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2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 2 February (30).pdf.jpg2016Immediate Implant Reconstruction Is Associated With a Reduced Risk of Lymphedema Compared to Mastectomy Alone A Prospective Cohort StudyMiller, Cynthia L; Colwell, Ã Amy S; Horick, Nora; Skolny, Melissa N; Jammallo, Lauren S; Toole, Ã Jean A O; Shenouda, Mina N; Sadek, Ã Betro T; Swaroop, Meyha N; Ferguson, Ã Chantal M; Smith, Ã Barbara L; Specht, Michelle C; Taghian, Alphonse G
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 4 April (9).pdf.jpg2016Natural History and Management of Blunt Traumatic Pseudoaneurysms of the Internal Carotid Artery The Harborview Algorithm Based Off a 10-Year ExperienceMorton, Ryan P; Levitt, Ã Michael R; Emerson, Ã Samuel; Ghodke, Ã Basavaraj V; Hallam, Danial K; Sekhar, Ã Laligam N; Kim, Ã Louis J; Chesnut, Randall M
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes of Patients Discharged to Skilled Nursing Facilities After Acute Care HospitalizationsHakkarainen, Timo W; Arbabi, Saman; Willis, Margaret M; Davidson, Giana H; Flum, David R
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 2 February (24).pdf.jpg2016Laparoscopy Decreases Pulmonary Complications in Patients Undergoing Major Liver ResectionNomi, Takeo; Schwarz, Lilian; Dokmak, Safi; Scatton, Olivier; Fusco, Grazia
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2016Increasing the Interval Between Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy and Surgery in Rectal CancerPetrelli, Fausto; Sgroi, Giovanni; Barni, Sandro
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 2 February (32).pdf.jpg2016It ’ s All About Location , Location , Location A New Perspective on Trauma TransportShaw, Joshua J; Psoinos, Charles M; Santry, Heena P
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 3 March (32).pdf.jpg2016ON T ECHNIQUE / C ASE R EPORT Does Volume Translate in Function in Interstage Associating Liver Partition and Portal Vein Ligation for Staged Hepatectomy ? Commentary on ‘‘ Drop of Total Liver Function in the Interstages of the New Associating Liver PartiScintigraphy, Acid
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 1 January (40).pdf.jpg2016Performing the ALPPS Procedure by Anterior-
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2016Pathologic Evaluation and Reporting of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas and Other Tumoral Intraepithelial Neoplasms of Pancreatobiliary TractAdsay, Volkan; Mino-kenudson, Ã Mari; Furukawa, Toru; Basturk, Olca; Zamboni, Giuseppe; Marchegiani, Giovanni; Bassi, Claudio; Salvia, Ã Ã Roberto; Malleo, Giuseppe; Paiella, Ã Ã Salvatore; Wolfgang, Ã Ã Christopher L; Matthaei, Hanno; Offerhaus, G Johan; Adham, Musta
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Outcome of Adult Respiratory Failure Patients ReceivingPosluszny, Joseph; Rycus, Ã Peter T; Bartlett, Robert H; Engoren, Ã Milo; Haft, Jonathan W; Lynch, William R; Park, Pauline K; Raghavendran, Ã Krishnan
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2016Prospective Validation of a Low Rectal Cancer Magnetic Resonance Imaging Staging System and Development of a Local Recurrence Risk Stratification ModelBattersby, Nicholas J; How, Ã Peter; Moran, Ã Brendan; Bchir, M B; Stelzner, Sigmar; West, Nicholas P; Branagan, Graham; Strassburg, Joachim; Quirke, Philip; Tekkis, Paris; Pedersen, Bodil Ginnerup; Gudgeon, Mark; Heald, Bill; Bch, M B; Management, Trial; Gina, Committe
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 5 May (28).pdf.jpg2016Portal HypertensionKadry, Zakiyah; Schaefer, Ã Eric W; Shah, Ali; Krok, Ã Karen; Du, Ping; Bezinover, Dmitri; Janicki, Piotr; Jain, Ashokkumar; Gusani, Ã Niraj J; Schreibman, Ian R; Hollenbeak, Christopher S; Iii, Thomas R Riley
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 2 February (9).pdf.jpg2016Quality of Life and Surgical Outcome 1 Year After Open and Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia RepairMontgomery, Agneta; Johanna, O
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 3 March (27).pdf.jpg2016Reduced Hospital Mortality With Surgical Ligation of Patent Weight InfantsArteriosus, Ductus; Birth, Extremely Low
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 3 March (46).pdf.jpg2016Preventing Delayed Gastric Emptying After Pancreaticoduodenectomy-
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 1 January (28).pdf.jpg2016Temporal Patterns of Circulating Inflammation Biomarker Networks Differentiate Susceptibility to Nosocomial Infection Following Blunt Trauma in HumansNamas, Rami A; Vodovotz, Ã Yoram; Almahmoud, Ã Khalid; Abdul-malak, Ã Othman; Zaaqoq, Akram; Namas, Rajaie; Mi, Ã Qi; Barclay, Derek; Zuckerbraun, Ã Brian; Peitzman, Andrew B; Sperry, Ã Jason; Billiar, Timothy R
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 4 April (33).pdf.jpg2016Surgeon Volume and Cancer Esophagectomy ,Mamidanna, Ravikrishna; Ni, Zhifang; Anderson, Ã Oliver; Spiegelhalter, Sir David; Bottle, Alex; Aylin, Paul; Faiz, Omar; Hanna, George B; Frcs, Ã
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 1 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Surgical Checklist Implementation Project : The Impact of Variable WHO Checklist Compliance on Risk-adjusted Clinical Outcomes After National ImplementationMayer, Erik K; Sevdalis, Nick; Rout, Shantanu; Caris, Jochem; Russ, Stephanie; Mansell, Jenny; Davies, Rachel; Hons, B A; Skapinakis, Petros; Vincent, Charles; Athanasiou, Thanos; Moorthy, Krishna; Darzi, Ara
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 5 May (15).pdf.jpg2016Targeted Nanotherapies for the Treatment of Surgical DiseasesMorgan, Courtney E; Wasserman, Molly A; Kibbe, Melina R
2016 AS Volume 263 Issue 1 January (20).pdf.jpg2016The Impact of Elective Colon Resection on Rates of Emergency Surgery for DiverticulitisSimianu, Vlad V; Strate, Ã Lisa L; Billingham, Richard P; Fichera, Alessandro; Steele, Scott R; Thirlby, Richard C; Flum, David R; Mph, Ã