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2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (24).pdf.jpg2016Participatory action research in corrections : The HITEC 2 programCherniack, Martin; Dussetschleger, Jeffrey; Dugan, Alicia; Farr, Dana; Namazi, Sara; El, Mazen; Henning, Robert
2016 AE Volume 55 July (17).pdf.jpg2016Observer performance in estimating upper arm elevation angles under ideal viewing conditions when assisted by posture matching softwareJackson, Jennie A; Erik, Svend; Liv, Per
2016 AE Volume 52 January (18).pdf.jpg2016Predicting physiological capacity of human load carriage e A reviewDrain, Jace; Billing, Daniel; Neesham-smith, Daniel; Aisbett, Brad
2016 AE Volume 54 May (24).pdf.jpg2016Physical exercise and burnout facets predict injuries in a population- based sample of French career fi re fi ghtersColson, Serge S
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (32).pdf.jpg2016The use of volumetric projections in Digital Human Modelling software for the identi fi cation of Large Goods Vehicle blind spotsSummerskill, Stephen; Marshall, Russell; Cook, Sharon; Lenard, James; Richardson, John
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (7).pdf.jpg2016Safety challenges of medical equipment in nurse anaesthetist training in HaitiSantos, A L R; Wauben, L S G L; Guilavogui, S; Brezet, J C; Goossens, R; Rosseel, P M J
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (9).pdf.jpg2016Seat pan and backrest pressure distribution while sitting in of fi ce chairsZemp, Roland; Taylor, William R; Lorenzetti, Silvio
2016 AE Volume 52 January (35).pdf.jpg2016Variable Message Signs for road tunnel emergency evacuationsRonchi, Enrico; Nilsson, Daniel; Modig, Henric; Lindgren, Anders
2016 AE Volume 52 January (9).pdf.jpg2016Tallman lettering as a strategy for differentiation in look-alike , sound-alike drug names : The role of familiarity in differentiating drug doppelgangersDehenau, Carly; Becker, Mark W; Bello, Nora M; Liu, Sichang; Bix, Laura
2016 AE Volume 55 July (26).pdf.jpg2016The Helmet Fit Index e An intelligent tool for fi t assessment and design customisationEllena, Thierry; Subic, Aleksandar; Mustafa, Helmy; Yen, Toh
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (22).pdf.jpg2016Wrist rotations about one or two axes affect maximum wrist strengthPlewa, Katherine; Potvin, Jim R; Dickey, James P
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (15).pdf.jpg2016Validity and reliability of pressure-measurement insoles for vertical ground reaction force assessment in fi eld situationsKoch, Markus; Lunde, Lars-kristian; Ernst, Michael; Knardahl, Stein; Bo, Kaj
2016 AE Volume 55 July (22).pdf.jpg2016Driving without wings : The effect of different digital mirror locations on the visual behaviour , performance and opinions of driversLarge, David R; Crundall, Elizabeth; Burnett, Gary; Harvey, Catherine
2016 AE Volume 53 Part B March (2).pdf.jpg2016CO-EDITORS IN CHIEF INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL BOARDCarayon, Prof Pascale; Parsons, Prof Ken C; Darmstadt, Technische Universität; Dempsey, Prof Patrick; Sharples, Prof Sarah; Babski-reeves, Kari
2016 AE Volume 54 May (3).pdf.jpg2016Work system barriers to patient , provider , and caregiver use of personal health records : A systematic reviewThompson, Morgan J; Reilly, Jeremiah D; Valdez, Rupa S
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (31).pdf.jpg2016Effects of monetary reward and punishment on information checking behaviourLi, Simon Y W; Cox, Anna L; Or, Calvin; Blandford, Ann
2016 AE Volume 54 May (23).pdf.jpg2016Classifying work rate from heart rate measurements using an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systemDubeau, Denise; Kolus, Ahmet; Imbeau, Daniel; Dub, Philippe-antoine
2016 AE Volume 54 May (5).pdf.jpg2016Building healthy construction workers : Their views on health , wellbeing and better workplace designEaves, S; Gyi, D E; Gibb, A G F
2016 AE Volume 54 May (18).pdf.jpg2016Evaluating the ability of novices to identify and quantify physical demand elements following an introductory education session : A pilot studyCoffey, Brendan; Vandergriendt, Curtis; Fischer, Steven L
2016 AE Volume 55 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Estimation of inertial parameters of the lower trunk in pregnant Japanese women : A longitudinal comparative study and application to motion analysisSunaga, Yasuyo; Kanemura, Naohiko; Anan, Masaya; Takahashi, Makoto