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2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (14).pdf.jpg2016Serum Fatty Acid Binding Protein in Women With Type 1 DiabetesWotherspoon, Amy C; Young, Ian S; Mccance, David R; Patterson, Chris C; Maresh, Michael J A; Pearson, Donald W M; Walker, James D; Holmes, Valerie A
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (12).pdf.jpg2016A Common Gene Variant in Glucokinase Regulatory Protein Interacts With Glucose Metabolism on Diabetic Dyslipidemia : the Combined CODAM and Hoorn StudiesGreevenbroek, Marleen M J Van; Schaper, Nicolaas C
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (9).pdf.jpg2016Differences in Regional Brain Responses to Food Ingestion After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and the Role of Gut Peptides : A Neuroimaging StudyHunt, Katharine F; Dunn, Joel T; Roux, Carel W; Reed, Laurence J; Marsden, Paul K; Patel, Ameet G
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (42).pdf.jpg2016Specialist-Led Diabetes Registries and Prevalence of Poor Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes : The Diabetes Registry Outcomes Project for A1C Reduction ( DROP A1C )Aronson, Ronnie; Orzech, Naomi; Ye, Chenglin; Brown, Ruth E; Goldenberg, Ronald; Brown, Vivien
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (34).pdf.jpg2016OCTOBER 2016 In This Issue of Diabetes CareImplications, The
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (15).pdf.jpg2016Fatty Liver and Chronic Kidney Disease : Novel Mechanistic Insights and Therapeutic OpportunitiesCohney, Solomon; Michieli, Franco De; Gambino, Roberto
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (18).pdf.jpg2016Effect of Regular Exercise Commenced in Early Pregnancy on the Incidence of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus in Overweight and Obese Pregnant Women : A Randomized Controlled TrialWang, Chen; Wei, Yumei; Zhang, Xiaoming; Zhang, Yue; Xu, Qianqian; Su, Shiping; Zhang, Li; Liu, Chunhong; Feng, Yaru; Shou, Chong; Guel, Kym J; Newnham, John P; Yang, Huixia
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (40).pdf.jpg2016Efficacy and Safety of Liraglutide Added to Capped Insulin Treatment in Subjects With Type 1 Diabetes : The ADJUNCT TWO Randomized TrialAhr, Bo; Hirsch, Irl B; Pieber, Thomas R; Mathieu, Chantal; Hansen, Troels Krarup; Philotheou, Areti; Birch, Sune; Christiansen, Erik; Jensen, Thomas Jon; Buse, John B
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (27).pdf.jpg2016Reduced Lower-Limb Muscle Strength and Volume in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes in Relation to Neuropathy , Intramuscular Fat , and Vitamin D Levels .Almurdhi, Monirah M; Reeves, Neil D; Bowling, Frank L; Boulton, Andrew J M; Jeziorska, Maria; Malik, Rayaz A
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 10 October (11).pdf.jpg2016Discordance Between Central ( Brain ) and Pancreatic Action of Exenatide in Lean and Obese SubjectsEldor, Roy; Daniele, Giuseppe; Huerta, Claudia; Al-atrash, Mariam; Adams, John; Defronzo, Ralph; Duong, Timothy; Lancaster, John; Zirie, Mahmoud; Jayyousi, Amin

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