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2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (24).pdf.jpg2016Participatory action research in corrections : The HITEC 2 programCherniack, Martin; Dussetschleger, Jeffrey; Dugan, Alicia; Farr, Dana; Namazi, Sara; El, Mazen; Henning, Robert
2016 AE Volume 55 July (17).pdf.jpg2016Observer performance in estimating upper arm elevation angles under ideal viewing conditions when assisted by posture matching softwareJackson, Jennie A; Erik, Svend; Liv, Per
2016 AE Volume 54 May (24).pdf.jpg2016Physical exercise and burnout facets predict injuries in a population- based sample of French career fi re fi ghtersColson, Serge S
2016 AE Volume 55 July (3).pdf.jpg2016Beyond safety outcomes : An investigation of the impact of safety climate on job satisfaction , employee engagement and turnover using social exchange theory as the theoretical frameworkHuang, Yueng-hsiang; Lee, Jin; Mcfadden, Anna C; Murphy, Lauren A; Robertson, Michelle M; Cheung, Janelle H; Zohar, Dov
2016 AE Volume 55 July (1).pdf.jpg2016The ability of UK offshore workers of different body size and shape to egress through a restricted window spaceStewart, Arthur; Ledingham, Robert; Furnace, Graham; Schranz, Natasha; Nevill, Alan
2016 AE Volume 54 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Sex-based differences in lifting technique under increasing load conditions : A principal component analysisSheppard, P S; Stevenson, J M; Graham, R B
2016 AE Volume 54 May (6).pdf.jpg2016A macroergonomic perspective on fatigue and coping in the hospital nurse work systemSteege, Linsey M; Dykstra, Jessica G
2016 AE Volume 55 July (6).pdf.jpg2016Vibration and impulsivity analysis of hand held olive beatersDeboli, Roberto; Calvo, Angela; Preti, Christian
2016 AE Volume 52 January (34).pdf.jpg2016Using analytic network process for evaluating mobile text entry methodsOcampo, Lanndon A; Seva, Rosemary R
2016 AE Volume 54 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Discomfort of seated persons exposed to low frequency lateral and roll oscillation : Effect of backrest heightBeard, George F; Grif, Michael J
2016 AE Volume 55 July (15).pdf.jpg2016Exposure e response relationships for work-related neck and shoulder musculoskeletal disorders e Analyses of pooled uniform data setsNordander, Catarina; Hansson, Gert-åke; Ohlsson, Kerstina; Arvidsson, Inger; Balogh, Istvan; Rittner, Ralf; Skerfving, Staffan
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (19).pdf.jpg2016Ergonomics for the inclusion of older workers in the knowledge workforce and a guidance tool for designersGonzalez, I; Morer, P
2016 AE Volume 53 Part A March (1).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of load carriage systems used by active duty police of fi cers : Relative effects on walking patterns and perceived comfortRamstrand, Nerrolyn; Zügner, Roland; Bæk, Louise; Tranberg, Roy
2016 AE Volume 53 Part B March (7).pdf.jpg2016Keep the driver in control : Automating automobiles of the futureBanks, Victoria A; Stanton, Neville A
2016 AE Volume 54 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Personal and other factors affecting acceptance of smartphone technology by older Chinese adultsMa, Qi; Chan, Alan H S; Chen, Ke
2016 AE Volume 54 May (17).pdf.jpg2016Musculoskeletal disorders in construction : A review and a novel system for activity tracking with body area network d eAbdel-wahab, Mohamed
2016 AE Volume 52 January (37).pdf.jpg2016Age-related differences in dynamic balance control during stair descent and effect of varying step geometryNovak, A C; Komisar, V; Maki, B E; Fernie, G R
2016 AE Volume 52 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Integrating user centered design , universal design and goal , operation , method and selection rules to improve the usability of DAISY player for persons with visual impairmentsHuang, Po-hsin; Chiu, Ming-chuan
2016 AE Volume 52 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Normative static grip strength of population of Turkey , effects of various factors and a comparison with international normsEks, Mahmut
2016 AE Volume 55 July (4).pdf.jpg2016Action slips during whole-body vibrationIshimatsu, Kazuma; Meland, Anders; Are, Tor; Hansen, S; Ivar, Jan; Wagstaff, Anthony S