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2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 4 April (28).pdf.jpg2016Immunocytochemical detection of ERG expression in exfoliated urinary cells identi fi es with high speci fi city patients with prostate cancerPal, Raj P; Kockelbergh, Roger C; Pringle, John Howard; Cresswell, Lara; Dormer, John P; Cooper, Colin; Mellon, John Kilian; Barwell, Julian G; Hollox, Edward J
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 3 March (23).pdf.jpg2016Step by Step Robot-assisted partial nephrectomy with intracorporeal renal hypothermia using ice slush : step-by-step technique and matched comparison with warm ischaemiaRamirez, Daniel; Caputo, Peter A; Krishnan, Jayram; Zargar, Homayoun; Kaouk, Jihad H
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 4 April (4).pdf.jpg2016Preoperative JJ stent placement in ureteric and renal stone treatment : results from the Clinical Research Of fi ce of Endourological Society ( CROES ) ureteroscopy ( URS ) Global StudyAssimos, Dean; Crisci, Alfonso; Culkin, Daniel; Xue, Wei; Roelofs, Anita
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 2 February (12).pdf.jpg2016Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in super obese patients ( body mass index ≥ 50 kg / m 2 ): overcoming the challengesKeheila, Mohamed; Leavitt, David; Galli, Riccardo; Motamedinia, Piruz; Siev, Micheal; Hoenig, David; Smith, Arthur; Okeke, Zeph
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 5 May (16).pdf.jpg2016Novel fl uorescence in situ hybridization-based rin ( BCG ) failure de fi nition of bacille Calmette-Gu e for use in enhancing recruitment into clinical trials of intravesical therapiesKamat, Ashish M; Willis, Daniel L; Dickstein, Rian J; Anderson, Rooselvelt; Katz, Ruth L; Wu, Xifeng; Grossman, H Barton; Colin, P
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Supplement 4 April (4).pdf.jpg2016Men presenting with prostate-speci fi c antigen ( PSA ) values of over 100 ng / mLAng, Mann; Rajcic, Branimir; Foreman, Darren; Moretti, Kim; Michael, E
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Supplement 4 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Prostate cancer grading : recent developments and future directionsDelahunt, Brett; Egevad, Lars; Grignon, David J; Srigley, John R
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 5 May (28).pdf.jpg2016Immunotherapy for bladder cancer : rediscovering an old friendVoskoboynik, Mark; Rudman, Sarah; Arkenau, Hendrik-tobias; Hughes, Simon
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Prostate cancer risk prediction using the novel versions of the European Randomised Study for Screening of Prostate Cancer ( ERSPC ) and Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial ( PCPT ) risk calculators : independent validation and comparison in a contemporary ENieboer, Daan; Bhindi, Bimal; Kulkarni, Girish S; Wiederkehr, Caroline; Wettstein, Marian S; Largo, Remo; Wild, Peter; Sulser, Tullio; Hermanns, Thomas
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 3 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Improving multivariable prostate cancer risk assessment using the Prostate Health IndexFoley, Robert W; Gorman, Laura; Shari, Neda; Murphy, Keefe; Moore, Helen; Tuzova, Alexandra V; Perry, Antoinette S; Murphy, T Brendan; Lundon, Dara J; Watson, R William G
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 5 May (22).pdf.jpg2016Microscopic haematuria at time of diagnosis is associated with lower disease stage in patients with newly diagnosed bladder cancerRamirez, Daniel; Gupta, Amit; Canter, Daniel; Harrow, Brian; Dobbs, Ryan W; Mueller, Edward; Streeper, Necole; Uhlman, Matthew A; Svatek, Robert S; Messing, Edward M; Lotan, Yair
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Supplement 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Knowledge , attitudes and beliefs towards management of men with locally advanced prostate cancer following radical prostatectomy : an Australian survey of urologistsBrown, Bernadette; Young, Jane; Kneebone, Andrew B; Brooks, Andrew J; Dominello, Amanda; Haines, Mary
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 5 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its components among men with and without clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia : a large , cross- sectional , UK epidemiological studyDibello, Julia R; Ioannou, Chris; Rees, Jonathan; Challacombe, Ben; Maskell, Joe; Choudhury, Nurul; Kastner, Christof; Kirby, Mike
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2016Oncological outcomes after partial vs radical nephrectomy in renal cell carcinomas of ≤ 7 cm with presumed renal sinus fat invasion on preoperative imagingKoo, Kyo Chul; Kim, Jong Chan; Cho, Kang Su; Choi, Young Deuk; Hong, Sung Joon
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 2 February (21).pdf.jpg2016Is it safe to insert a testicular prosthesis at the time of radical orchidectomy for testis cancer : an audit of 904 men undergoing radical orchidectomyRobinson, Richard; Tait, Campbell D; Clarke, Noel W; Ramani, Vijay A C
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Minimally invasive surgery or nephron preservation for small renal tumours ?Chandrasekar, Thenappan; Evans, Christopher P
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 2 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Importance of fundamental science as the cornerstone for translational research-
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 1 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Responder and health-related quality of life analyses in men with lower urinary tract symptoms treated with a fi xed-dose combination of solifenacin and tamsulosin oral-controlled absorption system : results from the NEPTUNE studyDrake, Marcus J; Sokol, Roman; Coyne, Karin; Hakimi, Zalmai; Nazir, Jameel; Dorey, Julie; Klaver, Monique; Traudtner, Klaudia; Odeyemi, Isaac A
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 3 March (19).pdf.jpg2016Relationship between illness uncertainty , anxiety , fear of progression and quality of life in men with favourable-risk prostate cancer undergoing active surveillanceParker, Patricia A; Davis, John W; Latini, David M; Baum, George; Wang, Xuemei; Ward, F; Kuban, Deborah; Frank, Steven J; Lee, Andrew K; Logothetis, Christopher J
2016 BJUI Volume 117 Issue 2 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Positive surgical margins in radical prostatectomy patients do not predict long-term oncological outcomes : results from the Shared Equal Access Regional Cancer Hospital ( SEARCH ) cohortMithal, Prabhakar; Howard, Lauren E; Aronson, William J; Terris, Martha K; Cooperberg, Matthew R; Kane, Christopher J; Amling, Christopher; Freedland, Stephen J