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2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (90).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of biomass waste to activated carbon with high porosity : A reviewJain, Akshay; Balasubramanian, Rajasekhar; Srinivasan, M P
2016 CEJ Volume 292 May (6).pdf.jpg2016Hot-pressing of ( Ti , Mt )( C , N )– Co – Mo 2 C ( Mt = Ta , Nb ) powdered cermets synthesized by a mechanically induced self-sustaining reactionChicardi, E; Gotor, F J; Medri, V; Guicciardi, S; Lascano, S; Córdoba, J M
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (30).pdf.jpg2016Hydrodynamics of gas – solids flow in a bubbling fluidized bed with immersed vertical U-tube banksVerma, Vikrant; Li, Tingwen; Dietiker, Jean-françois; Rogers, William A
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (54).pdf.jpg2016Hydrophobic channels produced by micelle-structured CTAB inside MCM-41 mesopores : A unique trap for the hazardous hormone ethinyl estradiolRibeiro-santos, Tatiana A; Fulgêncio, Fernando; Villarroel-rocha, Jhonny; Carvalho, Mateus; Castro, Monteiro De; Ferreira, Welington; Windmöller, Dario; Sapag, Karim; Montero, Rochel; Helena, Maria
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (77).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermally-treated Na-X as efficient adsorbents for butadiene removalBaur, Guillaume B; Héroguel, Florent; Spring, Jonathan; Luterbacher, Jeremy S; Kiwi-minsker, Lioubov
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (51).pdf.jpg2016Management and valorization of aluminum saline slags : Current status and future trendsGil, A; Korili, S A
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (59).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of scrap tire to liquid fuelZhang, Lei; Zhou, Bo; Duan, Peigao; Wang, Feng; Xu, Yuping
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (27).pdf.jpg2016Hydrothermal conversion of glycerol to lactic acid catalyzed by Cu / hydroxyapatite , Cu / MgO , and Cu / ZrO 2 and reaction kineticsYin, Haixu; Zhang, Changhua; Yin, Hengbo; Gao, Dezhi; Shen, Lingqin; Wang, Aili
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (30).pdf.jpg2016Long-term production of H 2 over Pt / CdS nanoplates under sunlight illuminationFeng, Juan; An, Changhua; Dai, Linxiu; Liu, Junxue; Wei, Guijuan; Bai, Song; Zhang, Jun
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Hydrodynamics of organic and ionic liquids in a slurry bubble column reactor operated at elevated temperaturesGötz, Manuel; Lefebvre, Jonathan; Mörs, Friedemann; Reimert, Rainer; Graf, Frank; Kolb, Thomas
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (83).pdf.jpg2016Hydraulic characteristics and performance modeling of a modified anaerobic baffled reactor ( MABR )Li, Shengnan; Nan, Jun; Gao, Feng
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (56).pdf.jpg2016Adsorption of hydrogen sulfide ( H 2 S ) on zeolite ( Z ): Retention mechanismSigot, Léa; Ducom, Gaëlle; Germain, Patrick
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (2).pdf.jpg2016Hyperbranched polymeric ionic liquid with imidazolium backbones for highly efficient removal of anionic dyesSong, Wenqi; Liu, Yuyang; Qian, Liwei; Niu, Luying; Xiao, Liqun; Hou, Yu; Wang, Yan; Fan, Xiaodong
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (84).pdf.jpg2016Hydroxyl radicals based advanced oxidation processes ( AOPs ) for remediation of soils contaminated with organic compounds : A reviewCheng, Min; Zeng, Guangming; Huang, Danlian; Lai, Cui; Xu, Piao; Zhang, Chen; Liu, Yang
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (76).pdf.jpg2016Improvement of settleability and dewaterability of sludge by newly prepared alkaline ferrate solutionLiu, Yulei; Wang, Lu; Ma, Jun; Zhao, Xiaodan; Huang, Zhuangsong; Dummi, Gurumurthy; Qi, Jingyao
2016 CEJ Volume 291 May (18).pdf.jpg2016Improvement of the degradation of pesticide deethylatrazine by combining UV photolysis with electrochemical generation of hydrogen peroxideFrangos, Phivos; Shen, Wenhua; Wang, Huijiao; Li, Xiang; Yu, Gang; Deng, Shubo; Huang, Jun; Wang, Bin; Wang, Yujue
2016 CEJ Volume 291 May (19).pdf.jpg2016Large scale preparation of Cu-doped a -FeOOH nanoflowers and their photo-Fenton-like catalytic degradation of diclofenac sodiumXu, Junge; Li, Yunqin; Yuan, Baoling; Shen, Chunhua; Fu, Minglai; Cui, Haojie; Sun, Wenjie
2016 CEJ Volume 290 April (21).pdf.jpg2016Microfluidic devices fabricated using stereolithography for preparation of monodisperse double emulsionsKanai, Toshimitsu; Tsuchiya, Masaki
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (24).pdf.jpg2016Kinetic study of Pd-catalyzed hydrogenation of N-benzyl-4-fluoroanilineTae, Hyun; Martinelli, Joseph R; Gounder, Rajamani; Varma, Arvind
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (73).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of the Taylor bubble under the effect of dissolution in microchannelJia, H W; Zhang, P