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2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (32).pdf.jpg2016Effect of 3 Years of Treatment With Exenatide on Postprandial Glucagon LevelsSmits, Mark M; Bunck, Mathijs C; Diamant, Michaela; Corner, Anja; Eliasson, Bjorn; Heine, Robert J; Smith, Ulf; Yki-j, Hannele; Raalte, H Van
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (37).pdf.jpg2016Effect of Long-Acting Insulin Analogs on the Risk of Cancer : A Systematic Review of Observational StudiesWu, Jennifer W; Filion, Kristian B; Azoulay, Laurent; Doll, Margaret K
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2016Association Between Handedness and Type 2 Diabetes : The E3N Study . Diabetes Care 2015 ; 38 : e199Bonnet, Fabrice; Balkau, Beverley; Clavel-chapelon, Françoise
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (34).pdf.jpg2016Association of Lipopolysaccharide- Binding Protein With Aging- Related Adiposity Change and Prediabetes Among African Ancestry MenTilves, Curtis M; Zmuda, Joseph M; Kuipers, Allison L; Nestlerode, Cara S; Evans, Rhobert W; Bunker, Clareann H
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (12).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes and the Association of Postoperative Hyperglycemia With Clinical and Economic Outcomes in Cardiac SurgeryGreco, Giampaolo; Ferket, Bart S; Alessandro, David A D; Shi, Wei; Horvath, Keith A; Rosen, Alexander; Welsh, Stacey; Bagiella, Emilia; Neill, Alexis E; Williams, Deborah L; Greenberg, Ann; Browndyke, Jeffrey N; Gillinov, A Marc; Mayer, Mary Lou; Keim-malpass, Jessica
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (3).pdf.jpg2016Association of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus With Left Ventricular Structure and Function : The CARDIA StudyAppiah, Duke; Schreiner, Pamela J; Gunderson, Erica P; Konety, Suma H; Jr, David C Goff; Lima, Joao A; Ku, Ivy A
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (17).pdf.jpg2016Celiac Disease Increases Risk of Thyroid Disease in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes : A Nationwide Cohort StudyMollazadegan, Kaziwe; Ludvigsson, Jonas F
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (38).pdf.jpg2016A Protein Preload Enhances the Glucose-Lowering Efficacy of Vildagliptin in Type 2 DiabetesWu, Tongzhi; Little, Tanya J; Bound, Michelle J; Borg, Malcolm; Zhang, Xiang; Deacon, Carolyn F; Horowitz, Michael; Jones, Karen L; Rayner, Christopher K; Care, Clin; Nutrition, Education
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (22).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes in Asia and the Pacific : Implications for the Global EpidemicRamachandran, Ambady; Snehalatha, Chamukuttan; Chan, Juliana C N; Chia, Kee Seng; Shaw, Jonathan E; Zimmet, Paul Z
2016 DC Volume 39 Issue 3 March (29).pdf.jpg2016Trends in Insulin Use and Diabetes Control in the U . S .: 1988 – 1994 andSelvin, Elizabeth; Parrinello, Christina M; Daya, Natalie; Bergenstal, Richard M

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