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Title: Relative Contributions of Complications and Failure to Rescue on Mortality in Older Patients Undergoing Pancreatectomy
Authors: Tamirisa, Nina P;Parmar, Ã Abhishek D;Vargas, Ã Gabriela M;Mehta, Hemalkumar B;Kilbane, Ã E Molly;Hall, Bruce L;Pitt, Henry A;Riall, Taylor S;Facs, Ã
subject: 263;385;391;ailure to rescue is;by the total number;defined as the number;failure to rescue;from;Mortality;Medical Science;of patients who die;pancreatectomy;their postsurgical complications divided
Year: 2016
volume: Volume 263
issue: Issue 2
month: February
Appears in Collections:Annals of surgery 2016

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