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2016 GP Volume 50 October (12).pdf.jpg2016Ambulatory activity classification with dendogram-based support vector machine: Application in lower-limb active exoskeletonMazumder, Oishee; Kundu, Ananda Sankar; Lenka, Prasanna Kumar; Bhaumik, Subhasis
2016 GP Volume 50 October (10).pdf.jpg2016Temporal and spatial gait parameters in children with Cri du Chat Syndrome under single and dual task conditionsAbbruzzese, Laurel D.; Salazar, Rachel; Aubuchon, Maddie; Rao, Ashwini K.
2016 GP Volume 50 October (13).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin d is related to gait recovery after total hip arthroplasty: A prospective analysisda Cunha, Bernardo Matos; Gava, Aline Dalfito; de Oliveira, Sandro Barbosa; de David, Ana Cristina; dos Santos-Neto, Leopoldo Luiz
2016 GP Volume 50 October (11).pdf.jpg2016Motor performance differentiates individuals with Lewy body dementia, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseaseFritz, N E; Kegelmeyer, D A; Kloos, A D; Linder, S; Park, A; Kataki, M; Adeli, A; Agrawal, P; Scharre, D W; Kostyk, S K
2016 GP Volume 50 October (16).pdf.jpg2016A smartphone-based architecture to detect and quantify freezing of gait in Parkinson's diseaseCapecci, Marianna; Pepa, Lucia; Verdini, Federica; Ceravolo, Maria Gabriella
2016 GP Volume 50 October (1).pdf.jpg2016Gait event detection in laboratory and real life settings: Accuracy of ankle and waist sensor based methodsStorm, Fabio A.; Buckley, Christopher J.; Mazz??, Claudia
2016 GP Volume 50 October (14).pdf.jpg2016Quantifying accommodation to prosthesis interventions in persons with lower limb lossFiedler, Goeran; Zhang, Xueyi
2016 GP Volume 50 October (15).pdf.jpg2016Mechanical testing for three-dimensional motion analysis reliabilityMiller, Emily; Kaufman, Kenton; Kingsbury, Trevor; Wolf, Erik; Wilken, Jason; Wyatt, Marilynn
2016 GP Volume 46 May (22).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Age-related changes in gait adaptability in response to unpredictable obstacles and stepping targetsJoana, Maria; Caetano, D; Lord, Stephen R; Schoene, Daniel; Pelicioni, Paulo H S; Sturnieks, Daina L; Menant, Jasmine C
2016 GP Volume 45 March (20).pdf.jpg2016Volume 45 march 2016-
2016 GP Volume 45 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Calibration of an instrumented treadmill using a precision-controlled device with artificial neural network-based error correctionsHsieh, Hong-jung; Lin, Hsiu-chen; Lu, Hsuan-lun; Chen, Ting-yi; Lu, Tung-wu
2016 GP Volume 44 February (23).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Age-related changes in postural sway in preschoolersVerbecque, Evi; Hentschel, Paula; Meyns, Pieter; Desloovere, Kaat; Vereeck, Luc; Hallemans, Ann
2016 GP Volume 44 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Between-day reliability of triceps surae responses to standing perturbations in people post-stroke and healthy controls : A high-density surface EMG investigationGallina, A; Pollock, C L; Vieira, T M; Ivanova, T D; Garland, S J
2016 GP Volume 43 January (21).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Agreement of spatio-temporal gait parameters between a vertical ground reaction force decomposition algorithm and a motion capture systemVeilleux, Louis-nicolas; Raison, Maxime; Rauch, Frank; Robert, Maxime; Ballaz, Laurent
2016 GP Volume 46 May (10).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Analytical evaluation of the effects of inconsistent anthropometric measurements on joint kinematics in motion capturingKrumm, Dominik; Cockcroft, John; Zaumseil, Falk; Odenwald, Stephan; Milani, Thomas L; Louw, Quinette
2016 GP Volume 44 February (18).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture A marker placement laser device for improving repeatability in 3D-foot motion analysisKalkum, Eva; Drongelen, Stefan Van; Mussler, Johannes; Wolf, Sebastian I; Kuni, Benita
2016 GP Volume 46 May (21).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Age-independent and age-dependent sex differences in gait pattern determined by principal component analysisKobayashi, Yoshiyuki; Hobara, Hiroaki; Heldoorn, Thijs A; Kouchi, Makiko
2016 GP Volume 43 January (28).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Center of mass trajectories during turning in patients with Parkinson ’ s disease with and without freezing of gaitBengevoord, A; Vervoort, G; Spildooren, J; Heremans, E; Vandenberghe, W; Bloem, B R; Nieuwboer, A
2016 GP Volume 46 May (23).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Altered postural control strategies in quiet standing more than 20 years after rupture of the anterior cruciate ligamentStensdotter, Ann-katrin; Tengman, Eva; Ha, Charlotte
2016 GP Volume 43 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Amsterdam — Boston — London — New York — Oxford — Paris — Philadelphia — San Diego — St . LouisTheologis, Tim