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2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (77).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermally-treated Na-X as efficient adsorbents for butadiene removalBaur, Guillaume B; Héroguel, Florent; Spring, Jonathan; Luterbacher, Jeremy S; Kiwi-minsker, Lioubov
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (51).pdf.jpg2016Management and valorization of aluminum saline slags : Current status and future trendsGil, A; Korili, S A
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (59).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of scrap tire to liquid fuelZhang, Lei; Zhou, Bo; Duan, Peigao; Wang, Feng; Xu, Yuping
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (27).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of glycerol to lactic acid catalyzed by Cu / hydroxyapatite , Cu / MgO , and Cu / ZrO 2 and reaction kineticsYin, Haixu; Zhang, Changhua; Yin, Hengbo; Gao, Dezhi; Shen, Lingqin; Wang, Aili
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Long-term production of H 2 over Pt / CdS nanoplates under sunlight illuminationFeng, Juan; An, Changhua; Dai, Linxiu; Liu, Junxue; Wei, Guijuan; Bai, Song; Zhang, Jun
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Hydrodynamics of organic and ionic liquids in a slurry bubble column reactor operated at elevated temperaturesGötz, Manuel; Lefebvre, Jonathan; Mörs, Friedemann; Reimert, Rainer; Graf, Frank; Kolb, Thomas
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (83).pdf.jpg2016Hydraulic characteristics and performance modeling of a modified anaerobic baffled reactor ( MABR )Li, Shengnan; Nan, Jun; Gao, Feng
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (56).pdf.jpg2016Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide ( H 2 S ) on zeolite ( Z ): Retention mechanismSigot, Léa; Ducom, Gaëlle; Germain, Patrick
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (73).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of the Taylor bubble under the effect of dissolution in microchannelJia, H W; Zhang, P
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (60).pdf.jpg2016In situ remediation of metal contaminated lake sediment using naturally occurring , calcium-rich clay mineral-based low-cost amendmentYin, Hongbin; Zhu, Jincan
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Improving Saccharomyces cerevisiae growth against lignocellulose- derived inhibitors as well as maximizing ethanol production by a combination proposal of c -irradiation pretreatment with in situ detoxificationLiu, Yun; Zhou, Hua; Wang, Liuyang; Wang, Shihui; Fan, Lihai
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Integrated experimental investigation and mathematical modeling of a membrane bioelectrochemical reactor with an external membrane moduleLi, Jian; Rosenberger, Graig; He, Zhen
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (45).pdf.jpg2016Large-scale synthesis of size-controllable silver nanoplates and their application in detecting strong oxidants in aqueous solutionsZhao, Xinfu; Chen, Bo; Li, Cheng; Wang, Ting; Zhang, Jian; Jiao, Xiuling; Chen, Dairong
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (54).pdf.jpg2016Activity of nanostructured CNandanwar, Sachin U; Coldsnow, Kai; Green, Michael; Utgikar, Vivek; Sabharwall, Piyush; Aston, D Eric
2016 CEJ Volume 292 May (34).pdf.jpg2016Kinetics and transformation pathways on oxidation of fluoroquinolones with thermally activated persulfateGuo, Hongguang; Gao, Naiyun; Yang, Ying; Zhang, Yongli
2016 CEJ Volume 292 May (33).pdf.jpg2016Impact of graphene oxide on removal of heavy metals using mixed matrix membraneMukherjee, Raka; Bhunia, Prasenjit; De, Sirshendu
2016 CEJ Volume 290 April (20).pdf.jpg2016Adsolubilization phenomenon perceived in chitosan beads leading to a fast and enhanced malachite green removalDas, Dipshika; Pal, Anjali
2016 CEJ Volume 290 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Liquid carbon dioxide-based coating of a uniform carbon layer on hierarchical porous MoO 2 microspheres and assessment of their electrochemical performanceHwang, Jieun; Min, Dongchan; Yoon, Dohyeon; Chang, Wonyoung; Kim, Jaehoon
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (51).pdf.jpg2016Adsorption of antimony ( III ) from aqueous solution by mercapto- functionalized silica-supported organic – inorganic hybrid sorbent : Mechanism insightsFan, Hong-tao; Sun, Wen; Jiang, Bing; Wang, Qing-jie; Li, Da-wu; Huang, Cong-cong; Wang, Kang-jun; Zhang, Zhi-gang; Li, Wen-xiu
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (36).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of the electrosynthetic pathway of the aldol condensation of acetonePauwels, Danny; Hereijgers, Jonas; Verhulst, Kristof; Wael, Karolien De; Breugelmans, Tom