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2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (31).pdf.jpg2016Modi fi cation of cut-off values for HE4 , CA125 and the ROMA algorithm for early-stage epithelial ovarian cancer detection : Results from 1021 cases in South ChinaXu, Ying; Zhong, Rihui; He, Jian; Ding, Rui; Lin, Haixiong; Deng, Yawen; Zhou, Lijun; Li, Xiaohui
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (12).pdf.jpg2016Identi fi cation and frequencies of cystic fi brosis mutations in central ArgentinaPepermans, Xavier; Mellado, Soledad; Chialina, Sergio; Wagener, Marta; Gallardo, Liliana; Lande, Hilda; Bordino, Walter; Baran, Daniel; Bours, Vincent; Leal, Teresinha
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Acquired and congenital fast albumin bands ; insights from electrospray TOF analysis of whole plasma into drug binding and albumin recyclingBrennan, Stephen O; Mackay, Richard
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Multi-center evaluation of a user-friendly lateral fl ow assay to determine IP-10 and CCL4 levels in blood of TB and non-TB cases in AfricaCorstjens, Paul L A M; Tjon, Elisa M; Fat, Kon; Dood, Claudia J De; Schip, Jolien J Van Der Ploeg-van; Franken, Kees L M C; Chegou, Novel N; Sutherland, Jayne S; Howe, Rawleigh; Mihret, Adane; Kassa, Desta; Vyver, Marieta Van Der; Sheehama, Jacob; Simukonda, Felanji; M
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 3 February (6).pdf.jpg2016Multicenter analytical performance evaluation of a fully automated anti-Müllerian hormone assay and reference interval determinationAnckaert, E; Öktem, M; Thies, A; Cohen-bacrie, M; Daan, N M P; Schiettecatte, J; Müller, C; Topcu, D; Gröning, A; Ternaux, F; Engel, C; Engelmann, S; Milczynski, C
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Multiple approaches to assess fourteen non-invasive serum indexes for the diagnosis of liver fi brosis in chronic hepatitis C patientsAndrés-otero, María Jesús; De-blas-giral, Ignacio; Puente-lanzarote, Juan José; Serrano-aulló, Trinidad
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (4).pdf.jpg2016Advantages of the lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2 activity assayDonato, Leslie J; Meeusen, Jeffrey W; Callanan, Heidi; Saenger, Amy K; Jaffe, Allan S
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Monitoring of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV ( DPP-IV ) activity in patients with mucopolysaccharidoses types I and II on enzyme replacement therapy — Results of a pilot studyHetma, Katarzyna; Bednarska-makaruk, Ma; Kierus, Karolina; Murawska-izdebska, Sylwia; Piekutowska-abramczuk, Dorota; Tylki-szyma, Anna; Agnieszka, Ł
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (14).pdf.jpg2016Multiple response optimization of a liquid chromatographic method for determination of fl uoroquinolone and nitroimidazole antimicrobials in serum and urineMannemala, Sai Sandeep; Kannappan, Valliappan
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (10).pdf.jpg2016Non-linearity within the primary measurement range of a lipase assay as the cause of a gap in the interpatient lipase results distributionVogel, Ashley N; Goldsmith, Barbara M; Marzinke, Mark A; Sokoll, Lori J; Stickle, Douglas F
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (8).pdf.jpg2016Official Journal of the Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists Volume 49 April 2016 at Chapel Hill Issue 6 Reviews EditorKavsak, Peter; Christenson, Robert; Hammett-stabler, Catherine A; Hill, Chapel; Jones, Patricia M; Delvin, Edgard E; Lumpur, Kuala
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 4-5 March (3).pdf.jpg2016Mechanisms of immunological toleranceWaldmann, Herman
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (19).pdf.jpg2016The Italian pilot external quality assessment program for cystic fi brosis sweat testSalvatore, Marco; Floridia, Giovanna; Amato, Annalisa; Censi, Federica; Carta, Claudio; Chiara, Maria; Stefano, De; Ferrari, Gianluca; Tosto, Fabrizio; Capoluongo, Ettore; Caruso, Ubaldo; Castaldo, Giuseppe; Cirilli, Natalia; Corbetta, Carlo; Padoan, Rita; Raia, Valeria
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (15).pdf.jpg2016Analytical and clinical validation of parathyroid hormone ( PTH ) measurement in fi ne-needle aspiration biopsy ( FNAB ) washingsKetha, Hemamalini; Lasho, Michael A; Algeciras-schimnich, Alicia
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (17).pdf.jpg2016Serum activin B concentration as predictive biomarker for ectopic pregnancyDhiman, Pooja; Senthilkumar, G P; Rajendiran, Soundravally; Sivaraman, K; Soundararaghavan, S; Kulandhasamy, Maheshwari
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (20).pdf.jpg2016Development and validation of an immunosensor for monocyte chemotactic protein 1 using a silicon photonic microring resonator biosensing platformValera, Enrique; Shia, Winnie W; Bailey, Ryan C
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Effect of iron de fi ciency anaemia on HbA1c levels is dependent on the degree of anaemiaFrezza, Juliana; Laura, Ana; Lins, Joíza
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (20).pdf.jpg2016Quality and reporting practices in an Australian cancer biobank cohortRush, Amanda; Byrne, Jennifer A
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 3 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Oxidative stress is associated with weight gain in recipients at 12-months following kidney transplantationCho, Young-eun; Kim, Hyung-suk; Lai, Chen; Stan, Ansley; Cashion, Ann
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (34).pdf.jpg2016One-step extraction and quantitation of toxic alcohols and ethylene glycol in plasma by capillary gas chromatography ( GC ) with fl ame ionization detection ( FID ) ☆Orton, Dennis J; Boyd, Jessica M; Af, Darlene; Duce, Donna; Walsh, Warren; Seiden-long, Isolde