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2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (8).pdf.jpg2016Distribution of iliac veins posterior to the common iliac artery bifurcation related to pelvic lymphadenectomy : A digital in vivo anatomical study of 442 Chinese femalesLi, Jianyi; Wang, Zhanglin; Chen, Chunlin; Liu, Ping; Duan, Hui; Chen, Lan; Wang, Jianping; Tan, Huanqing; Li, Pengfei; Zhao, Chunmei; Kong, Xiangxue; Tang, Lei
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (13).pdf.jpg2016A laparoscopic risk-adjusted model to predict major complications after primary debulking surgery in ovarian cancer : A single-institution assessmentVizzielli, G; Costantini, B; Tortorella, L; Pitruzzella, I; Gallotta, V; Fanfani, F; S, Gueli Alletti; Cosentino, F; Nero, C; Scambia, G; Fagotti, A
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (5).pdf.jpg2016Laparoendoscopic single-site surgery in : An updateBoruta, David M
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (3).pdf.jpg2016Chemotherapy in ovarian germ cell tumors : A systematic reviewSimone, Christine G; Jennifer, Merry; Dizon, Don S
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (32).pdf.jpg2016Primary brain metastases of endometrial cancer : A report of 18 cases and review of the literatureUccella, Stefano; Morris, Jonathan M; Multinu, Francesco; Cliby, William A; Podratz, Karl C; Gostout, Bobbie S; Dowdy, Sean C; Ghezzi, Fabio; Makdisi, Peter B; Keeney, Gary L; Link, Michael J; Mariani, Andrea
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (26).pdf.jpg2016Optimal cytoreductive surgery in patients with advanced uterine carcinosarcoma : A multi-institutional retrospective study from the Japanese groupHarano, Kenichi; Hirakawa, Akihiro; Yunokawa, Mayu; Nakamura, Toshiaki; Satoh, Toyomi
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (31).pdf.jpg2016Recurrence and risk of progression to lower genital tract malignancy in women with high grade VAINHodeib, Melissa; Cohen, Joshua G; Mehta, Sukrant; Rimel, B J; Walsh, Christine S; Li, Andrew J; Karlan, Beth Y; Cass, Ilana
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (9).pdf.jpg2016Sequencing of mutational hotspots in cancer-related genes in small cell neuroendocrine cervical cancerFrumovitz, Michael; Burzawa, Jennifer K; Byers, Lauren A; Lyons, Yasmin A; Ramalingam, Preetha; Coleman, Robert C; Brown, Jubilee
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (35).pdf.jpg2016Squamous cell carcinoma antigen ( SCC-Ag ) during follow-up of cervical cancer patients : Role in the early diagnosis of recurrenceSalvatici, Michela; Achilarre, Maria T; Sandri, Maria T; Boveri, Sara; Vanna, Zanagnolo; Landoni, Fabio
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (30).pdf.jpg2016Rajavithi-ovarian cancer predictive score ( R-OPS ): A new scoring system for predicting ovarian malignancy in women presenting with a pelvic massYanaranop, Marut; Tiyayon, Jitima; Siricharoenthai, Somchai
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (30).pdf.jpg2016Placental site trophoblastic tumor : A review of 108 cases and their implications for prognosis and treatmentZhao, J; Lv, W G; Feng, F Z; Wan, X R; Liu, J H; Yi, X F; Qu, P P; Xue, F X; Wu, Y M; Zhao, X; Ren, T; Yang, J J; Xie, X; Xiang, Y
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (36).pdf.jpg2016Summary of the 2016 American Association for Cancer Research ( AACR ) Annual MeetingReport, Conference
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (32).pdf.jpg2016Society of 2016 Annual Meeting : Highlights and contextReport, Conference
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (12).pdf.jpg2016Vaginal extension improves sexual function in patients receiving laparoscopic radical hysterectomyJiang, Hongyuan; Zhu, Jing; Guo, Sun-wei; Liu, Xishi
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (14).pdf.jpg2016A randomized phase II non-comparative study of PF-04691502 and gedatolisib ( PF-05212384 ) in patients with recurrent endometrial cancerMaría, Josep; Birrer, Michael; Davis, Craig; Fujiwara, Keiichi; Gollerkeri, Ashwin; Gore, Martin; Houk, Brett; Lau, Susie; Poveda, Andres; González-martín, Antonio; Muller, Carolyn; Muro, Kei; Pierce, Kristen; Suzuki, Mie; Vermette, Jennifer; Oza, Amit
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (23).pdf.jpg2016Improved outcomes due to changes in organization of care for patients with ovarian cancer in the NetherlandsEggink, F A; Mom, C H; Kruitwagen, R F; Reyners, A K; Driel, W J Van; Massuger, L F; Niemeijer, G C; Zee, A G Van Der; Aa, M A Van Der; Nijman, H W
2016 GO Volume 142 Issue 1 July (31).pdf.jpg2016Preoperative nomogram for prediction of microscopic parametrial in fi ltration in patients with FIGO stage IB cervical cancer treated with radical hysterectomyKong, Tae-wook; Kim, Jayoun; Son, Joo-hyuk; Woo, Seong; Paek, Jiheum; Chun, Mison; Chang, Suk-joon; Ryu, Hee-sug
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (18).pdf.jpg2016Chemoradiation versus chemotherapy or radiation alone in stage III endometrial cancer : Patterns of care and impact on overall survivalBoothe, Dustin; Orton, Andrew; Odei, Bismarck; Stoddard, Gregory; Suneja, Gita; Poppe, Matthew M; Werner, Theresa L; Gaffney, David K
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (28).pdf.jpg2016Prescription of extended-duration thromboprophylaxis after high-risk , abdominopelvic cancer surgeryWright, Jason D; Chen, Ling; Jorge, Soledad; Burke, William M; Tergas, Ana I; Hou, June Y; Hu, Jim C; Neugut, Alfred I; Ananth, Cande V; Hershman, Dawn L
2016 GO Volume 141 Issue 3 June (24).pdf.jpg2016Laparoscopic fertility-sparing surgery for early ovarian epithelial cancer : A multi-institutional experienceGhezzi, Fabio; Cromi, Antonella; Fanfani, Francesco; Malzoni, Mario; Ditto, Antonino; Iaco, Pierandrea De; Uccella, Stefano; Gallotta, Valerio; Raspagliesi, Francesco; Scambia, Giovanni