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2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (30).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence and predictors for musculoskeletal discomfort in Malaysian of fi ce workers : Investigating explanatory factors for a developing countryMaakip, Ismail; Keegel, Tessa; Oakman, Jodi
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (27).pdf.jpg2016Determining the reliability of a custom built seated stadiometry set-up for measuring spinal height in participants with chronic low back painSteele, James; Bruce-low, Stewart; Smith, Dave; Jessop, David; Osborne, Neil
2016 AE Volume 54 May (21).pdf.jpg2016The effect of split sleep schedules ( 6h-on / 6h-off ) on neurobehavioural performance , sleep and sleepinessShort, Michelle A; Centofanti, Stephanie; Hilditch, Cassie; Banks, Siobhan; Lushington, Kurt; Dorrian, Jillian
2016 AE Volume 55 July (16).pdf.jpg2016A model for developing job rotation schedules that eliminate sequential high workloads and minimize between-worker variability in cumulative daily workloads : Application to automotive assembly linesYoon, Sang-young; Ko, Jeonghan; Jung, Myung-chul
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (26).pdf.jpg2016Review article A literature review on the levels of automation during the years . What are the different taxonomies that have been proposed ?Vagia, Marialena; Transeth, Aksel A; Fjerdingen, Sigurd A
2016 AE Volume 52 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Application of a human factors classi fi cation framework for patient safety to identify precursor and contributing factors to adverse clinical incidents in hospitalMitchell, Rebecca J; Williamson, Ann; Molesworth, Brett
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (29).pdf.jpg2016Effects of extended lay-off periods on performance and operator trust under adaptable automationChavaillaz, Alain; Wastell, David; Sauer, Jürgen
2016 AE Volume 52 January (11).pdf.jpg2016The in fl uence of age in usability testingSonderegger, Andreas; Schmutz, Sven; Sauer, Juergen
2016 AE Volume 52 January (39).pdf.jpg2016Aircraft passenger comfort experience : Underlying factors and differentiation from discomfortAhmadpour, Naseem; Robert, Jean-marc; Lindgaard, Gitte
2016 AE Volume 55 July (5).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of thermal formation and air ventilation inside footwear during gait : The role of gait and fi ttingShimazaki, Yasuhiro; Matsutani, Toshiki; Satsumoto, Yayoi
2016 AE Volume 56 September (18).pdf.jpg2016Occupational sitting behaviour and its relationship with back pain e A pilot studyZemp, Roland; Fliesser, Michael; Wippert, Pia-maria; Taylor, William R; Lorenzetti, Silvio
2016 AE Volume 56 September (10).pdf.jpg2016Effects of indoor slippers on plantar pressure and lower limb EMG activity in older womenYick, K L; Tse, L T; Lo, W T; Ng, S P; Yip, J
2016 AE Volume 56 September (26).pdf.jpg2016Using kinematic reduction for studying grasping postures . An application to power and precision grasp of cylinders nGracia-ib, V
2016 AE Volume 56 September (25).pdf.jpg2016Using archetypes to create user panels for usability studies : Streamlining focus groups and user studiesStavrakos, S; Ahmed-kristensen, S; Goldman, T
2016 AE Volume 56 September (24).pdf.jpg2016Suitability of virtual prototypes to support human factors / ergonomics evaluation during the designAromaa, Susanna; Kaisa, V
2016 AE Volume 56 September (1).pdf.jpg2016Resilience skills as emergent phenomena : A study of emergency departments in Brazil and the United StatesWachs, Priscila; Abreu, Tarcisio; Weber, Angela; Lewis, Robert
2016 AE Volume 56 September (3).pdf.jpg2016Influence of different stool types on muscle activity and lumbar posture among dentists during a simulated dental screening taskBruyne, Mieke A A De; Renterghem, Benedikt Van; Baird, Andrew; Palmans, Tanneke; Danneels, Lieven; Dolphens, Mieke
2016 AE Volume 56 September (8).pdf.jpg2016CO-EDITORS IN CHIEF INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL BOARDCarayon, Prof Pascale; Street, Walnut; Parsons, Prof Ken C; Baber, Prof Christopher; Dempsey, Prof Patrick; Jorgensen, Michael J; Sharples, Prof Sarah; Babski-reeves, Kari
2016 AE Volume 56 September (4).pdf.jpg2016Corrigendum to “ Working postures and physical activity among registered nurses ” [ Appl . Ergon . 54 ( 2016 ), 243 e 250 ]Schall, Mark C; Fethke, Nathan B; Chen, Howard
2016 AE Volume 56 September (12).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of overhead guide sign sheeting materials to increase visibility and safety for driversSaid, Mohammed; Rys, Malgorzata J; Rys, Andrew; Du, Juan