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2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (84).pdf.jpg2016Hydroxyl radicals based advanced oxidation processes ( AOPs ) for remediation of soils contaminated with organic compounds : A reviewCheng, Min; Zeng, Guangming; Huang, Danlian; Lai, Cui; Xu, Piao; Zhang, Chen; Liu, Yang
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (76).pdf.jpg2016Improvement of settleability and dewaterability of sludge by newly prepared alkaline ferrate solutionLiu, Yulei; Wang, Lu; Ma, Jun; Zhao, Xiaodan; Huang, Zhuangsong; Dummi, Gurumurthy; Qi, Jingyao
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (77).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermally-treated Na-X as efficient adsorbents for butadiene removalBaur, Guillaume B; Héroguel, Florent; Spring, Jonathan; Luterbacher, Jeremy S; Kiwi-minsker, Lioubov
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (51).pdf.jpg2016Management and valorization of aluminum saline slags : Current status and future trendsGil, A; Korili, S A
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (27).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of glycerol to lactic acid catalyzed by Cu / hydroxyapatite , Cu / MgO , and Cu / ZrO 2 and reaction kineticsYin, Haixu; Zhang, Changhua; Yin, Hengbo; Gao, Dezhi; Shen, Lingqin; Wang, Aili
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Long-term production of H 2 over Pt / CdS nanoplates under sunlight illuminationFeng, Juan; An, Changhua; Dai, Linxiu; Liu, Junxue; Wei, Guijuan; Bai, Song; Zhang, Jun
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Hydrodynamics of organic and ionic liquids in a slurry bubble column reactor operated at elevated temperaturesGötz, Manuel; Lefebvre, Jonathan; Mörs, Friedemann; Reimert, Rainer; Graf, Frank; Kolb, Thomas
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (56).pdf.jpg2016Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide ( H 2 S ) on zeolite ( Z ): Retention mechanismSigot, Léa; Ducom, Gaëlle; Germain, Patrick
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (73).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of the Taylor bubble under the effect of dissolution in microchannelJia, H W; Zhang, P
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (64).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of microbial structure and composition involved in membrane fouling in the forward osmosis membrane bioreactor treating anaerobic bioreactor effluentDing, Yi; Tian, Yu; Liu, Jia; Li, Ning; Zhang, Jun; Zuo, Wei; Li, Zhipeng
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (36).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of the electrosynthetic pathway of the aldol condensation of acetonePauwels, Danny; Hereijgers, Jonas; Verhulst, Kristof; Wael, Karolien De; Breugelmans, Tom
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (50).pdf.jpg2016Influence of operating parameters on performance of SO 2 absorption in fulvic acid solutionYang, Jitao; Hu, Guoxin; Gao, Hanyang
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Kinetics of CO 2 and steam gasification of Victorian brown coal charsTanner, Joanne; Bhattacharya, Sankar
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (63).pdf.jpg2016Mercury oxidation in catalysts used for selective reduction of NO x ( SCR ) in oxy-fuel combustionFernández-miranda, Nuria; Lopez-anton, M Antonia; Díaz-somoano, Mercedes; Martínez-tarazona, M Rosa
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (7).pdf.jpg2016Adsorptive removal of diclofenac sodium from water with Zr-based metal – organic frameworksHasan, Zubair; Khan, Nazmul Abedin; Jhung, Sung Hwa
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (54).pdf.jpg2016Novel pitaya-inspired well-defined core – shell nanospheres with ultrathin surface imprinted nanofilm from magnetic mesoporous nanosilica for highly efficient chloramphenicol removalDai, Jiangdong; He, Jinsong; Xie, Atian; Gao, Lin; Pan, Jianming; Chen, Xiang; Zhou, Zhiping; Wei, Xiao; Yan, Yongsheng
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (48).pdf.jpg2016Performance and bacterial community dynamics of a CANON bioreactor acclimated from high to low operational temperaturesGonzalez-martinez, Alejandro; Rodriguez-sanchez, Alejandro; Garcia-ruiz, Maria Jesus; Muñoz-palazon, Barbara; Cortes-lorenzo, Carmen; Osorio, Franscisco; Vahala, Riku
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (66).pdf.jpg2016Oxidation of aliphatic alcohols and benzyl alcohol by H 2 O 2 under the hydrothermal conditions in the presence of solid-state catalysts using batch and flow reactorsKawamura, Kunio; Yasuda, Tomoko; Hatanaka, Tsubasa; Hamahiga, Kazuhiro; Matsuda, Nami
2016 CEJ Volume 292 May (37).pdf.jpg2016Phosphate recovery through adsorption assisted precipitation using novel precipitation material developed from building waste : Behavior and mechanismYang, Shengjiong; Jin, Pengkang; Wang, Xiaochang; Zhang, Qionghua; Chen, Xiaotian
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (57).pdf.jpg2016Poly aluminum chloride ( PAC ) enhanced formation of aerobic granules : Coupling process between physicochemical – biochemical effectsLiu, Zhe; Liu, Yongjun; Kuschk, Peter; Wang, Jiaxuan; Chen, Yi; Wang, Xiaochang