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2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 6 June (8).pdf.jpg2016In vivo imaging of system xc- as a novel approach to monitor multiple sclerosisMartín, Abraham; Vázquez-villoldo, Nuria; Gómez-vallejo, Vanessa; Padro, Daniel; Soria, Federico N; Szczupak, Boguslaw; Plaza-garcía, Sandra; Arrieta, Ander; Reese, Torsten; Llop, Jordi; Domercq, Maria; Matute, Carlos
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 3 March (13).pdf.jpg2016Long-term results of PRRT in advanced bronchopulmonary carcinoidMariniello, Annapaola; Bodei, Lisa; Tinelli, Carmine; Baio, Silvia Melania; Gilardi, Laura; Colandrea, Marzia; Papi, Stefano; Valmadre, Giuseppe; Fazio, Nicola; Galetta, Domenico; Paganelli, Giovanni; Grana, Chiara Maria
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 6 June (6).pdf.jpg2016Pilot prospective evaluation of 18 F-FPPRGD 2 PET / CT in patients with cervical and ovarian cancerMinamimoto, Ryogo; Karam, Amer; Jamali, Mehran; Barkhodari, Amir
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 3 March (7).pdf.jpg2016Molecular response assessed by 68 Ga-DOTANOC and survival after 90 Y microsphere therapy in patients with liver metastases from neuroendocrine tumoursFilippi, Luca; Scopinaro, Francesco; Pelle, Giuseppe; Cianni, Roberto; Salvatori, Rita; Schillaci, Orazio; Bagni, Oreste
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 1 January (1).pdf.jpg2016Imaging malignant melanoma with 18 F-5-FPNFeng, Hongyan; Xia, Xiaotian; Li, Chongjiao; Song, Yiling; Qin, Chunxia
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 1 January (27).pdf.jpg2016Paget bone disease demonstrated on 68 Ga-PSMA ligand PET / CTArtigas, C; Alexiou, J; Garcia, C; Wimana, Z; Otte, F-x; Gil, T
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2016Imaging of differentiated thyroid carcinoma : 124 I-PET / MRI may not be superior to 124 I-PET / CTVrachimis, A; Weckesser, M; Schäfers, M; Stegger, L
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2016Nuclear medicine training and practice in the UKNeilly, Brian; Dizdarevic, Sabina; Prvulovich, Liz; Buscombe, John; Lewington, Val
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 4 April (19).pdf.jpg2016Relationship between left ventricular diastolic function and myocardial sympathetic denervation measured by 123 I-meta-iodobenzylguanidine imaging in Anderson-Fabry diseaseSpinelli, Letizia; Pellegrino, Teresa; Pisani, Antonio; Giudice, Caterina Anna; Riccio, Eleonora; Imbriaco, Massimo; Salvatore, Marco; Trimarco, Bruno; Cuocolo, Alberto
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 3 March (18).pdf.jpg2016PET imaging evaluation of [ 18 F ] DBT-10 , a novel radioligand specific to α 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors , in nonhuman primatesHillmer, Ansel T; Zheng, Ming-qiang; Li, Songye; Scheunemann, Matthias; Lin, Shu-fei; Holden, Daniel; Labaree, David; Ropchan, Jim; Teodoro, Rodrigo; Deuther-conrad, Winnie; Carson, Richard E; Brust, Peter; Huang, Yiyun
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2016Quantitative and qualitative analysis of [ 18 F ] FDG and [ 18 F ] FAZA positron emission tomography of head and neck cancers and associations with HPV status and treatment outcomeGraves, Edward E; Hicks, Rodney J; Binns, David; Bressel, Mathias; Le, Quynh-thu; Peters, Lester; Young, Richard J; Rischin, Danny
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 4 April (18).pdf.jpg2016Nuclear cardiology practice and associated radiation doses in Europe : results of the IAEA Nuclear Cardiology Protocols Study ( INCAPS ) for the 27 European countriesLindner, Oliver; Pascual, Thomas N B; Mercuri, Mathew; Acampa, Wanda; Burchert, Wolfgang; Flotats, Albert; Kaufmann, Philipp A; Kitsiou, Anastasia; Knuuti, Juhani; Underwood, S Richard; Vitola, João V; Mahmarian, John J
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2016Predictive value of 18 F-FDG PET / CT in restaging patients affected by ovarian carcinoma : a multicentre studyCaobelli, Federico; Alongi, Pierpaolo; Evangelista, Laura; Picchio, Maria; Saladini, Giorgio; Rensi, Marco; Geatti, Onelio; Castello, Angelo; Laghai, Iashar; Popescu, Cristina E; Dolci, Carlotta; Crivellaro, Cinzia; Seghezzi, Silvia
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 2 February (24).pdf.jpg2016The time has come to standardize 123 I-MIBG heart-to-mediastinum ratios including planar and SPECT methodsNakajima, Kenichi; Okuda, Koichi; Matsuo, Shinro; Agostini, Denis
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 1 January (23).pdf.jpg2016Prostate-specific antigen and radiolabelled choline PET / CT for the assessment of response to therapy : synergy or conflicting ?Evangelista, Laura; Bombardieri, Emilio
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 2 February (23).pdf.jpg2016PET / MRI and PET / CT : is there room for both at the top of the food chain ?Kuwert, Torsten; Ritt, Philipp
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 3 March (16).pdf.jpg2016Society CommunicationsYoung, The; Committee, Eanm
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2016Why the European Association of Nuclear Medicine has declined to endorse the 2015 American Thyroid Association management guidelines for adult patients with thyroid nodules and differentiated thyroid cancerVerburg, Frederik A; Aktolun, Cumali; Chiti, Arturo; Frangos, Savvas; Giovanella, Luca; Hoffmann, Martha; Iakovou, Ioannis; Mihailovic, Jasna
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 4 April (10).pdf.jpg2016A randomized , double-blind , crossover comparison of novel continuous bed motion versus traditional bed position whole-body PET / CT imagingSchatka, Imke; Weiberg, Desiree; Reichelt, Stephanie; Owsianski-hille, Nicole; Derlin, Thorsten; Berding, Georg; Bengel, Frank M
2016 EJNMMI Volume 43 Issue 5 May (16).pdf.jpg2016Y-loaded microsphere radioembolizationLaffont, Sophie; Rolland, Yan; Ardisson, Valérie; Edeline, Julien; Pracht, Marc; Sourd, Samuel Le; Rohou, Tanguy; Lenoir, Laurence; Lepareur, Nicolas; Garin, Etienne