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2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 4-5 March (11).pdf.jpg2016Metabolomics : Perspectives on potential biomarkers in organ transplantation and immunosuppressant toxicityBonneau, E; Tétreault, N; Robitaille, R; Boucher, A; Guire, V De
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (12).pdf.jpg2016Intra-operative parathyroid hormone monitoring through central laboratory is accurate in renal secondary hyperparathyroidism ☆Vulpio, Carlo; Bossola, Maurizio; Di, Enrico; Pepe, Gilda; Nure, Eda; Magalini, Sabina; Agnes, Salvatore
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 4-5 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Lymphocyte surface molecules as immune activation biomarkers ☆ , ☆☆Wieland, Eberhard; Shipkova, Maria
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Direct comparison of cardiac troponin I and cardiac troponin T in the detection of exercise-induced myocardial ischemiaMann, Seoung; Puelacher, Christian; Twerenbold, Raphael; Wagener, Max; Honegger, Ursina; Reichlin, Tobias; Schaerli, Nicolas; Pretre, Gil; Abächerli, Roger; Jaeger, Cedric; Rubini, Maria; Wild, Damian; Rentsch, Katharina M; Zellweger, Michael J; Mueller, Christian
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (1).pdf.jpg2016Short Communication A novel mutation on the transferrin gene abolishes one N-glycosylation site and alters the pattern of transferrin isoforms , mimicking that observed after excessive alcohol consumptionGrahn, Ammi; Bengtson, Per; Eklund, Erik; Asin-cayuela, Jorge
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (4).pdf.jpg2016Automated saliva processing for LC-MS / MS : Improving laboratory ef fi ciency in cortisol and cortisone testingAntonelli, Giorgia; Padoan, Andrea; Artusi, Carlo; Marinova, Mariela; Zaninotto, Martina; Plebani, Mario
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 3 February (10).pdf.jpg2016The role of human kallikrein 6 , clusterin and adiponectin as potential blood biomarkers of dementiaDukic, Lora; Simundic, Ana-maria; Martinic-popovic, Irena; Kackov, Sanja; Diamandis, Anastasia; Begcevic, Ilijana; Diamandis, Eleftherios P
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (16).pdf.jpg2016Reference gene selection for in vitro cell-free DNA analysis and gene expression pro fi lingJacobus, Abel; Aucamp, Janine; Wentzel, Johannes F; Pretorius, Piet J
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 3 February (19).pdf.jpg2016An effective utilization management strategy by dual approach of in fl uencing physician ordering and gate keepingElnenaei, Manal O; Campbell, Samuel G; Thoni, Andrea J; Lou, Amy; Crocker, Bryan D; Nassar, Bassam A
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (11).pdf.jpg2016High serum uric acid and risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease : A systematic review and meta-analysisZhou, Yongjing; Wei, Feifei; Fan, Yu
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (26).pdf.jpg2016Heat shock protein 70 and antibodies to heat shock protein 60 are associated with cerebrovascular atherosclerosisFlegar-me, Zlata; Vidjak, Vinko; Matokanovi, Mirela; Bari, Karmela
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (12).pdf.jpg2016Identi fi cation and frequencies of cystic fi brosis mutations in central ArgentinaPepermans, Xavier; Mellado, Soledad; Chialina, Sergio; Wagener, Marta; Gallardo, Liliana; Lande, Hilda; Bordino, Walter; Baran, Daniel; Bours, Vincent; Leal, Teresinha
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (8).pdf.jpg2016Acquired and congenital fast albumin bands ; insights from electrospray TOF analysis of whole plasma into drug binding and albumin recyclingBrennan, Stephen O; Mackay, Richard
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 7-8 May (15).pdf.jpg2016Quanti fi cation of darunavir and etravirine in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells using high performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry ( LC – MS / MS ), clinical application in a cohort of 110 HIV-1 infected patients and evidence oBelkhir, Leïla; Laveleye, Morgane De; Vandercam, Bernard; Zech, Francis; Delongie, Kevin-alexandre; Capron, Arnaud; Yombi, Jean; Vincent, Anne; Elens, Laure; Haufroid, Vincent
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (16).pdf.jpg2016Canadian family physician knowledge and attitudes toward laboratory utilization managementThommasen, Amy; Clement, Fiona; Kinniburgh, David W; Lau, Cheryl K; Guo, Maggie; Viczko, Jeannine; Guggisberg, Kelly; Thomas, Roger E; Chowdhury, Tanvir; Wesenberg, James C; Abdullah, Amid; Hnydyk, William S; Naugler, Christopher
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Paraoxonase-1 activity is positively related to phospholipid transfer protein activity in type 2 diabetes mellitus : Role of large HDL particlesDullaart, Robin P F; Gruppen, Eke G; Dallinga-thie, Geesje M
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 3 February (5).pdf.jpg2016Serum uric acid and lipid pro fi les in sporadic Creutzfeldt – Jakob diseaseChen, Shuai; He, Shuang; Shang, Jun-kui; Ma, Ming-ming; Xu, Chang-shui; Shi, Xiao-hong; Zhang, Jie-wen
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 4-5 March (2).pdf.jpg2016Clinical relevance of circulating antibodies and B lymphocyte markers in allograft rejectionVallin, Patrice; Désy, Olivier; Béland, Stéphanie; Wagner, Eric; Serres, Sacha A De
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 6 April (3).pdf.jpg2016Association of chitotriosidase enzyme activity and genotype with the risk of nephropathy in type 2 diabetesElmonem, Mohamed A; Amin, Hanan S; El-essawy, Riham A; Mehaney, Dina A; Nabil, Malak; Kamel, Laila N; Farid, Ibtisam M
2016 CB Volume 49 Issue 1-2 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Cystatin-C levels in healthy children and adolescents : In fl uence of age , gender , body mass index and blood pressureMarmarinos, Antonios; Garou, Anastasia; Panagoulia, Adamantia; Dimou, Stamatina; Drakatos, Antonis; Paraskakis, Irene; Gourgiotis, Dimitrios