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2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (64).pdf.jpg2016Investigation of microbial structure and composition involved in membrane fouling in the forward osmosis membrane bioreactor treating anaerobic bioreactor effluentDing, Yi; Tian, Yu; Liu, Jia; Li, Ning; Zhang, Jun; Zuo, Wei; Li, Zhipeng
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (50).pdf.jpg2016Influence of operating parameters on performance of SO 2 absorption in fulvic acid solutionYang, Jitao; Hu, Guoxin; Gao, Hanyang
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (15).pdf.jpg2016Kinetics of CO 2 and steam gasification of Victorian brown coal charsTanner, Joanne; Bhattacharya, Sankar
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (63).pdf.jpg2016Mercury oxidation in catalysts used for selective reduction of NO x ( SCR ) in oxy-fuel combustionFernández-miranda, Nuria; Lopez-anton, M Antonia; Díaz-somoano, Mercedes; Martínez-tarazona, M Rosa
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (44).pdf.jpg2016Adsorption removal of ciprofloxacin by multi-walled carbon nanotubes with different oxygen contents from aqueous solutionsYu, Fei; Sun, Sainan; Han, Sheng; Zheng, Jie; Ma, Jie
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (55).pdf.jpg2016On the ability to electrogenerate hydrogen peroxide and to regenerate ferrous ions of three selected carbon-based cathodes for electro-Fenton processesPetrucci, Elisabetta; Pozzo, Anna Da; Palma, Luca Di
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (93).pdf.jpg2016Organic substrate transformation and sludge characteristics in the integrated anaerobic anoxic oxic – biological contact oxidation ( A 2 / O – BCO ) system treating wastewater with low carbon / nitrogen ratioZhang, Miao; Wang, Cong; Peng, Yongzhen; Wang, Shuying; Jia, Fangxu; Zeng, Wei
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (36).pdf.jpg2016Non-isothermal generalized coalescence / redispersion model for micromixingLakatos, Béla G; Bárkányi, Ágnes
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (47).pdf.jpg2016Oxy-fuel combustion of a single fuel particle in a fluidized bed : Char combustion characteristics , an experimental studyBu, Changsheng; Pallarès, David; Chen, Xiaoping; Gómez-barea, Alberto; Liu, Daoyin; Leckner, Bo; Lu, Ping
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (88).pdf.jpg2016Performance and microbial analysis of two different inocula for the removal of chlorobenzene in biotrickling filtersZhou, Qingwei; Zhang, Lili; Chen, Jianmeng; Xu, Bincan; Chu, Guangwen; Chen, Jianfeng
2016 CEJ Volume 289 April (22).pdf.jpg2016Nanocomposite membranes based on sulfonated polystyrene ethylene butylene polystyrene ( SSEBS ) and sulfonated SiO 2 for microbial fuel cell applicationSivasankaran, Ayyaru; Sangeetha, Dharmalingam; Ahn, Young-ho
2016 CEJ Volume 288 March (9).pdf.jpg2016Nanoparticle emulsifiers based on bifunctionalized cellulose nanocrystals as marine diesel oil – water emulsion stabilizersOjala, Jonna; Sirviö, Juho Antti; Liimatainen, Henrikki
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (78).pdf.jpg2016Nitrous oxide production in completely autotrophic nitrogen removal biofilm process : A simulation studyPeng, Lai; Liu, Yiwen; Ni, Bing-jie
2016 CEJ Volume 285 February (37).pdf.jpg2016Post-treatment of real oil refinery effluent with high concentrations of phenols using photo-ferrioxalate and Fenton ’ s reactions with membrane process stepEstrada-arriaga, Edson Baltazar; Zepeda-aviles, Juanita Adilene; García-sánchez, Liliana
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (6).pdf.jpg2016pH-tunable surface charge of chitosan / graphene oxide composite adsorbent for efficient removal of multiple pollutants from water qYan, Han; Yang, Hu; Li, Aimin; Cheng, Rongshi
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (49).pdf.jpg2016Photocatalytic degradation of geosmin by Pd nanoparticle modified WO 3 catalyst under simulated solar lightXue, Qiang; Liu, Yonggang; Zhou, Qian; Utsumi, Motoo; Zhang, Zhenya; Sugiura, Norio
2016 CEJ Volume 283 January (50).pdf.jpg2016Polymer supported graphene – CdS composite catalyst with enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production from water splitting under visible lightXu, Juan; Wang, Le; Cao, Xuejun
2016 CEJ Volume 287 March (4).pdf.jpg2016An innovative static mixer photoreactor : Proof of conceptLima, M J; Silva, A M T; Silva, C G; Faria, J L; Lopes, J C B; Dias, M M
2016 CEJ Volume 284 January (69).pdf.jpg2016Performance study of pervaporation in a microfluidic system for the removal of acetone from waterZhang, Yali; Benes, Nieck E; Lammertink, Rob G H
2016 CEJ Volume 286 February (42).pdf.jpg2016Photocatalytic decomposition of pollen allergenic extracts of Cupressus arizonica and Platanus hybridaJimenez-relinque, E; Sapiña, M; Nevshupa, R; Roman, E; Castellote, M