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2013Facilitating Constructivist Learning Environments Using Mind Maps and Concept Maps as Advance OrganizersMelrose, Sherri
2013Supporting Persons with Developmental Disabilities and Co-occurring Mental Illness: An Action Research ProjectMelrose, Sherri; Wishart, Paul M.; Urness, Carol; Forman, Bill; Holub, Meghan; Denoudsten, Alison
2013When the Worst Imaginable Becomes Reality: The Experience of Child Custody Loss in Mothers Recovering from AddictionsJanzen, Katherine J.; Melrose, Sherri
2012Online Interest Groups: Virtual Gathering Spaces to Promote Graduate Student InteractionGetzlaf, Beverley; Melrose, Sherri; Moore, Sharon L.; Ewing, Helen; Fedorchuk, James; Troute-Wood, Tammy
Jun-2013Resisting, Reaching Out and Re-imagining to Independence: LPN’s Transitioning towards BNs and BeyondMelrose, Sherri; Wishart, Paul M.
2013Developmental disabilities co-occurring with Mental illnessMelrose, Sherri
2012Asynchronous online peer assistance: Telephone messages of encouragement in post licensure nursing programsMelrose, Sherri; Swettenham, Steve
2013Relocation stress in long term care: How staff can helpMelrose, Sherri
2010From vocational college to university: How one group of nurses experienced the transitionMelrose, Sherri
2011Self-Mentoring: 5 practical strategies to improve retention of long-term care nursesGordon, Kathryn P.; Melrose, Sherri
2011Perfectionism and Depression: Vulnerabilities Nurses Need to UnderstandMelrose, Sherri
2010Immunizing Children Who Fear and Resist Needles: Is it a Problem for Nurses?Ives, Mary; Melrose, Sherri
-CV - Dr. Virginia Vandall-WalkerVandall-Walker, Virginia
2010Paternal postpartum depression: How can nurses help?Melrose, Sherri
2010How to uncover post-stroke depression.Melrose, Sherri
2009Schizophrenia : A Brief Review of What Nurses Can Do and Say to HelpMelrose, Sherri
Oct-2009Naturalistic generalizationMelrose, Sherri
Jan-2009Instructional immediacy onlineMelrose, Sherri
Apr-2009Avant et Après La Prostatectomie Radicale: Guide d'information et de RessourcesVandall-Walker, Virginia; Moore, Katherine; Pyne, Diane
Oct-2008Before and After Radical Prostate Surgery: Information and Resource GuideVandall-Walker, Virginia; Moore, Katherine; Pyne, Diane