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PreviewIssue DateTitleContributor(s)
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2016Can a Shift in Fuel Energetics Explain the Beneficial Cardiorenal Outcomes in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Study ? A Unifying HypothesisHenry, Robert R
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes Care : “ Lagniappe ” and “ Seeing Is Believing ” !Tamborlane, William V; Greene, Eddie L; Hu, Frank B
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (30).pdf.jpg2016Cardiovascular Mortality in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes and Recent Acute Coronary Syndromes From the EXAMINE TrialWhite, William B; Kupfer, Stuart; Zannad, Faiez; Mehta, Cyrus R; Wilson, Craig A; Lei, Lanyu; Bakris, George L; Nissen, Steven E; Cushman, William C; Heller, Simon R; Bergenstal, Richard M; Fleck, Penny R
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (29).pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Changes in Renal Function Are Associated With Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Type 2 DiabetesSaulnier, Pierre-jean; Velho, Gilberto; Gand, Elise; Hauteclocque, Astrid De; Slaoui, Yousri; Potier, Louis
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (18).pdf.jpg2016Day-and-Night Hybrid Closed- Loop Insulin Delivery in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes : A Free-Living , Randomized Clinical TrialWilinska, Malgorzata E; Thabit, Hood; Cheng, Peiyao
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (10).pdf.jpg2016CV Protection in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Trial : A “ Thrifty Substrate ” HypothesisFerrannini, Ele; Mark, Michael; Mayoux, Eric
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (20).pdf.jpg2016Randomized Summer Camp Crossover Trial in 5- to 9-Year-Old Children : Outpatient Wearable Artificial Pancreas Is Feasible and SafeFavero, Simone Del; Boscari, Federico; Messori, Mirko; Rabbone, Ivana; Bonfanti, Riccardo; Sabbion, Alberto; Iafusco, Dario; Schiaf, Riccardo; Visentin, Roberto; Calore, Roberta; Moncada, Yenny Leal; Galasso, Silvia; Galderisi, Alfonso; Vallone, Valeria; Palma, Federico Di; Losiouk, Eleonora; Lanzola, Giordano; Tinti, Davide; Avogaro, Angelo; Chernavvsky, Daniel; Bruttomesso, Daniela
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (36).pdf.jpg2016IADPSG and WHO 2013 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Criteria Identify Obese Women With Marked Insulin Resistance in Early PregnancySimmons, David; Desoye, Gernot; Corcoy, Rosa; Adelantado, Juan M; Devlieger, Roland; Assche, Andre Van; Galjaard, Sander; Damm, Peter; Mathiesen, Elisabeth R; Andersen, Lise Lotte T; Bertolotto, Alessandra; Zawiejska, Agnieszka; Hill, David; Snoek, Frank J; Worda, Christof
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (19).pdf.jpg2016Outcome Measures for Artificial Pancreas Clinical Trials : A Consensus ReportMaahs, David M; Buckingham, Bruce A; Castle, Jessica R; Cinar, Ali; Damiano, Edward R; Dassau, Eyal; Devries, J Hans; Iii, Francis J Doyle; Russell, Steven J
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (41).pdf.jpg2016Sitagliptin Attenuates the Progression of Carotid Intima-Media Thickening in Insulin-Treated Patients With Type 2 Diabetes : The Sitagliptin Preventive Study of Intima-Media Thickness Evaluation ( SPIKE ): A Randomized Controlled Trial .Maiorino, Maria Ida; Bellastella, Giuseppe; Giugliano, Dario; Esposito, Katherine

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