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2016 GP Volume 45 March (6).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Calibration of an instrumented treadmill using a precision-controlled device with artificial neural network-based error correctionsHsieh, Hong-jung; Lin, Hsiu-chen; Lu, Hsuan-lun; Chen, Ting-yi; Lu, Tung-wu
2016 GP Volume 45 March (2).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Accuracy and concurrent validity of a sensor-based analysis of sit-to-stand movements in older adultsRegterschot, G Ruben H; Zhang, Wei; Baldus, Heribert; Stevens, Martin; Zijlstra, Wiebren
2016 GP Volume 46 May (25).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Attentional costs of walking are not affected by variations in lateral balance demands in young and older adultsMazaheri, Masood; Roerdink, Melvyn; Duysens, Jacques; Beek, Peter J; Peper, C Lieke E
2016 GP Volume 45 March (23).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Effect of calendar age on physical performance : A comparison of standard clinical measures with instrumented measures in middle-aged to older adultsStijntjes, M; Meskers, C G M; Craen, A J M De; Lummel, R C Van; Rispens, S M; Slagboom, P E; Maier, A B
2016 GP Volume 44 February (35).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Foot-related pain and disability and spatiotemporal parameters of gait during self-selected and fast walking speeds in people with gout : A two-arm cross sectional studyStewart, Sarah; Morpeth, Trish; Dalbeth, Nicola; Vandal, Alain C; Carroll, Matthew; Davidtz, Lisa; Mawston, Grant; Otter, Simon; Rome, Keith
2016 GP Volume 45 March (34).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Runners with patellofemoral pain have altered biomechanics which targeted interventions can modify : A systematic review and meta-analysisNeal, Bradley S; Barton, Christian J; Gallie, Rosa; Halloran, Patrick O; Morrissey, Dylan
2016 GP Volume 45 March (29).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Load distribution and postural changes in young adults when wearing a traditional backpack versus the BackTpackDahl, Kimberly D; Wang, He; Popp, Jennifer K; Dickin, D Clark
2016 GP Volume 45 March (1).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Development of adaptive sensorimotor control in infant sitting postureChen, Li-chiou; Jeka, John; Clark, Jane E
2016 GP Volume 45 March (5).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Effects of emotional videos on postural control in childrenPalluel, Estelle; Olivier, Isabelle; Nougier, Vincent; Branda, Arthur De Freitas
2016 GP Volume 43 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Determination of the vertical ground reaction forces acting upon individual limbs during healthy and clinical gaitBastien, Guillaume J; Meurisse, Guillaume M
2016 GP Volume 45 March (40).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Whole-brain grey matter density predicts balance stability irrespective of age and protects older adults from fallingBoisgontier, Matthieu P; Cheval, Boris; Ruitenbeek, Peter Van; Levin, Oron; Renaud, Olivier; Chanal, Julien; Swinnen, Stephan P
2016 GP Volume 46 May (39).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancersCasabona, Antonino; Leonardi, Giuseppa; Aimola, Ettore; La, Giovanni; Maria, Cristina; Cioni, Matteo; Stella, Maria
2016 GP Volume 44 February (1).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Strategies for equilibrium maintenance during single leg standing on a wobble boardBrito, Priscila De; Souza, Anderson; Mrachacz-kersting, Natalie; Laessoe, Uffe; Gustav, Uwe
2016 GP Volume 43 January (20).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Restricting ankle motion via orthotic bracing reduces toe clearance when walking over obstaclesEvangelopoulou, Eftychia; Twiste, Martin; Buckley, John G
2016 GP Volume 45 March (38).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Threat-induced changes in attention during tests of static and anticipatory postural controlZaback, Martin; Carpenter, Mark G; Adkin, Allan L
2016 GP Volume 43 January (48).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Validity and reliability of an IMU-based method to detect APAs prior to gait initiationMancini, Martina; Chiari, Lorenzo; Holmstrom, Lars; Salarian, Arash; Horak, Fay B
2016 GP Volume 46 May (22).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Age-related changes in gait adaptability in response to unpredictable obstacles and stepping targetsJoana, Maria; Caetano, D; Lord, Stephen R; Schoene, Daniel; Pelicioni, Paulo H S; Sturnieks, Daina L; Menant, Jasmine C
2016 GP Volume 45 March (20).pdf.jpg2016Volume 45 march 2016-
2016 GP Volume 44 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Between-day reliability of triceps surae responses to standing perturbations in people post-stroke and healthy controls : A high-density surface EMG investigationGallina, A; Pollock, C L; Vieira, T M; Ivanova, T D; Garland, S J
2016 GP Volume 43 January (21).pdf.jpg2016Gait & Posture Agreement of spatio-temporal gait parameters between a vertical ground reaction force decomposition algorithm and a motion capture systemVeilleux, Louis-nicolas; Raison, Maxime; Rauch, Frank; Robert, Maxime; Ballaz, Laurent