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2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Use of a novel polyp “ ruler snare ” improves estimation of colon polyp sizeKaz, Andrew M; Anwar, Asma; Neill, Darby Robinson O; Dominitz, Jason A
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (57).pdf.jpg2016The learning curve , interobserver , and intraobserver agreement of endoscopic confocal laser endomicroscopy in the assessment of mucosal barrier defectsChang, Jeff; Ip, Matthew; Yang, Michael; Wong, Brendon; Power, Theresa; Lin, Lisa
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (40).pdf.jpg2016Special article 679Chadwick, G; Groene, O; Taylor, A; Riley, S; Hardwick, R H; Crosby, T; Greenaway, K; Cromwell, D A
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (59).pdf.jpg2016Transpapillary drainage has no added bene fi t on treatment outcomes in patients undergoing EUS-guided transmural drainage of pancreatic pseudocysts : a large multicenter studyYang, Dennis; Amin, Sunil; Gonzalez, Susana; Mullady, Daniel; Hasak, Stephen; Gaddam, Srinivas; Edmundowicz, Steven A; Gromski, Mark A; Dewitt, John M; Zein, Mohamad El; Khashab, Mouen A; Wang, Andrew Y; Gaspar, Jonathan P; Uppal, Dushant S; Nagula, Satish; Kapadia, Sam
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (24).pdf.jpg2016Second-generation peroral cholangioscopy and holmium : YAG laser lithotripsy for rescue of impacted biliary stone extraction basket Bleeding from jejunal diverticulum located by angiography and treated by enteroscopyWong, John C; Mn, M Y Wong; Mbbs, Kelvin L Lam; Lau, James Y
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (11).pdf.jpg2016Apparent early-stage esophageal collision tumor Associate Editor for Focal PointsJia, Xinyong; Li, Guodong; Dong, Haiyan; Pang, Qiuping; Zhai, Hailan
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (27).pdf.jpg2016Self-expandable metal stents versus plastic stents for malignant biliary obstruction Removal of buried gastroduodenal stents after drainage of pancreatic fl uid collections : Silence of the LAMS ( with video )Almadi, Majid A; Frcpc, Mbbs; Barkun, Alan; Frcpc, C M; Martel, Myriam
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (58).pdf.jpg2016Transoral outlet reduction for weight regain after gastric bypass :Kumar, Nitin; Thompson, Christopher C
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (60).pdf.jpg2016Variation in learning curves and competence for ERCP among advanced endoscopy trainees by using cumulative sum analysisWani, Sachin; Hall, Matthew; Wang, Andrew Y; Dimaio, Christopher J; Muthusamy, V Raman; Keswani, Rajesh N; Brauer, Brian C; Easler, Jeffrey J; Yen, Roy D; Hajj, Ihab El; Fukami, Norio; Ghassemi, Kourosh F; Gonzalez, Susana; Ahmad, Jawad; Murad, Faris; Prabhu, Anoop; Wats
2016 GE Volume 83 Issue 4 April (20).pdf.jpg2016Intraluminal water fi lling technique to prevent double mucosal puncture during EUS-guided choledochoduodenostomy Fracture of basket within the bile duct during Soehendra rescue lithotripsy , extracted after cholangioscope-guided laser lithotripsyOgura, Takeshi; Masuda, Daisuke; Takeuchi, Toshihisa; Fukunishi, Shinya; Higuchi, Kazuhide

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