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2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (35).pdf.jpg2016Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Using Insulin InjectionsFoster, Nicole C; Miller, Kellee M; Tamborlane, William V; Bergenstal, Richard M; Beck, Roy W; Exchange, T D
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (26).pdf.jpg2016Development of Early Adiposity in Infants of Mothers With Gestational Diabetes MellitusLogan, Karen M; Emsley, Robby J; Hyde, Matthew J; Gale, Chris; Chappell, Karyn; Mandalia, Sundhiya
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (4).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Trials , Triumphs , and Tribulations of Glucagon Receptor AntagonistsPearson, Mackenzie J; Unger, Roger H; Holland, William L
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (13).pdf.jpg2016Bariatric Surgery in Obese Patients With Type 1 DiabetesKashyap, Sangeeta R; Burguera, Bartolome
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (2).pdf.jpg2016EDITOR ' S NOTE A Special Thanks to the Reviewers of Diabetes Care-
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (20).pdf.jpg2016Randomized Summer Camp Crossover Trial in 5- to 9-Year-Old Children : Outpatient Wearable Artificial Pancreas Is Feasible and SafeFavero, Simone Del; Boscari, Federico; Messori, Mirko; Rabbone, Ivana; Bonfanti, Riccardo; Sabbion, Alberto; Iafusco, Dario; Schiaf, Riccardo; Visentin, Roberto; Calore, Roberta; Moncada, Yenny Leal; Galasso, Silvia; Galderisi, Alfonso; Vallone, Valeria; Palma, Federico Di; Losiouk, Eleonora; Lanzola, Giordano; Tinti, Davide; Avogaro, Angelo; Chernavvsky, Daniel; Bruttomesso, Daniela
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (36).pdf.jpg2016IADPSG and WHO 2013 Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Criteria Identify Obese Women With Marked Insulin Resistance in Early PregnancySimmons, David; Desoye, Gernot; Corcoy, Rosa; Adelantado, Juan M; Devlieger, Roland; Assche, Andre Van; Galjaard, Sander; Damm, Peter; Mathiesen, Elisabeth R; Andersen, Lise Lotte T; Bertolotto, Alessandra; Zawiejska, Agnieszka; Hill, David; Snoek, Frank J; Worda, Christof
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (33).pdf.jpg2016Two- and Four-Hour Tests Differ in Capture of C-Peptide Responses to a Mixed Meal in Type 1 DiabetesBoyle, Karen D; Keyes-elstein, Lynette; Ehlers, Mario R; Mcnamara, James; Rigby, Mark R; Gitelman, Stephen E; Weiner, Lia J; Much, Kristen L; Herold, Kevan C
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (5).pdf.jpg2016Metabolic Surgery in the Treatment Algorithm for Type 2 Diabetes : A Joint Statement by International Diabetes OrganizationsRubino, Francesco; Nathan, David M; Eckel, Robert H; Schauer, Philip R; Alberti, K George M M; Zimmet, Paul Z; Prato, Stefano Del; Ji, Linong; Sadikot, Shaukat M
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2016Identifying Barriers to Appropriate Use of Metabolic / Bariatric Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes Treatment : Policy Lab ResultsRubin, Jennifer K; Hinrichs-krapels, Saba; Hesketh, Rachel; Martin, Adam; Herman, William H; Rubino, Francesco
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (4).pdf.jpg2016Metabolic Surgery for Type 2 Diabetes : Changing the Landscape of Diabetes CareCummings, David E
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (8).pdf.jpg2016Persistent Effects of Intensive Glycemic Control on Retinopathy in Type 2 Diabetes in the Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes ( ACCORD ) Follow-On Study-
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2016Can a Shift in Fuel Energetics Explain the Beneficial Cardiorenal Outcomes in the EMPA-REG OUTCOME Study ? A Unifying HypothesisHenry, Robert R
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes Care : “ Lagniappe ” and “ Seeing Is Believing ” !Tamborlane, William V; Greene, Eddie L; Hu, Frank B
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (27).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of the Glucagon Receptor Antagonist LY2409021 in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes : 12- and 24-Week Phase 2 StudiesKazda, Christof M; Ding, Ying; Shi, Chunxue; Lim, Chay Ngee; Fu, Haoda; Watson, David E; Lewin, Andrew J; Landschulz, William H; Deeg, Mark A; Moller, David E; Hardy, Thomas A
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (22).pdf.jpg2016Differences in Hemoglobin A 1c Between Hispanics / Latinos and Non-Hispanic Whites : An Analysis of the Hispanic Community Health Study / Study of Latinos and the 2007 – 2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination SurveyHsu, Lucy L; Arredondo, Mario; Menke, Andy; Werner, Ellen; Thyagarajan, Bharat; Heiss, Gerardo; Teng, Yanping; Gallo, Linda C; Talavera, Gregory A
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (16).pdf.jpg2016Benefits for Type 2 Diabetes of Interrupting Prolonged Sitting With Brief Bouts of Light Walking or Simple Resistance ActivitiesDempsey, Paddy C; Larsen, Robyn N; Sethi, Parneet; Sacre, Julian W; Straznicky, Nora E; Cohen, Neale D; Cerin, Ester; Lambert, Gavin W; Owen, Neville; Kingwell, Bronwyn A
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (29).pdf.jpg2016Dynamic Changes in Renal Function Are Associated With Major Cardiovascular Events in Patients With Type 2 DiabetesSaulnier, Pierre-jean; Velho, Gilberto; Gand, Elise; Hauteclocque, Astrid De; Slaoui, Yousri; Potier, Louis
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2016Exclusion of Women of Childbearing Potential in Clinical Trials of Type 2 Diabetes Medications : A Review of Protocol- Based Barriers to EnrollmentPhelan, Alannah L; Kunselman, Allen R; Chuang, Cynthia H; Raja-khan, Nazia T
2016 DC Volume 37 Issue 7 July (18).pdf.jpg2016Day-and-Night Hybrid Closed- Loop Insulin Delivery in Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes : A Free-Living , Randomized Clinical TrialWilinska, Malgorzata E; Thabit, Hood; Cheng, Peiyao