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2016 AE Volume 53 Part B March (7).pdf.jpg2016Keep the driver in control : Automating automobiles of the futureBanks, Victoria A; Stanton, Neville A
2016 AE Volume 54 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Personal and other factors affecting acceptance of smartphone technology by older Chinese adultsMa, Qi; Chan, Alan H S; Chen, Ke
2016 AE Volume 54 May (17).pdf.jpg2016Musculoskeletal disorders in construction : A review and a novel system for activity tracking with body area network d eAbdel-wahab, Mohamed
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (20).pdf.jpg2016In fl uence of unstable footwear on lower leg muscle activity , volume change and subjective discomfort during prolonged standingKarimi, Zanyar; Allahyari, Teimour; Reza, Mahmood; Khalkhali, Hamidreza
2016 AE Volume 52 January (28).pdf.jpg2016Lumbar postures , seat interface pressures and discomfort responses to a novel thoracic support for police of fi cers during prolonged simulated driving exposuresGruevski, Kristina M; Holmes, Michael W R; Gooyers, Chad E; Dickerson, Clark R; Callaghan, Jack P
2016 AE Volume 53 Part B March (6).pdf.jpg201621st century trucking : A trajectory for ergonomics and road freightBedinger, M; Walker, G H; Piecyk, M; Greening, P
2016 AE Volume 52 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Human factors engineering approaches to patient identi fi cation armband designProbst, C Adam; Wolf, Laurie; Bollini, Mara; Xiao, Yan
2016 AE Volume 55 July (8).pdf.jpg2016Optimization of healthcare supply chain in context of macro- ergonomics factors by a unique mathematical programming approachAzadeh, A; Haghighi, S Motevali; Gaeini, Z; Shabanpour, N
2016 AE Volume 54 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Latent human error analysis and ef fi cient improvement strategies by fuzzy TOPSIS in aviation maintenance tasksChiu, Ming-chuan; Hsieh, Min-chih
2016 AE Volume 52 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Integrating user centered design , universal design and goal , operation , method and selection rules to improve the usability of DAISY player for persons with visual impairmentsHuang, Po-hsin; Chiu, Ming-chuan
2016 AE Volume 52 January (38).pdf.jpg2016Photograph-based ergonomic evaluations using the Rapid Of fi ce Strain Assessment ( ROSA )Liebregts, J; Sonne, M; Potvin, J R
2016 AE Volume 54 May (7).pdf.jpg2016Age and work environment characteristics in relation to sleep : Additive , interactive and curvilinear effectsParkes, Katharine R
2016 AE Volume 54 May (11).pdf.jpg2016Active workstation allows of fi ce workers to work ef fi ciently while sitting and exercising moderatelyKoren, Katja; Pi, Rado
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (24).pdf.jpg2016Participatory action research in corrections : The HITEC 2 programCherniack, Martin; Dussetschleger, Jeffrey; Dugan, Alicia; Farr, Dana; Namazi, Sara; El, Mazen; Henning, Robert
2016 AE Volume 55 July (17).pdf.jpg2016Observer performance in estimating upper arm elevation angles under ideal viewing conditions when assisted by posture matching softwareJackson, Jennie A; Erik, Svend; Liv, Per
2016 AE Volume 52 January (18).pdf.jpg2016Predicting physiological capacity of human load carriage e A reviewDrain, Jace; Billing, Daniel; Neesham-smith, Daniel; Aisbett, Brad
2016 AE Volume 54 May (24).pdf.jpg2016Physical exercise and burnout facets predict injuries in a population- based sample of French career fi re fi ghtersColson, Serge S
2016 AE Volume 54 May (12).pdf.jpg2016Assessing attentional prioritization of front-of-pack nutrition labels using change detectionBecker, Mark W; Prashant, Raghav; Bello, Nora; Alzahabi, Reem; Weatherspoon, Lorraine; Bix, Laura
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (8).pdf.jpg2016Designing Fatigue Warning Systems : The perspective of professional driversMeng, Fanxing; Li, Shuling; Cao, Lingzhi; Peng, Qijia; Li, Musen; Wang, Chunhui
2016 AE Volume 54 May (16).pdf.jpg2016A methodology using in-chair movements as an objective measure of discomfort for the purpose of statistically distinguishing between similar seat surfacesCascioli, Vincenzo; Liu, Zhuofu; Heusch, Andrew; Mccarthy, Peter W